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Mount Merapi status increased to alert level II The Geology Disaster Technology Development and Research Center (BPPTKG) of Yogyakarta on Wednesday raised the status of Mount Merapi from normal (alert level I) to Waspada (alert level II) due to increasing volcanic activity.

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Mount Merapi spewing volcanic material to nearby areas Mount Merapi in Magelang, Central Java, rumbled on Sunday morning, spewing some volcanic materials such as ash and sand to the nearby villages.

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Mount Sinabung volcano erupts over 30 times An Indonesian volcano that has erupted relentlessly for months shot volcanic ash into the air 30 times on Saturday, forcing further evacuations with more than 20,000 people now displaced, an official said.

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Strong earthquake jolts Morotai A tectonic earthquake measuring 6.2 on Richter scale shook Morotai Island, North Maluku Province, at 10:32 p.m Eastern Indonesian Standard Time (WIT) on Tuesday.

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Strong tectonic earthquake jolts Maluku A tectonic earthquake measuring 6.5 on the Richter scaled jolted West Southeast Maluluku (MTB) district in Maluku province at 9.53 am local time on Monday.

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BNPB to install tsunami early warning sirens in Bengkulu The Disaster Mitigation Agency (BNPB) is to install six tsunami early warning sirens in six districts of Bengkulu, an official said. The sirens installment is a part of the tsunami shelter development program which will cost around Rp68 billion (6.8 million US dollar).

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Moderate earthquake jolts Ambon city A tectonic earthquake measuring 5.3 on the Richter scale jolted the eastern Indonesian city of Ambon in Maluku province on Thursday afternoon, according to local Meteorology and Geophysics Agency report.

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Mount Rokatenda continues to spew volcanic ash Mount Rokatenda in East Nusa Tenggara province again spewed volcanic ash up to tens of meters into the sky on Monday, a spokesman said.

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448 buildings damaged in Sukabumi earthquake The 6.1-magnitude earthquake that hit Sukabumi on Monday has damaged 448 buildings, reported an official of the Sukabumi disaster mitigation office (BPBD).

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Earthquake of 5.3 richter magnitude hits Aceh The earthquake that shook the Banda Aceh region on Wednesday morning at 02:07 am Indonesian Western time measured 5.3 on the Richter scale.

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Tectonic earthquake jolts Aru Islands A tectonic earthquake measuring 5.8 on the Richter scale jolted Aru Islands District in Maluku Province at 08.42 local time on Wednesday morning.

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Mount Krakatau volcano threatens to erupt again Tourists and fishermen are advised to keep at least two kilometers distance from the summit of an Indonesian volcano. This advice was issued yesterday after the authorities heightened the alert status of the volcano.

Posted in Volcanoes @ 05 October 2011 03:02 CET by Jeroen · permalink · 0 reactions

Indonesia's Mount Lokon erupts four times Indonesia's Mount Lokon erupted four times on Tuesday after increasing its volcanic activity during the past week, officials said.

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Mount Dieng volcano status raised to 'dangerous' The Mount Dieng volcano, in the neighborhood of Wonosobo in Central Java province, is showing signs of increasing activity. The Meteorological, Climatological and Geophysics Agency BMKG has therefore raised the alert status of the volcano again, from 'careful' to 'dangerous'.

Posted in Volcanoes @ 30 May 2011 10:09 CET by Jeroen · permalink · 0 reactions

Australia supports Indonesian earthquake experts A new generation of Indonesian earthquake scientists will be trained through an Australian-funded graduate research program launched in Bandung, West Java, Wednesday. The new program has been created through a partnership between the Indonesian Agency for Disaster Management, the Indonesian Institute of Sciences and the Bandung Institute of Technology.

Posted in Earthquake @ 04 February 2011 14:02 CET by Jeroen · permalink · 0 reactions

Mount Krakatau volcano emits molten rock The Mount Krakatau volcano has showed increased activity once again last Saturday. Glowing hot molten rock was emitted by the volcano and reached up to 75 meters above the crater. The activity has been increasing for some time now, according to information from the observation post for the volcano in the town of Serang in the far west of the island Java.

Posted in Volcanoes @ 26 December 2010 13:54 CET by Jeroen · permalink · 0 reactions

Increased volcanic activity seen at Mount Anak Krakatau With Indonesia facing twin disasters from Mount Merapi's eruptions and the Mentawai islands tsunami, Mount Anak Krakatau's activity is increasing and sea temperatures nearby are rising due to its activity, officials said on Tuesday.

Posted in Volcanoes @ 03 November 2010 01:50 CET by Jeroen · permalink · 0 reactions

Mount Seulawah Agam shows signs of activity The Center for Volcanology and Disaster Mitigation has put Mt. Seulawah Agam in Aceh on the lowest alert level following a series of earthquakes recorded in the last few days. As a consequence of the new status, the center declares the area in a radius of three kilometers from the crater off limits.

Posted in Volcanoes @ 03 September 2010 02:51 CET by Jeroen · permalink · 0 reactions

6.1 magnitude earthquake hits West Sumatra An earthquake measuring 6.1 on the Richter Scale rocked Padang, West Sumatra, at 8:11 a.m. on Wednesday. There was no immediate report of injuries or damage. The quake's epicenter was located at around 56 kilometers southeast of off coast Siberut, Mentawai, at a depth of 10 kilometers below sea level, according to data from the Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency.

Posted in Earthquake @ 23 December 2009 03:58 CET by Jeroen · permalink · 0 reactions

Large cracks in crater-edge Mount Galunggung The edge of the crater of the Mount Galunggung volcano in the district of Tasikmalaya in West Java province has cracked over a length of 300 meters. The crack is just about a centimeter wide however, but it is assumed that the large earthquake of September 2, 2009 is the cause. The activity of the volcano however is not increasing. The crack is only dangerous because it can cause a landslide.

Posted in Volcanoes @ 05 September 2009 03:18 CET by Jeroen · permalink · 0 reactions

SMS: '8.6 magnitude earthquake will strike tonight' In a bad attempt to create panic, an SMS that is said to originate from the Meteorological and Geophysical Agency BMKG is spreading among residents in western Java. The SMS is spreading just two days after a 7.3 magnitude earthquake killed some 60 people and damaged tens of thousands of buildings throughout western Java.

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'Quakes in Sumatra, Java and Papua related' The Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) has said that three earthquakes that occurred within 24 hours in different parts of Indonesia are related to each other. A medium-sized quake took place in Mentawai, West Sumatra a few hours before the 7.3 magnitude quake in Java. This one was followed by an earthquake near Nabire in the easternmost province of Papua the morning after.

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Indonesian coral reefs predict large quake within 20 years Researchers reported Thursday that a study of reefs in Indonesia found that corals record cyclical events in the environment, and that these events could foretell a considerable earthquake in the eastern Indian Ocean within the next twenty years. Scientists at the California Institute of Technology's Tectonics Observatory studied corals off Indonesia's Sumatra island, and found them to include annual growth rings, similar to those in tree trunks, which document cyclical events such as earthquakes.

Posted in Earthquake @ 12 December 2008 04:36 CET by Jeroen · permalink · 0 reactions

Activity of Mount Semeru volcano still high The activity of the Mount Semeru volcano near Lumajang in eastern Java is still relatively high. Based on seismic information from the Gunung Sawur observation post in the village of Sumber Wulu, in subdistrict Candipuro, there were 90 volcanic tremors, seven magmatic tremors and 30 tectonic tremors in the last 24 hours.

Posted in Volcanoes @ 25 May 2008 16:50 CET by Jeroen · permalink · 0 reactions

Earthquake rocks Indonesia - East Timor region An earthquake with magnitude of 6.4 on the Richter scale rocked East Timor and eastern parts of Indonesia on Saturday, no immediate reports of damages or casualty, Indonesian meteorology agency and health ministry said here. The quake struck at 18:21 time (10:21 GMT) with epicenter at 81 km northeast Dili the capital of the country and at 10 km under sea bed, an official of the agency Diana Rahayu told.

Posted in Earthquake @ 19 April 2008 13:35 CET by Jeroen · permalink · 0 reactions

Indonesian beaches ravaged by 2004 tsunami still eroding The catastrophic damage of the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake was mostly done within a few hours, but that was just the beginning of a different process that may take up to a decade or more to complete - the stabilization of new beaches and landforms in areas ravaged by this disaster. In continued studies, researchers at Oregon State University and the U.S. Geological Survey are finding that the beaches may continue to shift and change for several more years, as the lands adjust both to the tsunami impacts and the sudden drop of some nearby land by three to six feet.

Posted in Earthquake @ 21 January 2008 00:00 CET by Jeroen · permalink · 0 reactions

Indonesia to boost military role in disaster relief In a country often hit by natural disasters, Indonesia's armed forces should shift their focus from the battlefield to emergency and relief efforts, said its defense minister on Wednesday. Juwono Sudarsono said that most of the defense spending in the next decade would be spend on improving transport capability to be able to respond better to emergencies.

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Indonesia's big earthquake 'on it's way' A team of international earthquake specialists says that Indonesia is currently facing another potential 'giant' earthquake in the near future. The scientists, among them a team from the California Institute of Technology, says that the three major earthquakes that struck off western Sumatra last week, have actually increased the chances of a renewed major disaster.

Posted in Earthquake @ 19 September 2007 00:00 CET by Jeroen · permalink · 2 reactions

'Tectonic earthquake not directly related to volcanoes' The huge earthquake that took place around midnight local time in Western Java has been felt in big parts of Java island, the southern part of Sumatra and event the resort island of Bali. Residents of the central Javanese town of Magelang fled from their houses, expecting to see an erupting Merapi volcano. That volcano however, like all others, are still in the same condition as before the large earthquake.

Posted in Earthquake @ 08 August 2007 20:39 CET by Jeroen · permalink · 0 reactions

Giant concrete balls in attempt to stem mud eruption Authorities will try to slow down the gushing mud volcano today. The volcano has already inundated villages and factories. They will drop hundreds of giant concrete balls into the location of the mud volcano, an official reported. Every single day, around one million oil drums of hot, noxious mud - about 50 Olympic swimming pools - flows out of the hole at a drilling site. This is a continuing event for the last nine months. Already 11,000 people have been evacuated from the area.

Posted in Sidoarjo mudflow @ 23 February 2007 02:16 CET by Jeroen · permalink · 0 reactions

Minor quake jolts Yogyakarta A minor tectonic earthquake measuring 3.4 on the Richter scale shook Yogyakarta at 5.56 a.m. on Saturday. Traumatized by last year`s quake which killed thousands of people in the province, residents living near the epicenter were made panicked. Tiar Prasetyo of the Meteorological and Geophysics (BMG) said that the epicenter of the quake was located at 8.0 south latitude and 110.5 east longitude at a depth of 10 km.

Posted in Earthquake @ 20 January 2007 14:40 CET by Jeroen · permalink · 0 reactions

Sumatra: Another killer tsunami looms Scientists predict a repeat of the deadly 2004 Boxing Day tsunami that killed more than 280,000 lives. Their warnings gained added weight with a fresh earthquake that killed seven and injured 100 more when it struck Sumatra on Monday.

Posted in Earthquake @ 24 December 2006 14:33 CET by Jeroen · permalink · 0 reactions

Earthquake hits Gorontalo province A tectonic quake measuring 5.2 on the Richter scale rocked Indonesia's Gorontalo province at 6:27 a.m. local time on Sunday (2227 GMT, Saturday). The quake was located at 0.01 degrees north latitude and 123.43 degrees east longitude with the epicenter in the depth of 169 kilometers from the sea surface, Antara news agency quoted the Gorontalo provincial meteorological and geophysics agency as saying.

Posted in Earthquake @ 13 November 2006 04:40 CET by Jeroen · permalink · 0 reactions

Indonesia disaster shows risks of mud volcanoes In a village in Indonesia's East Java province, a man is struggling to watch television with a volcano erupting in his living room. Risks from volcanoes that ooze mud rather than spew lava have long been underestimated worldwide, even with a cataclysmic mudflow in another part of Java that has swamped an area the size of Monaco and forced 10,000 people from their homes.

Posted in Sidoarjo mudflow @ 21 October 2006 04:47 CET by Jeroen · permalink · 1 reaction

Stopping mud flow at well costly Stopping and clearing up a massive mud flow at an Indonesian gas well will cost at least $180 million and the final bill may well rise higher, the company operating the well said Thursday. The mud flow started after an accident deep in a drilling shaft on the island of Java four months ago. It now covers more than 1,100 acres, has swallowed scores of homes and displaced 10,000 people.

Posted in Sidoarjo mudflow @ 19 October 2006 05:41 CET by Jeroen · permalink · 1 reaction

Sidoarjo sludge starts to be dumped into the sea Indonesia started dumping mud surging from a gas exploration site in central Indonesia into the sea on Monday, hoping to minimize destruction from the disaster that has submerged entire villages and displaced thousands of people. The mud flow started after an accident occurred deep in a drilling shaft on the seismically charged island of Java four months ago. It now covers more than 450 hectares and is currently being contained by an ever-expanding network of dams.

Posted in Sidoarjo mudflow @ 16 October 2006 14:40 CET by Jeroen · permalink · 1 reaction

186 destructive quakes hit Indonesia 1629-2006 period The Center for Volcanic and Geological Disasters Mitigation (PVMBG) has recorded 186 destructive earthquakes hitting Indonesia in the past 377 years, including 110 quakes that triggered tsunami. Head of PVMBG Dr.Surono disclosed here early this week that the 186 destructive quakes hit different areas in Indonesia from 1629 to 2005, with Sumatra ranking first by recording 45 quakes and 26 tsunami disasters and Maluku ranking second by registering 41 quakes and 33 tsunami disasters.

Posted in Earthquake @ 20 August 2006 14:22 CET by Jeroen · permalink · 0 reactions

Indonesia projects first nuclear power plant operational by 2011 Indonesia's first 1,200-megawatt nuclear power plant is projected to be in operation by 2011, a senior government official said in a report published on Sunday. Indonesia, the world\'s fourth most-populous nation, has intensified its plans for the construction of nuclear power plants in an attempt to alleviate dependency on oil-and-gas to accommodate the growing demand for electricity, said Eko Hatmo, a senior official at the state-run national Atomic Energy Agency.

Posted in Nuclear power @ 06 August 2006 14:22 CET by Jeroen · permalink · 0 reactions

Volcano continues to spew glowing lava Coughing Mount Merapi, which is located between Yogyakarta and Central Java Province, Indonesia, continued to spew hot clouds and glowing lava in the southerly direction toward Gendol River on Saturday. "From the Babadan observation post, it was monitored that Mount Merapi expelled two hot clouds over a maximum distance of 1.5 kilometer in the wee hours on Saturday," Antara news agency quoted head of the Merapi Section of Yogyakarta's Volcanological and Technology Development Center (BPPTK) Subandriyo as saying.

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Expert: Indonesia quake may trigger Merapi eruption The earthquake that killed over 5,000 people on Indonesia's Java island is linked to the one that triggered the deadly 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami and may signal the imminent eruption of a nearby volcano, an expert said on Monday. Indonesia sits in a seismically active "ring of fire", a region marked by regular volcanic and tectonic activity, and which bore the brunt of the December 2004 quake-generated tsunami which left more than 230,000 dead or missing.

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Search for survivors as Indonesia quake tops 3,000 Rescue workers dug desperately for survivors on Sunday as residents returned to ruined homes on Indonesia's densely populated island of Java a day after a powerful earthquake killed more than 3,000. Trucks full of volunteers from Indonesian political parties and Islamic groups, as well as military vehicles carrying soldiers, headed south from the ancient royal city of Yogyakarta to Bantul, hardest hit by the quake, to help in the effort.

Posted in Earthquake @ 28 May 2006 09:38 CET by Jeroen · permalink · 0 reactions

Java shaken by quake; 115 deaths reported A magnitude 6.2 earthquake shook central Java in Indonesia, the U.S. Geological Survey said on its Web site. At least 115 people died, Agence Press-France reported. The quake, centered about 26 kilometers (16 miles) south of Yogyakarta, struck at 5:54 a.m. local time, USGS said. Many houses and buildings collapsed and the tremors were felt in nearby cities as well on the north coast of the island, Agence France-Presse said. No tsunami has been reported from the quake.

Posted in Earthquake @ 27 May 2006 06:57 CET by Jeroen · permalink · 7 reactions

Quake jolts Jayapura, one dead A tectonic earthquake measuring 4.6 on the Richter scale jolted Indonesia's Papua provincial capital of Jayapura and Sarmi Wednesday evening, causing one dead and hundreds of people to flee to upland areas, the Antara news agency reported Thursday evening.

Posted in Earthquake @ 26 May 2006 07:04 CET by Jeroen · permalink · 0 reactions

Sultan Hamengku Buwono X: 'Merapi in critical condition' Mount Merapi, one of the most dangerous volcanos in the Pacific 'Ring of Fire' in Java, has become increasingly critical following the appearace a new crater and increasing magma pressures on its top, Yoyakarta Governor Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono X said here on Thursday. "The new crater holds between 80,000 and 100,000 cubic meters of magma," the Sultan said on the sidelines of the anniversary celeberation of National Education Day, which was held here.

Posted in Volcanoes @ 04 May 2006 16:22 CET by Jeroen · permalink · 0 reactions

Lesson from nature The frantic effort to save thousands of lives from an imminent eruption of Mount Merapi in Yogyakarta may reflect the best disaster management so far in Indonesia since the December 2004 tsunami caused the deaths of more than 130,000 people in Aceh and Nias.

Posted in Volcanoes @ 26 April 2006 00:00 CET by Jeroen · permalink · 0 reactions

Sulphur smoke from Merapi rises 500 meters Smoke containing sulfur from the Mount Merapi volcano keeps rising. At first it only reached 100 meters from the peak, but now it is rising to heights of 500 meters. Moreover, if the smoke rises up vertically, it can reach more than 1,000 meters high.

Posted in Volcanoes @ 21 April 2006 17:08 CET by Jeroen · permalink · 11 reactions

Living on a fault line A year after the tsunami, scientists fear that another monster earthquake might one day strike Sumatra, triggering a fresh inundation by the sea. How frightened should we be?

Posted in Earthquake @ 15 December 2005 00:00 CET by Jeroen · permalink · 0 reactions

Indonesia quake shook earth's entire surface The great Sumatra-Andaman earthquake that generated the devastating tsunami in December was so powerful that the ground shook everywhere on the Earth's surface and weeks later the planet still trembled.

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Indonesia to build nuclear reactor Indonesian authorities have given the go-ahead to build the country's first nuclear power plant on the densely-populated island of Java, with the aim of producing electricity by 2016.

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Java rocked by three earthquakes, one magnitude 6.5 Three earthquakes, one measuring up to magnitude-6.5, shook Indonesia's Java island today, seismologists said. No casualties or damage were reported. A tremor of between magnitude-6 to 6.5 occurred at 11:17 a.m. local time, Yusuf, an official at the Meteorology and Geophysics Agency, said. The epicenter was in the Sunda Strait between the islands of Java and Sumatra, the country's two most populated islands, he said.

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Deadly ground Alinda-Jane Hannah, a New Zealander living in Phuket, was nearly killed by the Dec. 26 tsunami. Driving along a road in the beachside town of Kamala, she and her 3-year-old daughter Nakita-Rose were almost washed away by the waves as they swamped the eastern coast of the island. A sharp intimation of mortality revisited Hannah last week when a loudspeaker in a nearby mosque woke her shortly before midnight, warning of another tsunami on the way. Hannah fled to higher ground, together with tens of thousands of other locals and tourists. Now, she says, after three months of trying to forget the terror of Dec. 26, "all the awful thoughts are back."

Posted in Earthquake @ 06 April 2005 00:00 CET by Jeroen · permalink · 0 reactions

Seismologist warns of more huge quakes off Sumatra island A prominent seismologist said he could not rule out the risk of a third big quake off the Indonesian island of Sumatra, where two massive temblors have occurred in just three months. "The probability of a third quake in the coming months and years, cannot be excluded," Mustapha Meghraoui, in charge of active tectonics at the Institute for Planetary Physics in Strasbourg, eastern France, told Agence France Presse.

Posted in Earthquake @ 31 March 2005 00:02 CET by Jeroen · permalink · 0 reactions

Earthquake jolts Bali island An earthquake measuring 5.4 on the Richter scale rattled Indonesia's resort island of Bali on Friday, but no damage or casualties were reported, seismologists said. The undersea earthquake occurred at 12:09 pm with its epicentre in the Indian Ocean some 25 kilometres south of the Bali capital Denpasar, the Meteorology and Geophysics Agency said. The centre was some 100 kilometres under the ocean floor, the agency said.

Posted in Earthquake @ 11 March 2005 00:01 CET by Jeroen · permalink · 0 reactions

Earthquake jolts Sumatra island An earthquake measuring 5.4 on the Richter scale rocked the Indonesian province of West Sumatra on Tuesday, but there were no immediate reports of damage or casualties, meteorologists said. The offshore quake occurred at 6:49 am (2349 GMT Monday), and was centred in the Indian Ocean some 214 kilometres west of the West Sumatra capital of Padang, the Meteorology and Geophysics office said in a statement.

Posted in Earthquake @ 15 February 2005 00:04 CET by Jeroen · permalink · 0 reactions

Fresh earthquake jolts western Java, no casualties Two earthquakes, the strongest measuring 5.5 on the Richter scale, shook Indonesia, injuring several people and damaging houses, officials said. The resort island of Bali and Lombok were shaken by the more powerful of the two quakes at 10:00 pm (1400 GMT), some 15 kilometres (10 miles) southwest of Lombok's capital Mataram, seismology officials said.

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Aftershocks continue to rattle disaster-hit Aceh Aftershocks continued to rattle the Indonesian province of Aceh on Sunday, two weeks after a massive 9.0-magnitude earthquake unleased tsunamis that killed more than 150,000 people around the Indian Ocean. The latest tremor, measuring 4.7 on the Richter scale, shook several towns in Aceh at 10:02 a.m. (0302 GMT), according to the national Meteorology and Geophysics Agency (BMG) office in Medan, North Sumatra.

Posted in Earthquake @ 10 January 2005 00:02 CET by Jeroen · permalink · 0 reactions

Earthquake jolts western part of Java island An earthquake measuring 5.8 on the Richter scale rocked the western part Indonesia's densely populated Java island early Thursday but there were no reports of casualties or damage, officials said. The quake jolted Ciamis district at 1:14am local time and was strongly felt in neighboring Tasikmalaya in West Java province, said Suharjono of the national seismology centre. The epicentre was in the Indian Ocean, he said.

Posted in Earthquake @ 09 December 2004 00:01 CET by Jeroen · permalink · 0 reactions

Magnitude-6.4 quake rocks eastern West Papua strong earthquake rocked Indonesia's West Papua province Friday causing at least two buildings to collapse, officials said. No injuries were reported. The magnitude-6.4 quake struck at 11:25 a.m. (0225 GMT) and was centered 30 kilometers (20 miles) from the Papuan town of Nabire, about 1,600 kilometers (1,000 miles) east of the capital Jakarta, said seismologist Edison Gurning.

Posted in Earthquake @ 26 November 2004 00:02 CET by Jeroen · permalink · 0 reactions

Hot springs appear on Mt. Ciremai An unspecified number of hot springs have cropped up in several locations on Mount Ciremai, following a series of tectonic and volcanic earthquakes in Kuningan district, West Java province early this month, an official has said. "The hot springs' water was more than 55 degrees Celsius," spokesman for the Office of Volcanology and Geology, Didi Supriadi, said here Friday night.

Posted in Environment @ 31 October 2003 00:03 CET by Jeroen · permalink · 0 reactions

Indonesia may dump dollar for oil Pertamina, Indonesia's state oil company, dropped a bombshell recently. It's considering dropping the U.S. dollar for the euro in its oil and gas trades. With war unfolding in Iraq and a mysterious pneumonia spreading around Asia, few noticed. News that Indonesian government officials favor the euro also fell through the cracks. Yet it could have major implications for the world's biggest economy.

Posted in Oddly enough ... @ 18 April 2003 00:01 CET by Jeroen · permalink · 0 reactions

Strong quake shakes Jakarta and West Java A strong earthquake with a magnitude of 6.5 on the Richter scale shook the western part of Java island, including the Indonesian capital on Wednesday, causing panic among residents.

Posted in Earthquake @ 25 October 2000 00:02 CET by Jeroen · permalink · 0 reactions

At least 58 killed in Bengkulu quake A massive earthquake measuring up to 7.9 on the Richter scale and scores of aftershocks shook Bengkulu on Sumatra island, killing at least 58 people and leaving hundreds injured, officials and medical staff said on Monday.

Posted in Earthquake @ 06 June 2000 09:42 CET by Jeroen · permalink · 0 reactions

Death toll in C. Sulawesi earthquake reaches 39 The intensive search for victims of the strong tectonic earthquake which hit Central Sulawesi last Thursday continued on Monday with the discovery of one more body, bringing the total death toll to 39. The crisis center in Banggai regency said 36 of the victims were residents of the Banggai islands while four were residents of Luwuk Banggai regency on mainland Central Sulawesi. However, only 15 of the deceased had been identified, reports said. Assistant to the South Sulawesi provincial secretary Mahmud Dg Masikki told The Jakarta Post in Makassar that the local administration was trying to cope with the survivors, who are being sheltered in tents.

Posted in Earthquake @ 09 May 2000 09:50 CET by Jeroen · permalink · 0 reactions
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