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YOGYAKARTA - Arriving at Yogya by train and getting too little sleep over the last week, would come back to me, I was already preparing for that, and I was hoping to prevent it by getting to bed much more early than the days before. Unfortunately the night became all friendly and nice, which caused it to be a late night againÖ What a shame.

The evening we spent at a cafť named Hitam Ė Putih, somewhere near the Kampus Universitas Gajah Mada, a place where not too many tourists, if any, go, and where a teh still costs less than Rp 1000. Even the other food, though limited in choice, itís cheap and very nice to eat late that night, around 11 PM, we decided we would have a drive to Paris. What? All the way to Paris? Yes, to Paris, Parangtritis (or Parang Tritis, because different ways of writing can be found everywhere in Indonesia) is called Paris over here, you can probably see why. We wanted to see the beach, for thatís possible at night.
We drove about one hour by motorbike, rented ones, because thatís the most easy way to travel around here. I didnít have anything warm, which wasnít very smart, considering going to the beach and staying in places like Bandung was also an option. Though I didnít mention the cold in Bandung, because I was mostly inside, the cold in Yogya, while driving on a motorbike is slightly different.
When we arrived at the beach, it was pitchdark, with some campfires and a little fog, a handfull of people, appearing to do nothing. But they were actually selling food at this time of the day, and people were actually eating as well. A strange sight, I can tell you. The waves high, and a little wind, made it feel like autumn at the Dutch beach, but I wasnít dreaming or anything. At the end of the night, before we returned, we had a kopi tubruk, some coffee that resolves in hot water.

Two hours after I arrived home, I had to go to the toilet with heavy dhiarrea. Six hours later I wasnít able to get out of bed anymore, and I had to call a dokter to have a look at it. He soon told me I was slightly dehydrated, and that I needed lots of liquid to restore that. I could drink a lot, but that wouldnít be enough. I also needed an IV. OkayÖ thatís something totally different than I had thought of. I thought I caught a bad virus infection from the coffee last night.
The IV lasted for less than 24 hours, and I got three liters of liquid directly into my bloodstream. After those six bags, I had revived for about 95 per cent, leaving me with quite an empty stomach, wich is only allowed to be filled with non-fried, non-fat products like bubur ayam (yuk, I have had enough of that by now, and I already disliked the rice porridge. This didnít make that any better indeed), and some dhiarrea. But as long as I fill up my stomach enough, and I drink more than usua, it will be okay for sure. And I donít need to take a rest earlier in the night.
Probably the bacteria from the coffee in cooperation with the long days and little rest, made this seemingly small problem into a big one, because normally Iím not ill quickly, otherwhise Iím improving after a few hours, after the food comes out one time, but this time was different, it were Indonesian bacteria, I was in Indonesia, and I took along my Dutch need for a sleep, something that didnít blend in very well.
This little ďjokeĒ costed me almost two days of my thirty days in Indonesia. Though my doctor advised me to go back to Jakarta for better medical care, I told him I should better stay here, take a rest and a lot of water. Itís also because when I would fly back to Jakarta, I had to pay for two other people as well, as medical assistance. I would get that back later, but the problem is, I also can spend my money just once, like many people. Ooh ya. In case you want to know how many the joke costed me in money? Two days of medical care is Rp 600,000, six bottles of hydration sollution is the same, some extra medicine in my ass was just less than Rp 100,000, and some pills against fever, stomach ache and nausea are some Rp. 50,000 together. I hope my ensurance will cover, otherwhise I will have almost two milion less in my savings account after reclaiming. Ooh well, itís a good lesson, and I hope I can keep up drinking a lot over the coming weeks, even more than I already did.
Just before I was writing this story, I had my first motor-bike driving-by-myself experience in Indonesia. Though it was actually my first time ever (I have a drivers licence for a car back in Holland) I did quite well, as I was told by my holiday partner in Yogya, called Cabe ( = chili in Indonesian, donít ask me why, but thatís just her name. Above all sheís from Lombok. Lombok is also some kind of spice.). She already drove me around before I fell ill, and she also took care of my while I was still ill, and I also hope she will show me around for a few places until I will head back for Jakarta, hopefully somewhere next week, because I hope to meet some friends there as well.
I hope I will be back to you soon, because there is just so much to tell, and above all Independence Day is coming up as well. Right now it looks like I will celebrate it in Yogya after all. I will let you know how Iím doing, and if not, just think that Iím okay, donít worry.


On 6 September 2003 I edited the story on certain small points to make it more understandable for the visitors. The first version was written during my holiday, in a warnet in Jogja. This version should be better though.

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