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Rescue team finds lost climber in Semeru The rescue team on Friday afternoon found the climber who was lost in the Tawon Songo area of Mount Semeru on Tuesday. "Praise to God, the search and rescue team has found the lost climber alive in the Tawon Songo area on Friday at 12:55 p.m.," the chief of Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park Agency, Ayu Dewi Utari, told Antara here on Friday.

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Nineteen volcanoes in Indonesia on alert level As many as 19 out of 127 volcanoes in Indonesia have shown increasing volcanic activities and their statuses have been raised from normal to alert level II (Waspada).

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Flash flood damages 500 houses in East Java Flash flood hit 500 houses in Situbondo district, East Java, last Saturday night, Situbondo District`s Chief of Disaster Mitigation Agency Zainul Arifin said.

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Disasters to be expected in Indonesia in 2013 The number of whirlwinds that hit Indonesia last year was 28 times higher than that of the year 2002 due to the impact of global warming, according National Disaster Mitigation Agency (BNPB) spokesman Sutopo Purwo Nugroho.

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Volcanic activity Mount Bromo volcano still high The activity of the Mount Bromo volcano in East Java province is still high. The 2.329 meter high volcano is almost constantly in eruption and exhausts dark clouds of ash. The height of the ash clouds however is slightly lower compared to several weeks ago. The volcano also produces volcanic tremors.

Posted in Volcanoes @ 24 March 2011 02:41 CET by Jeroen · permalink · 0 reactions

New destinations Batavia Air, Lion Air, AirAsia and Citilink Er wordt hard aan de (lucht)wegen getimmerd in Indonesie. Met regelmaat openen maatschappijen nieuwe routes om de snel groeiende vraag naar voornamelijk binnenlandse vluchten aan te kunnen. Met een snel groeiende middenklasse en ook een toenemend aantal buitenlandse toeristen komen er zo steeds meer toeristische bestemmingen bij die eenvoudig te bereiken zijn.

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Mount Bromo volcano still on alert level three The Center for Volcanoes and Geological Disasters PVMBG has announced that the alert status of the Mount Bromo volcano in eastern Java still stands firm at level three or 'aware'. The volcano still produces small eruptions frequently and every once in a while a large ash cloud is exhausted as well. Some of them reach as high as 800 meters from the crater.

Posted in Volcanoes @ 11 February 2011 04:36 CET by Jeroen · permalink · 0 reactions

Mount Bromo volcano erupts with four loud bangs The Mount Bromo volcano in eastern Java has erupted once again earlier today. The volcano presented itself with four thunderous rumbles. Volcanic material was also expelled from inside the volcano. This material reached up to 200 meters above the crater of the volcano.

Posted in Volcanoes @ 05 February 2011 15:58 CET by Jeroen · permalink · 0 reactions

Bromo ash cloud halts Bali international flights At least 13 international flights scheduled to arrive and depart from Ngurah Rai International Airport in Denpasar, Bali, have been canceled after volcanic ash from Mount Bromo infiltrated Denpasar's airspace Friday.

Posted in Volcanoes @ 28 January 2011 12:34 CET by Jeroen · permalink · 0 reactions

Tourism suffers under ash from Mount Bromo volcano The volcanic activity of the Mount Bromo volcano in East Java province has caused heavy damage to the tourism industry in the area. The volcanic ash, emitted by the volcano, covers a large area where normally people make a living from tourists. The areas most heavily hit are Cemorolawang, Ngadisari and Probolinggo.

Posted in Volcanoes @ 27 December 2010 06:08 CET by Jeroen · permalink · 0 reactions

Up to 10 centimeters of ash after Mount Bromo erupts The current eruption of the Mount Bromo volcano that is still ongoing, causes ash rains in the entire district of Probolinggo. Ash is falling down in the entire area, but at some locations closer to the volcano, the situation can be referred to as serious.

Posted in Volcanoes @ 20 December 2010 12:43 CET by Jeroen · permalink · 0 reactions

Ash from Mount Bromo volcano towards Lumajang Ash clouds exhausted by the most recent small eruptions of the Mount Bromo volcano still find their way into the direction of the district of Lumajang, East Java province. "The direction of the wind is still northwestern, which brings the ash clouds in that direction," said Mulyono, head of the observation post for the Bromo volcano.

Posted in Volcanoes @ 19 December 2010 10:03 CET by Jeroen · permalink · 0 reactions

Alert status Bromo volcano lowered to level 3 The alert status for the Mount Bromo volcano in East Java province has been lowered from level 4 to level 3 earlier today. This decision was made because the volcano has showed further decreasing activity, especially compared to earlier this month. The volcano is still very active and an ash cloud can still be seen over the active crater.

Posted in Volcanoes @ 06 December 2010 11:35 CET by Jeroen · permalink · 0 reactions

Mount Bromo eruptions slowing down Indonesia's Mount Bromo has had increased volcanic activity since early November, prompting government officials to issue the highest volcano alert status, but experts say its beginning to calm down.

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Malang Airport closed because of ash from Bromo volcano The directorate of Transport in Indonesia has ordered the immediate closure of the airport of Malang, Abdurahman Saleh. This is done because of the increasing amount of ash in the air - originating from the Mount Bromo volcano. The volcano, that has been erupting for several days now, is ejecting more ash into the skies. The airport is located about 25 kilometers from the crater of the volcano.

Posted in Volcanoes @ 29 November 2010 11:00 CET by Jeroen · permalink · 0 reactions

Ash from small Bromo eruption blows towards Malang The Mount Bromo volcano in the area of Probolinggo, East Java Province is still active. An ash cloud caused by one of the small eruptions of the volcano earlier this morning is now making it's way to the city of Malang. "There were several small eruptions earlier this morning. The ash clouds from these eruptions are headed for the city of Malang," said the head of the Crisis Center of the Department of Public Health, Mudjiharto.

Posted in Volcanoes @ 28 November 2010 05:27 CET by Jeroen · permalink · 0 reactions

Indonesia's Mount Bromo makes small eruption Indonesia's Mount Bromo, located in the East Java province, on Friday erupted and spewed hot ash, although authorities say it poses no threat at the moment.

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More tremors measured in Mount Bromo volcano De Mount Bromo volcano in East Java province has shown increased activity again. In the last 24 hours, the volcano produced a total of 69 tremors. Between midnight and 06:00 local time this morning, 26 tremors were recorded. The amplitude of the tremors is still limited to five millimeters however.

Posted in Volcanoes @ 26 November 2010 04:32 CET by Jeroen · permalink · 0 reactions

Indonesia raises alert status for Mount Bromo Indonesia's Mount Bromo has had increased volcanic activity, prompting government officials to raise its alert status.

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Mount Bromo volcano put at highest alert status Indonesian authorities on Tuesday put the Mount Bromo volcano in East Java province on the highest alert following increased activity. Although it has been put on highest alert, there's no recommendation for evacuation told Andi Arief, a presidential aide on disaster relief coordination, citing information from scientists monitoring the volcano.

Posted in Volcanoes @ 23 November 2010 14:15 CET by Jeroen · permalink · 0 reactions

33 bodies recovered from train wreck The death toll from a train crash in the Central Java town of Pemalang on Saturday has reached 33, with 16 people injured. "A total of 33 bodies have been evacuated from the wreckage," an official at Petarukan railway station said, adding that the death toll might climb as evacuation of the victims had yet to finish.

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Mount Seulawah Agam shows signs of activity The Center for Volcanology and Disaster Mitigation has put Mt. Seulawah Agam in Aceh on the lowest alert level following a series of earthquakes recorded in the last few days. As a consequence of the new status, the center declares the area in a radius of three kilometers from the crater off limits.

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Indonesia's tourism - a National tragedy Anak Agung Gde Agung is one of Indonesia's most distinguished and well-informed senior statesmen. He is a graduate of Harvard and Leiden universities. He as attended the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy in the United States and served as social services minister during the administration of President Abdurrahman Wahid.

Posted in Tourism @ 02 February 2010 01:30 CET by Jeroen · permalink · 2 reactions

Carriages of Argo Bromo train derails in East Java Five carriages from the Anggrek Agro Bromo train on route from Jakarta to Surabaya derailed on Sunday night. The accident happened in the village of Blongsong in the district of Baureno, Bojonegoro in East Java province. Five of the carriages of the train packed with travelers derailed.

Posted in Accidents @ 14 December 2009 08:35 CET by Jeroen · permalink · 0 reactions

Indonesia raises alert on volcano in East Java Indonesia has raised to maximum its alert on the Mount Semeru volcano in East Java, warning of potentially dangerous lava flows, an official at the country's vulcanology center said on Saturday. The 3,376-meter Semeru is one of the most active volcanoes on Java island. Seven people were killed by the mountain's heat clouds in 1994.

Posted in Volcanoes @ 07 March 2009 02:32 CET by Jeroen · permalink · 0 reactions

National tourism targets difficult to achieve quoted well known tourism observer Wuryastuti Sunario as saying she is pessimistic that the official national tourism target of 7 million visitors for 2008 can be achieved, bearing in mind that growth rates in national tourism reached only 11.43% during the first six months of the year.

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Activity of Mount Semeru volcano still high The activity of the Mount Semeru volcano near Lumajang in eastern Java is still relatively high. Based on seismic information from the Gunung Sawur observation post in the village of Sumber Wulu, in subdistrict Candipuro, there were 90 volcanic tremors, seven magmatic tremors and 30 tectonic tremors in the last 24 hours.

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Alert level at Mount Bromo volcano raised to second-highest Indonesia has raised the alert level at a smoking volcano on Java island, and is urging villagers and tourists to stay off the mountain's slopes, the government said Wednesday. Mount Bromo typically erupts once a year, but it does not send debris or lava far down its slopes and nearby towns and villages were in no danger, government volcanologist Suryono told el-Shinta radio station.

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The Tengger of Bromo: Magic, mystique and modernism Legend has it that the Tengger ethnic group in the Bromo-Tengger-Semeru area of East Java is descended from the ancient Majapahit royal family. The name "Tengger" itself is said to be an acronymic derivation of two legendary figures from the region, Rara Anteng and Jaka Seger. As it has been long told, during a time of chaos for the Majapahit kingdom, Princess Rara Anteng took refuge in the area around Mount Bromo. While she was being evacuated, Rara Anteng met Jaka Seger, the son of a priest from the kingdom of Kediri, which was also in great turmoil. Their meeting was the beginning of a love story, and the area was later christened after their combined names.

Posted in Culture @ 28 May 2006 00:00 CET by Jeroen · permalink · 0 reactions

Eight other vulcanoes with higher activity Around 25,000 people fled their homes in western Sumatra yesterday after a series of volcanic eruptions from Mount Talang. Eight other large volcanoes in Indonesia are also showing significant increases in activity, raising alarm in the earthquake-prone region. The most active has been Mt Talang, 40 miles east of Padang, the largest city on Sumatra's west coast, sending thick, grey ash and smoke half a mile into the air on Tuesday.

Posted in Volcanoes @ 14 April 2005 00:01 CET by Jeroen · permalink · 0 reactions

Climbers banned after Mount Semeru erupts Climbers have been temporarily banned from a volcano in Indonesia's East Java province after it erupted, throwing sand, dust and stones into the air. Conservation official, Heri Subagiaji, says the main eruption from Mount Semeru was on Wednesday. He says the volcano spewed debris over a radius of 700 metres but not one was injured. However, he says there is still potential for disaster.

Posted in Volcanoes @ 13 August 2004 00:01 CET by Jeroen · permalink · 0 reactions

Area around Mount Bromo volcano declared safe Officials in Indonesia have now declared safe the area around Mount Bromo, the scene of this week's deadly volcanic eruption. However they say people living near the popular tourist destination in East Java province should remain alert for another eruption, as smoke is still being seen around the mountain area. Search and rescue teams have returned to the site to search for more possible victims.

Posted in Volcanoes @ 10 June 2004 00:01 CET by Jeroen · permalink · 0 reactions

Two hikers killed on Gunung Bromo Police said a Singaporean man and an Indonesian were killed when Mount Bromo, a popular tourist destination in East Java, hurled rocks the size of footballs. Five other Indonesians were badly injured. Visitors climb Bromo's slopes to watch the live volcano's features but eruptions of the 2,400 metre (7,850ft) mountain are rare.

Posted in Volcanoes @ 09 June 2004 00:03 CET by Jeroen · permalink · 0 reactions

Muslim body launches own cigarette brand Indonesia's largest Muslim organisation, the Nahdlatul Ulama (NU), has come up with its own brand of kretek cigarettes in an attempt to cash in on the industry's good business. The Tali Jagat ('rope of the universe') kretek hit the market last week after it was launched in the town of Pasuruan, East Java. Mr H. Sulaiman, the head of NU's Sirkah Muawwanah cooperative in Pasuruan, was quoted by Radar Bromo daily as saying: 'NU has a lot of members in Pasuruan. That is why we chose to launch the cigarettes there.'

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Bus plunges into ravine, 22 killed An overloaded bus carrying kindergartners and their parents to the beach for a field trip plunged into a ravine near the East Java town of Jember on Tuesday, killing at least 22 people and injuring many others, police and doctors said. Most of the victims -- 10 children and 12 adults -- died instantly in the crash, which occurred at about 7:30 a.m. The 47-seat bus, part of the fleet of state-owned bus company Damri, was carrying more than 100 students from Jember's Theo Bromo Kebunrayap PTPN XII kindergarten and their parents. The group was traveling to Pasir Putih beach in the neighboring town of Situbondo in Besuki regency.

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Expert warns of high cost of subway A overseas expert warned on Tuesday of the price the city would have to pay for its Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) or subway system, saying the project would be barely feasible. Director for International Affairs at Japan's Teito Rapid Transit Authority (TRTA) Kunio Kawakami told a seminar on the Indonesian railway system here that there were only a few subway systems worldwide whose operating income exceeded operating costs.

Posted in General @ 07 February 2001 00:02 CET by Jeroen · permalink · 0 reactions
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