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Lake Toba officially declared as 'Toba Caldera Geopark' President Susilo Yudhoyono officially designated Lake Toba as Toba Caldera Geopark, in Deli Serdang, North Sumatra, on Thursday. The confirmation of Toba Lake as a geopark is crucial in supporting Indonesia's plan to propose Lake Toba caldera geopark to be included in UNESCO's Geopark Global Network (GGN).

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TNI commander warns against disrupting stability Defense Forces (TNI) Commander General Moeldoko warned here on Monday against disrupting national stability during the general elections this year, citing the consequences.

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Mount Kelud danger status raised to highest level The danger status of Mount Kelud in Kediri, East Java, has been raised from alert to the highest caution level following its increasing activity.

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Police confirm death of two Poso terrorist group members Two members of a terrorist group had been killed in a shootout in Poso, Central Sulawesi, on Thursday, the police confirmed here on Friday. "Yes, we have confirmation that they are indeed members of a terror network led by Santoso," stated National Police Chief General Sutarman.

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Landslides cut off Tomohon-Manado road Landslides damaged sections of the road between Tomohon and Manado in North Sulawesi, following incessant rains and strong winds that lashed the areas since Tuesday.

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18 killed in traffic accident in Probolinggo At least 18 people were killed and 14 were injured following a collision between a trailer truck and a cargo truck in Tongas sub-district, Probolinggo, East Java on Saturday evening.

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President Yudhoyono to receive Harrison Ford President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono is expected to receive Hollywood top movie star Harrison Ford and his team at the Presidential Office here on Tuesday.

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August 15 to be declared Aceh Peace Day The Aceh government will soon announce that August 15 will be observed annually as peace day in Indonesia`s western-most province. "The Aceh governor will issue a regulation setting forth Aceh`s peace day," Aceh administration spokesman Nurdin F Jos said here on Wednesday.

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Three illegal mine workers in Maluku buried after landslide Three illegal gold mine workers are believed to have died after being buried in the pit following a landslide at the illegal mine at Gunung Botak in the sub-district of Wamsait, Buru island, Maluku Province.

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Education minister fails to meet rights body`s summons Education and Culture Minister Mohammad Nuh failed to meet a summons from the National Commission on Human Rights (Komnas HAM) on Wednesday to clarify the revision of government regulation number 74/2008 on teachers.

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Floods force operator to close a bus lane Heavy rain falls in Sunday morning which triggered a one-meter flood in Pesing sub-district, Kalideres, West Jakarta, caused the operator of the Trans-Jakarta Busway to close the bus lane to the Kalideres Terminal.

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Rain triggered landslide kills two people in Sukabumi Two people were reported killed in a rain-triggered landslide in the village of Nyelempek, in the regency of Sukabumi, West Java, on Friday. The landslide following heavy rain fell upon a house with a family of four people inside, the report said.

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Singapore bad weather forces four planes to land in Batam At least four airplanes failed to land in Singapore Changi airport due to bad weather and had to be diverted to Batam`s Hang Nadim airport, Indonesia on Sunday morning (Nov 25), Batam airport spokesman said. The four planes landed in the Hang Nadim airport at "adjacent" time, according to the Batam administration public relations officer, Dwi Djoko Wiwoho here on Sunday.

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KPK to summon Djoko Susilo again The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) will again summon Inspector General Djoko Susilo for questioning after the person concerned turned down its summons on Friday, KPK spokesman Johan Budi said. "KPK will summon DS again, perhaps next week," he said at KPK Building here on Friday.

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Foke congratulates Jokowi on Jakarta gubernatorial elections win Incumbent Jakarta governor Fauzi Bowo (Foke) congratulated Joko Widodo (Jokowi) on his victory in the gubernatorial elections on Thursday.

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Illegal immigrants nabbed in West Sumatra A joint team of military and police officers have caught 93 illegal immigrants from Sri Lanka attempting to go to Australia.

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Two S. African citizens arrested for bringing in meth Two South African nationals have been arrested in Manado, North Sulawesi, for allegedly bringing in almost six kilograms of methamphetamine.

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Telkom admits to Telkom-3 satellite launch failure Indonesian telecommunication services company Telkom has acknowledged that the Briz-M booster failed during the launch of Telkom-3 satellite from Baikonur Cosmodrome, Kazakhstan, on Monday (August 6, 2012) at 7.31 pm Russian time.

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Yudhoyono: 'No need to worry about Leopard purchase plan' President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono said Indonesians need not worry about the government`s plan to purchase leopard tanks from Germany because the tanks would only be used for defense purposes.

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Former GAM minister elected as Aceh governor Former Free Aceh Movement (GAM) foreign affairs and health minister Zaini Abdullah has been elected Aceh Province governor in the regional election on April 9, 2012.

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Merpati plane fails to land at Kalabahi airport Bad weather prevented a Merrpati plane with 30 passengers on board from landing at Malli Alor Airport in Kalabahi, East Nusa Tenggara, on Thursday, a passenger said.

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Police arrest three for carrying 35,000 ecstasy pills Police in Lampung, Sumatra, have arrested three residents of Medan, North Sumatra, for carrying 35,000 ecstasy pills at Seaport Interdiction area in Bakauheni, South Lampung.

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Police checking alleged Indonesian Al Qaeda member Indonesian police are checking information that an alleged Al Qaeda member killed in an artillery attack in South Yemen is an Indonesian, a spokesman said. "This morning I checked it but I have received no response yet," the head of the National Police`s public relations bureau Inspector General Saud Usman Nasution said here on Wednesday.

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Police to Pakistan to confirm Bali bomb terrorist arrest The government of Indonesia announced on Wednesday that a police team has been deployed to Pakistan to review the arrest of Indonesian terrorist Umar Patek, who is also wanted in the Southeast Asian country and linked to the Bali bombing.

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President asks Foreign Minister about Indonesians in Egypt President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono on Thursday requested Foreign Minister Marty Natalegawa about the situation of Indonesians in the conflicted Egypt, the Jakarta Post reported.

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Balinese hold ceremony for Mount Batur volcano Thousands of devout Balinese Hindus converged at Bali's Mt. Batur on Sunday, December 5, 2010, to participate in two sacred ceremonies dedicated to preventing a cataclysmic explosion of the still active volcano.

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Death toll from rabies now at 108 confirms that the rabies virus has now claimed 108 victims in Bali. Ketut Gede (55) from Bangli died at the Sanglah General Hospital shortly after presenting with the clinical symptoms of rabies. "The victim was experiencing seizures, difficulties in swallowing, and phobias to both water and light," explained Dr. IGB Ken Wirasandhi of the rabies control team at the hospital.

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To Yogyakarta with a little detour With two tickets Batam-Jakarta-Yogyakarta we made an effort to get to our final destination of the day quite early in the morning today. When I checked the news enjoying a fresh cup of coffee I found out that the airport of Yogyakarta was still closed and that this was likely to stay this way for some time to come. So no direct flight to Yogyakarta today.

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Bali health officials ask money for free vaccin Bali's worsening rabies epidemic was scandalized further last week when it was discovered that both the human vaccine and canine inoculations that are supposed to be provided free-of-charge by the government were in fact being sold in the north Bali regency of Buleleng.

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Bali declared a rabies infected area reports that Bali has been declared as a rabies contaminated region. This declaration follows the growing number of outbreak of the disease in Badung, Denpasar and Tabanan. The remaining six regencies of the island have been designated potential areas for the spread of rabies.

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Sentani airport occupied by Yobe tribe members Since early this morning, the airport of Sentani, near Jayapura in the easternmost province of Papua, has been occupied by people from the Yobe tribe. They demand a proper settlement for the estate that has been taken from them. Three planes of different airliners were not able to land on the airport and were diverted to the airport of Biak.

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Freeport partially closes road access to Timika Freeport McMoran partially closed down the main access to its mining complex in Timika on Monday a day after six workers with several companies working in the complex were wounded in an ambush. A spokesman for the US mining giant, Mindo Pangaribuan, said that “to ensure the safety of the workers and their family, we closed the access to the operation location of PT Freeport Indonesia.”

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112 cases of Mexican Flu in Indonesia Indonesia has recorded 26 new A/H1N1 flu cases, bringing the total in the country to 112, Health Ministry said in a statement issued here on Tuesday. The 26 persons comprised two foreigners and 24 Indonesians, of whom 16 were being treated at hospitals in Jakarta, one in Medan of North Sumatra, six in Banten, one in Surabaya of east Java and two in Manado of North Sulawesi, Director General of Disease Control and Environmental Health of the ministry Tjandra Yoga Aditama said in the statement.

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Three Medan residents test positive for Mexican Flu Three residents of the city of Medan, in North Sumatra, have tested positive for the H1N1 Mexican Flu. They are only identified as VC (20 years), WKC (9 years) and CV (17 years). They all live in the same street and are now treated in the Adam Malik general hospital in the city. Their blood samples were taken last Tuesday, when they were brought to the hospital, according to Azwan Lubis, the medical director of the hospital.

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12 new cases of Mexican Flu confirmed in Indonesia The number of A/H1N1 flu cases in Indonesia has reached 20 as 12 new cases were confirmed on Friday, the Health Ministry said. Of the 12 patients, eight are now receiving treatment in hospital in the capital Jakarta, and four others are being treated in Denpasar, Bali, Lily Sulistyowati, a spokesperson of the ministry said.

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Anti-terrorism unit arrests one suspected terrorist in Cilacap The head of the regional police of Banyumas, M. Ghufron, has said that one person has been arrested by the anti-terrorism unit Densus 88 because it is suspected that he is a terrorist. "We arrested one person in the region. After that we also searched his house," he said when he was asked for confirmation by telephone earlier.

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Anti-terrorism unit sent to airport occupied by OPM After the Papua Freedom Movement OPM (Organisasi Papua Merdeka) occupied the Perintis airport in the district of Mamberamo Raya in Papua last week, the police of Papua has finally decided to sent an anti-terrorism unit, Densus 88, to the location to regain control over the airport.

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Suharto's family grave being prepared for funeral tomorrow Astana Giribangung, the family grave of the family of former president Suharto in Karanganyar, central Java, is starting to see high activity. It didn't take long for activity to pick up after the news broke that the former president had passed away at 13:10 local time (GMT+7). Many preparations are executed by the police and the army. Some of the people that are at the scene of the family grave are the local police chief, the regional police chief, the regent of Karanganyar and the commander of the local army department.

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Residents flee as Mount Kelud begins erupting The Mount Kelud volcano in eastern Java has begun erupting earlier on Saturday, according to seismic readings. There was no visual confirmation however because of bad weather and fog around the peak of the volcano, according to a vulcanologist. Residents are fleeing the slopes of the mountain in sheer panic and the observation posts have been abandoned.

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Bird flu; situation in Indonesia, update 10 A 21-year-old man who died on Friday in West Jakarta, was infected with bird flu, according to the Ministry of Health earlier on Monday. This confirmation put the total death toll of bird flu in Indonesia alone at 86, out of 107 cases in total. This information was released by Suharda Ningrum of the bird flu center of the ministry. "Two laboratory tests today showed that the man is positive of avian influenza," she told.

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Bird flu spread from humans to humans in 2006 In the first systematic, statistical analysis of its kind, infectious-disease-modeling experts at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center confirm that the avian influenza A (H5N1) virus in 2006 spread between a small number of people within a family in Indonesia. The findings, by biostatistician Ira M. Longini Jr., Ph.D., and colleagues, will be published in the journal Emerging Infectious Diseases.

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Drinking coffee in the kampung, part 2 First time to have a drink. I looked in the direction of the only warung that I could find here at the moment. I didn't really want to look for another one. Fortunately there was someone to serve, in the form of a Javanese women which sat on a bench in front of the house. Probably waiting for a customer. A bemo passed. That stopped and the driver got out. Hopefully he didn't bring any passengers, otherwise they had to wait. I wasn't the only one there when I walked into that direction. The driver ordered an iced tea and sat down. I just had picked up the nice idea to drink a coffee here. It had been a long time that I drunk a kopi tubruk actually. That is nice for a change. I found a nice spot at the one big table available.

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Suspected bird flu death in Indonesia A women who tested positive in a preliminary test for bird fly has died yesterday, according to an official at the Health Ministry. It is required that the results of the first test are confirmed by a send one before any confirmation of bird flu can be given. This latest death can push the country's death toll to 76, if confirmed.

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Two more reported dead from bird flu Indonesia has announced two more deaths from bird flu on Thursday. The Health Ministry said a 14-year-old and boy and 28-year-old woman had died, bringing tot total death toll in Indonesia alone to 71. The boy was from West Sumatra and died last Saturday, while the woman from Jakarta died on Wednesday. Indonesia announced three deaths just yesterday.

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Plane search focuses on undersea object A U.S. navy ship is set to join on Tuesday the search for an Indonesian airliner with 102 people on board missing for the past eight days, with the hunt focusing on a large metal object detected deep on the sea bed. The object was discovered on Monday by Indonesian ships with sonar technology about 1,000 metres (1,150 yards) under the ocean north of Mamuju in West Sulawesi province.

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U.S. uses sattelite imaging to search for missing Adam Air plane The United States will assist the search for an Adam Air Boeing 737-400 plane which went missing in West Sulawesi waters on Monday afternoon through satellite imaging devices placed around the assumed crash site. "They will assist through satellite imaging," Commander of the Indonesian Defence Force (TNI) Marshal Djoko Suyanto said when ANTARA News asked for a confirmation here Thursday.

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Bombers warned to file appeal within a month or face firing squad Indonesia's Attorney General's Office(AGO) is giving the lawyers of the three 2002 Bali bombing convicts until the end of the month to file for a Supreme Court review of their cases or it will set an execution date in the near future. "The date will be set if there is no further legal intervention from their lawyers along the way," said attorney general Abdul Rahman, who believes the three bombers should be executed soon to avoid further delays.

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Bird flu death toll rises to 52 An Indonesian man who had been suffering from bird flu for days died early on Thursday, a hospital official said, taking Indonesia's death toll from the disease to 52. "He died because of breathing problems which he had suffered since he was admitted to the hospital," said Hadi Yusuf, who heads the bird flu ward at Hasan Sadikin hospital in Bandung, West Java's provincial capital.

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Indonesia delays deployment of peacekeeping troops to Lebanon Indonesia will delay its deployment of peacekeeping troops to Lebanon by one week for logistical reasons, a military spokesman said Tuesday. In a related development, the country signed a euro 17.2 million (US$21.6 million) deal to buy 32 armored vehicles from French company Renault SA for use in Lebanon, said military Maj. Gen. Syafrie Syamsudin.

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Official: 'US president may visit Indonesia in November' U.S. President George W. Bush may visit Indonesia next month to meet the leader of the world's most populous Muslim nation, seen as a close ally in Washington's global fight against terrorism, officials said Tuesday. If the talks are held, they would be the first on Indonesian soil between Bush and President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono.

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Man dies of bird flu, cluster case unlikely A 20-year-old Indonesian man who health officials thought had been part of a family cluster of bird flu cases died of the disease on Thursday, a hospital official said. The man's 25-year-old brother died on Sunday after displaying bird flu symptoms but there has been no positive confirmation he had the disease because no samples were taken for testing. A third sibling, a 15-year old girl, is being treated at Hasan Sadikin hospital. Tests for her have been negative.

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3 put to death for leading attacks on Muslims Three Christian militants were executed by firing squad early Friday for leading attacks on Muslims six years ago that left 70 people dead, sparking fresh sectarian clashes on restive Sulawesi island, police said. Mobs torched cars and police posts in several villages before security forces restored order, said Maj. Rudy Sufahriyadi, the Poso police chief. Elsewhere they blockaded roads and threw stones at houses and government offices. At least three people were hurt.

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Indonesia confirms another retrospective case of bird flu Indonesia has confirmed another retrospective case of bird flu in the archipelago nation, which the World Health Organisation said may have resulted from human-to-human transmission. The additional case brings Indonesia's total to 65, of which 49 have been fatal -- the world's highest human death toll from the virus.

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RI demands access to Hambali, official says Indonesia demanded access to alleged Asian terror chief Hambali after receiving confirmation from Washington that he was alive and being detained somewhere in the United States, a Foreign Ministry spokesman said Friday. The whereabouts of Hambali, once dubbed Osama bin Laden's point man in the region, had not been disclosed since he was taken into U.S. custody three years ago.

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Santos downgrades Indonesia oil resource Oil and gas producer Santos Ltd has been forced to downgrade the size of its Jeruk offshore Indonesian oil discovery which may now be less than half the size originally thought. Data from the third appraisal well drilled to test the reservoir has seen the height of the hydrocarbon column at Jeruk slashed to about 145 metres from the previous estimate of 379 metres.

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WHO confirms 38th death of bird flu in Indonesia The World Health Organization (WHO) confirmed that an Indonesian girl who died last month was contracted with avian influenza, bringing the country's total death toll to 39 out of 52 contracted ones, a health ministry official said here on Thursday. Director at the ministry Nyoman Kandun said that the confirmation was given after the sending of the second samples of the seven-year-old girl from Pamulang in outskirt of Jakarta.

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H5N1 kills 2 more in Indonesia Tests have confirmed that two more people have died of bird flu in Indonesia, says a senior health ministry official. One of the victims belonged to a Sumatran family at the centre of fears of human-to-human transmission after six members of the family died this month of bird flu.

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WHO reports 2 Bird Flu deaths Two young boys died of bird flu in Indonesia - one from a family that has already lost four members to the disease, the World Health Organization said Friday. In Rome, the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization warned that the state of emergency surrounding the spread of the deadly H5N1 bird flu virus in poultry and other animals will last for years.

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WHO confirms new bird flu case in Sumatra The World Health Organization has confirmed Indonesia's 33rd case of bird flu in a 23-year-old poultry worker, the health ministry said. The patient is being treated at the M Djamil hospital in Padang, West Sumatra province, said Hariyadi Wibisono, director general of animal borne disease control.

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Ousting demons to usher in new year It has been unnervingly quiet on the tourism front in Bali of late - many have been laid off or put on part-time - giving the Balinese more time at home, more time to just be ... Balinese.

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Indonesia says 3 Papuan students possibly flee for PNG The Indonesian Foreign Affairs Ministry said Monday it received report from Papua New Guinea indicating that three students have fled Papua province for political asylum in the neighbor. "There is an indication (of asylum seeking). The Indonesian Embassy in Port Moresby is working to check the report," the ministry's spokesman Desra Percaya was quoted by the Detikcom news website as saying.

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Indonesia says 22nd human bird flu death confirmed Bird flu has killed its 22nd human victim in Indonesia, a 12-year-old girl, according to tests by the World Health Organisation's Hong Kong laboratory, an Indonesian health ministry official said on Friday. The confirmation came just hours after Indonesia reported its 21st human bird flu victim, a three-year-old child, according to tests by the U.S. Centres for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta.

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Young boy dies of bird flu in Semarang A three-year-old boy has died of bird flu in central Indonesia, a senior health official said today. Blood and swab samples for the child – who died this week in a hospital in Semarang, Central Java province – have been sent to a World Health Organisation-sanctioned laboratory in Hong Kong for confirmation, said Hariadi Wibisono.

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Two Indonesian women die from bird flu A World Health Organization-sanctioned laboratory confirmed the deaths of two Indonesian women from bird flu, the country's Health Ministry said Sunday. The confirmation brings Indonesia's human death toll from the deadly H5N1 strain to 18. The women, ages 22 and 37, were from the town of Bekasi, a town just east of the capital, Jakarta. They died within hours of each other last week.

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Indonesia records another bird flu death An Indonesian woman has died of bird flu, hospital staff said, citing results from tests carried out by the health ministry. The 22-year-old woman died late yesterday, said spokesman Ilham Patu from the Sulianti Saroso hospital where the patient had been treated. Another woman, 27, who tested positive for bird flu by the health ministry was in critical condition at the hospital, Indonesia's main bird flu treatment center, Patu said.

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WHO confirms four more bird flu cases, two deaths A World Health Organization reference laboratory in Hong Kong has confirmed four more cases of bird flu in Indonesia, including two fatalities, an Indonesian health official said Saturday. Hariadi Wibisono, a senior Health Ministry official, told Kyodo News that the H5N1 strain of bird flu killed a 22-year-old market vendor in Jakarta and a 15-year-old boy from the West Java town of Padalarang.

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Indonesia reports new case of bird flu Indonesia reported another suspected case of bird flu on Wednesday as World Health Organization officials visited markets in the teeming capital to try to find ways to contain the virus. The 22-year-old market vendor from south Jakarta was being treated in the capital's infectious disease hospital, said senior health official Hariadi Wibisono. Details of his condition was not released.

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Indonesian woman has bird flu, local test shows A 29-year-old Indonesian woman in Jakarta has the deadly strain of bird flu, officials said on Wednesday, citing the results of a local test. Outside laboratories recognised by the World HealthOrganisation have so far confirmed 11 deaths and five other cases in Indonesia where patients survived.

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Indonesia to build world-class bird flu laboratory The Indonesian government has planned to build a laboratory to test bird flu virus with international standards as human cases of bird flu have been on the rise in the country, a health official said Thursday. "We will build a laboratory with bio security level (BSL) 3," said Hariadi Wibisono, director of animal-borne disease eradication with the Ministry of Health.

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Govt to begin bird flu surveillance in capital The government will launch house-to-house surveillance of poultry in Jakarta in a bid to halt the spread of deadly bird flu, a minister said on Tuesday. Local communities, student volunteers and military forces will be deployed to inspect poultry across the sprawling capital of nearly 9 million people, where four of the country's confirmed nine deaths have occurred.

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Former Aceh rebels complete weapons handover Former rebels in Aceh completed a weapons handover on Monday under a peace pact that ended one of Asia's longest running civil wars, foreign monitors said. "Today we could confirm that the (Free) Aceh Movement has offered the last of their weapons, thereby completing their commitment under the Helsinki MOU (Memorandum of Understanding)," Pieter Feith, chief of the European Union-led Aceh Monitoring Mission, told a news conference.

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Indonesia says 8-year-old boy died of bird flu Local tests show that an 8-year-old boy has died of bird flu, Health Ministry officials said Monday as they awaited confirmation from the World Health Organization. It was not immediately clear if the boy, who died last week in a dense residential area of the capital Jakarta, had contact with sick birds, said Hariadi Wibisono who heads a department charged with eradicating animal-borne diseases.

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WHO cites possible family cluster of H5N1 cases The World Health Organization (WHO) today raised the possibility that Indonesia's latest confirmed case of H5N1 avian influenza was part of a family cluster of three cases. In noting Indonesia's confirmation of the case in a 16-year-old boy from West Java province, the WHO said he had two brothers who both died recently of an illness that included fever and breathing difficulty. The 16-year-old fell ill with a fever and cough on Nov 6, was hospitalized 10 days later, and is in stable condition, the WHO said.

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Bird flu might have spread to more provinces Government authorities said Monday that avian influenza might have spread to more provinces in Indonesia as the country's president appointed a state-run pharmaceutical company to produce the anti-viral drug Tamiflu to fight the illness. Authorities have so far confirmed that the deadly H5N1 strain of the virus has infected fowl through 23 of Indonesia's 33 provinces, but senior officials said new infections were suspected elsewhere, and that the outbreaks increase the risk of the virus mutating into a strain that's more contagious to humans and could lead to a pandemic that health experts fear could kill millions.

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Aceh hit by bird flu Hundreds of chickens have died of bird flu in Aceh province, Indonesia says. Bird flu has been found in more than 20 other provinces in the country, but its emergence in Aceh is especially worrying, analysts say. This is because thousands of Acehnese still live in crowded refugee camps as a result of last year's tsunami.

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Test shows new bird flu death in Indonesia A 16-year-old Indonesian girl who died this week had bird flu, a health ministry official said on Wednesday after the release of test results. The latest death, if confirmed by further testing, would bring to 10 the number of human cases in the world's fourth most populous nation and the sixth confirmed death since July. Another four people confirmed infected with the H5N1 avian flu virus have survived.

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Indonesia police say 7 militants killed in gunbattle Seven militants were killed during a major gunbattle with Indonesian police in a town in East Java province on Wednesday and local media said they might include one of Southeast Asia's most wanted Islamic radicals.

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Another suspected birdflu death in Indonesia An Indonesian man has died in hospital with a suspected case of bird flu. A spokesman for Jakarta's Sulianti Saroso hospital says the man died from pneumonia. He says the Jakarta resident showed symptoms of bird flu after being admitted to the hospital on Monday but the results of first tests were negative. Blood samples had been taken for further tests.

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Ministry: 'Suspected bird flu cases rise to 11' Indonesia's suspected bird flu cases among humans rose to 11 from four in a week as the country sought to halt the spread of the disease that has killed at least four persons in two months. The latest suspected patient, a 15-year-old boy with high fever, acute pneumonia and other flu-like problems, was admitted to Sulianti Suroso hospital in northern Jakarta this morning, health ministry spokesman Sumardi said in an interview today.

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Govt: 'Bird flu outbreak an epidemic' Indonesia has described an outbreak of bird flu in its capital Jakarta as an epidemic after a five-year-old girl suspected of having the virus died. Health Minister Siti Fadillah Supari said sporadic human cases of bird flu had surfaced in recent months in and around parts of Jakarta, home to 12 million people.

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Indonesia upholds cleric verdict Indonesia's Supreme Court has rejected a final appeal from the radical cleric linked to the Bali bombings, upholding his original 30-month sentence. Abu Bakar Ba'asyir was found guilty in March of conspiracy over the 2002 attacks, in which 202 people died. But he was cleared of more serious anti-terrorism charges relating to an attack on Jakarta's Marriott hotel.

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Bali named world's best tourist island of 2005 For the second time, the New York-based tourism magazine Travel + Leisure named Bali as the world's best tourist island in 2005. "We have been received confirmation from the magazine's editor. An appreciation ceremony will be held on July 14," an Indonesian diplomat in New York, Kristio Wahyono, said.

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Indonesia confirms new polio cases A second case of polio has been confirmed in Indonesia following the detection of a strain of the crippling virus believed to have originated from Africa, health authorities said today. An 18-month-old boy and a 20-month-old girl are now known to have contracted the disease in the same district of Java island, said Umar Fahmi Achmadi, the health ministry's head of communicable diseases.

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Six die when passengers boat capsizes in Maluku Six people died when a fully loaded passenger boat capsized off the coast of Southeast Maluku regency on Sunday. Spokesman for the Maluku Police, Comr. Endro Prasetyo, said on Wednesday that the KM Taruma Jaya which operated on Ngadi island, Tual, sank as it might have exceeded its passenger and baggage capacity. Besides 85 passengers and six boat crew members, the ship was believed to be fully loaded with passengers' baggage.

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Police confirm arrest of two terror suspects The National Police confirmed on Monday the arrest of two men by the force's antiterror squad in Leuwilang district, Bogor regency, last week. National Police spokesman Insp. Gen. Paiman said that two men had been arrested late on Friday by the police antiterror squad Detachment 88, or Den 88, led by Brig. Gen. Pranowo Dahlan. Last week Pranowo denied the arrest when asked for confirmation by The Jakarta Post, saying that there had been no arrest in Bogor by his squad and that "if there had been any arrest, it must have been related to another case."

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12 killed in bus-train collision in South Sumatra A passenger bus collided with a train in the Indonesian province of South Sumatra early Thursday, leaving at least 12 people dead. The accident occurred in Baturaja town, some 800 km northwest of Jakarta, reported Detikcom online news service. "I was informed that 12 people were killed (in the accident)," Imron Safrizamhi, an employee of the train station in the provincial capital of Palembang, was quoted as saying.

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Indonesia proposes SE Asian peacekeeping force President Megawati Soekarnoputri is tentatively scheduled to visit Aceh province early next month to inaugurate a number of development projects, Aceh Governor Abdullah Puteh said. "According to preliminary information, the President will arrive in Aceh early March but this is subject to confirmation later," Puteh said here on Friday.

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Quake in Papua province kills 22 A powerful earthquake which struck Indonesia's Papua province has killed 22 people and damaged the hospital, airstrip and several homes in a northwestern town, Antara news agency quoted police as saying. The victims included a policeman on duty at the local parliament building in the northwestern town of Nabire, deputy provincial police chief, Brigadier General Tony Yakobus, was quoted as saying.

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One eviction, thousands homeless More than 1,000 people became homeless in a forced eviction on Thursday at a 15-hectare plot of land in Tanjung Duren Selatan subdistrict, West Jakarta. The eviction caused massive traffic jams along the Jakarta-Tangerang toll road, Jl. S. Parman and roads surrounding Mal Taman Anggrek as "illegal" occupants blocked the access to their neighborhood by burning tires on the toll road and feeder roads.

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Hambali caught in Thailand - Indonesia police source Indonesia hailed on Friday the capture of Muslim militant leader Hambali, suspected mastermind of last year's deadly Bali blasts, but a top cleric voiced fear that more militants would rise up to take his place. A Thai government minister said that Hambali had been flown to Indonesia to face charges there, but there was no immediate confirmation of this in Jakarta.

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Indonesia kills 15 rebels Indonesian troops waging war on separatist rebels in Aceh province have shot dead at least 15 guerrillas in one of the bloodiest days of their two-month offensive, the military said on Thursday. Government spokesperson Ahmad Yani Basuki said three members of the Free Aceh Movement (GAM) were killed in raids and 12 more in six firefights on Wednesday, but no soldiers were hurt.

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Indonesia sees no early victory in Aceh Indonesian forces clashed Wednesday with separatist rebels in the western province of Aceh, where the military said its campaign could take up to six months. The military says it has killed 15 GAM fighters since the offensive began, while GAM has estimated 20 civilians have been killed by the operation. No independent confirmation was available.

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Aceh peace monitors to withdraw to local capital Indonesia's peace pact in Aceh suffered major blows on Tuesday when nine people were reported killed and peace monitors separately ordered their teams across the province to withdraw to the local capital. A police official said the nine were killed by Indonesian police and military in four incidents, and included one member of the separatist Free Aceh movement (GAM).

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Rebels to lay down arms in war-torn Aceh Rebels in Indonesia's Aceh province are set to begin disarming Sunday as part of a Swiss-brokered deal that has already helped produce two relatively peaceful months in the war-torn region. The Free Aceh Movement rebels will begin to lay down arms at designated places which will be periodically monitored by peace observers, while Indonesian troops will move to a defensive position, according to the terms of the deal.

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Susilo replaced in hasty reshuffle President Abdurrahman Wahid added further suspense to the unfolding political drama by catching everyone by surprise on Friday with his announcement of a Cabinet reshuffle which included the replacement of his top political and security minister. The reshuffle was not so much a case of ushering new faces into the Cabinet as one of musical chairs, as three of the five new appointments were those of people already serving in his administration.

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Sampit tense again after guns go missing Tension rose in the riot-torn town of Sampit again on Tuesday following the disappearance of six guns and 80 sets of military uniforms despite the security forces effort to restore order in the area, an official said. The official, who requested anonymity, said that the guns and uniforms had probably been stolen by locals.

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Explosion kills two in Bandung An explosion occurred in Bandung, West Java, Sunday afternoon killing at least two people and injuring two others in the residential area of Antapani. However details remain sketchy and at the moment there is no confirmation whether the explosion was caused by an explosive device or a gas tank from a welding device as some witnesses have suggested.

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270 refugee feared dead as ship sinks A boat carrying at least 270 refugees fleeing sectarian violence in Tobelo, Halmahera island in North Maluku, is believed to have sunk somewhere in the Sahu waters off the northern tip of Sulawesi. There was no immediate information on survivors or confirmation of the exact condition of the overloaded ferry.

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