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Bank Indonesia allocates Rp3 trillion to print paper money
Bank Indonesia, the central bank, has set aside Rp3 trillion per year to print paper currency, which is considered as a substantial amount, hence the government will encourage the use of non-cash transactions.

Bank Indonesias Head of Policy and Payment Development System, Yura Djalins, stated here on Tuesday that the use of non-cash transactions will ... ( read on )
US Navy works with Indonesia to protect sunken gravesite
US Navy underwater archeologists, in conjunction with Indonesian Navy divers, have assessed in an interim report that the wrecked vessel surveyed in the Java Sea in June is "consistent with the identification" of the World War II wreck of the cruiser USS Houston (CA 30), and that divers documented conclusive evidence of a pattern of ... ( read on )
Sri Mulyani suggests remittance fee reduction to five percent
World Bank Managing Director Sri Mulyani Indrawati has suggested a reduction in the remittance fee for members of the Indonesian diaspora from 15 percent to 5 percent.

"The total remittance from the Indonesian diaspora is very large, at US$7.2 billion, and the fee is 15 percent. The remittance fee should be reduced to match the ... ( read on )
30 prisoners escape as Labuhan Ruku jail on fire
A total of 30 inmates escaped when fire and riot hit Labuhan Ruku penitentiary in North Sumatra on Sunday evening. Head of Jail Division of North Sumatra`s office of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights Amran Silalahi said the prisoners escaped after scaling down the jail wall.

He said that the wall was about ... ( read on )
Habibie: N250 still the best
Former vice president BJ Habibie said that N250 is still one of the best aircraft. On the sidelines of an open house on the occasion of Eid-al-Fitr celebration at his residence on Jalan Patra Kuningan here on Sunday Habibie said the plane will be able to fly in the next five years with some design ... ( read on )
President Yudhoyono observes Idul Fitri at palace
President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono observed Idul Fitri as his first activity with his immediate family members at the Presidential Palace on Sunday.

The head of state held the activity with his family after performing Idul Fitri prayers in the company of Vice President Boediono and a number of cabinet ministers at Istiqlal mosque in the ... ( read on )
A granade thrown at police station
A granade thrown by unknown people exploded last night at a police station on the eve of Idul Fitri, the end of Islamic fasting month,in the Central Java city of Solo but no one was injured , police said.

The incident at the Gladak police station, followed a recent shooting at the Gemblengan police station ... ( read on )
Quake jolts North Maluku
A quake measuring 5.8 on the Richter Scale jolted Morotai island in North Maluku at 10.31pm on Saturday.

According to the Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency the epicenter of the quake was 10 kilometer deep 2.50 degrees north latitude and 128.79 degrees east longitude 2,626 kilometers northeast of capital city Jakarta.

The quake, following the ... ( read on )
People pack Jakarta streets to celebrate end of fasting month
People in cars, on motorbikes and on foot packed several streets in capital city Jakarta to celebrate the end of the fasting month of Ramadan on Saturday evening. Traffic jam was seen in the Thamrin street section between the Hotel Indonesia roundabout to Monas Square, which are the popular spots in the city.

Besides chanting ... ( read on )
Indonesia forecasts 18 percent growth rate in 2012 exports
The government of Indonesia on Thursday said it estimates its exports in 2012 will increase by at least 18 percent, despite a negative outlook in global markets.

Indonesian Trade Minister Mari Elka Pangestu expressed optimism in the country's economic sector despite it slowing down in important global markets such as the United States and Europe, the ... ( read on )
Islamic council: 'Death penalty for corrupt persons'
A head of the Islamic Council of Scholars (Majelis Ulama Indonesia, or MUI), K.H. Effendi Yusuf, supports earlier words that corrupt persons should be allowed to receive a death penalty for their actions in certain cases. The organization that decides what is and what is not halal in Indonesia, is now tagging a large number ... ( read on )
Commission shows film on discriminatory bylaws
The National Commission on Violence against Women (Komnas Perempuan) premiered on Wednesday a documentary movie on regional ordinances which it said discriminated against women. Titled "Atas Nama" (In the name of), the movie features testimonies of people who fall victims to the bylaws, including the family of a woman who was detained for allegedly practicing ... ( read on )
Mount Talang volcano shakes to life
Activity of the Mount Talang volcano is increasing. The head of the observation post for the volcano, Dalipa Marjusi, strongly advised that people living on it's slopes should keep at least three kilometers distance from the summit. The volcano has become unstable by tremors in the area. Outside that there has also been a release ... ( read on )
Dozens killed in Kalimantan road accident
A traffic accident on the island of Kalimantan has killed 25 people. Dozens of others were injured in the accident. The victims were workers and their family on board of a truck that transported 60 people in total.

The truck had to avoid upcoming road works and turned over when the driver suddenly steered away. Among ... ( read on )
Train tickets around Lebaran almost sold out
However the holy month of fasting has not even started, most have already made plans to go home to celebrate the end of it. Yesterday all tickets for all classes in trains from Jakarta to various cities throughout Java were sold out. Tickets for departure five days before the end of the Ramadan were even ... ( read on )
Excution order for Amrozi on table of Attorney General
A member of the staff of the Attorney General in Jakarta, Abdul Hakim Ritonga, said that the execution order for the three convicted of being the masterminds of the Bali bombs in 2002, is already on the table of Attorney General Hendarman Supanji. According to Ritonga, the execution is just a doorstep away, waiting for ... ( read on )
Daydreaming about a toll road over Java
The road between Yogyakarta and Malang consists mainly of a reasonably maintained two lane road. That is what they call jalan raya ('big road') here, but it's not that big after all. The two most widely used roads for traveling from west to east and the other way around on the island is one road ... ( read on )
Indonesia not to raise fuel prices in 2008
Indonesian Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources, Purnomo Yusgiantoro, said that the government would not raise fuel prices next year despite a 17 percent cut in fuel subsidy spending calculated in the 2008 state budget. Fuel subsidy is to be cut to 46.7 trillion Rupiah (3.68 billion euro), down from 56.4 trillion Rupiah (4.44 billion ... ( read on )
475 hotels listed on
Foreign tourists find their way to Indonesia once again after some sluggish years. After almost five years, Bali is back to normal with tourist arrivals around or higher than in the months for the Bali bombs, and elsewhere in Indonesia, tourists visit the cities they most love. knows this and has recently started offering ... ( read on )
Indonesia refuses to help disarm Hezbollah in Lebanon
The Indonesian government has voiced strong objections to taking part in disarming Hezbollah as part of its mandate in the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon, The Jakarta Post reported Saturday. Defense Minister Juwono Sudarsono said on Friday that the Indonesian government did not want its troops involved in the disarmament of either the militia ... ( read on )
Bomb explodes in Poso
A home-made bomb went off near a cafe in Indonesia's restive town of Poso late Friday, injuring no one, the national Antara news agency reported Saturday. The blast occurred at 11:47 p.m. (1600 GMT) and was heard in a distance of one kilometer, said the report. There were no immediate reports of casualties but the ... ( read on )
Industries feel pinch from massive blackouts
The massive blackouts that swept parts of Java and Bali islands have caused industries to suffer billions of rupiah in financial losses due to disruptions in their operations. The Indonesian Textile Association estimated that more than 100 spinning, weaving and garment industries in Greater Jakarta suffered losses of about 55 billion rupiah. "Many of our members ... ( read on )
Power blackout results in chaos
Indonesia's president ordered the police and the national intelligence agency to investigate a power failure that left nearly 100 million people - almost half the country - in the dark yesterday. Indonesia's state-run power utility said it did not know the cause of the failure, which cut electricity to homes, businesses and trains for more ... ( read on )
Study: 'Indonesia military commits genocide in Papua'
Indonesia's military is allegedly committing genocide in its eastern province of Papua, which may threaten the survival of the region's tribal population, the University of Sydney's Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies said in a report. A team from the center spent two years from 2003 to study the Indonesian military's activities in Papua. The military ... ( read on )
Three blasts rock Poso
Three explosions have rocked the town of Poso in Indonesia's Central Sulawesi province, the scene of bloody Muslim-Christian clashes in the past, but police said today that no one was hurt. Second Sergeant Ridwan said the blasts at around 9 pm on Sunday did not cause injuries or serious damage. He said an investigation has ... ( read on )
Other events on this day
Twenty-two people are killed and eight others injured when an intercity bus traveling between Jakarta and Yogyakarta veers off a bridge and plunges into a river in the Central Java town of Kebumen.
Three people are killed and 12 others injured in a train collision in the Pinangsia-Ancol area in Jakarta, which was caused either by a power blackout or an incorrect train signal.
The Natural Resources Conservation Agency in Jambi claims that 100 out of 4,500 Indonesian herbal samples examined by the U.S. National Cancer Institute can treat Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV), which causes the deadly AIDS.
Pres. Abdurrahman Wahid voices concern over demands by some Muslim-based groups for the inclusion of Islamic law in the 1945 Constitution, describing it as a campaign to formalize religion in state affairs and saying it would only weaken national unity.
Former president Soeharto returns home after six days of treatment at Pertamina Hospital in South Jakarta for intestinal bleeding.
Twenty-eight people die and four others go missing when an overloaded, motorized vessel capsizes on a river in Sorong regency on its way to Terminabuan regency from Klamono, Irian Jaya.
ASEAN secretary-general Rodolfo C. Severino launches the ASEAN Countdown 2000, marking the approach of the new millennium at the ASEAN Secretariat building in Jakarta.
La Hamuni, 39, the captain of an Indonesian fishing boa from Sulawesit, begins serving a seven-month jail sentence in Western Australia after failing to pay fines totaling A$10,000 (US$7,800).
Indonesia gets a Rp 18 billion loan from the Netherlands for urban development.
The Indonesian Sampoerna expedition team reaches the top of Mount Eiger (3,970 meters) in Switzerland.
Irian Jaya rebel Fred Allom, 25, is sentenced to 15 years hard labor by a Port Moresby district court in Papua New Guinea for murdering Meinard Poluan, 32, an Indonesian Embassy official in the city in December 1992.
A hailstorm hits Kuyuwagay in Jayawijaya, Irian Jaya, killing eight people.
Two Dutch warplanes shoot at a fishing boat in Pangkalan Susu waters in North Sumatra, killing four people, then shoots at a ferry transporting Chinese refugees from Perlis, killing nine people and injuring 10.
Dutch planes attack several areas in the central part of Surabaya, East Java, while Dutch troops bomb an Indonesian sailing ship in Gresik.
The Committee for the Preparation of Indonesian Independence decides to form a presidential Cabinet with 12 ministries, divide Indonesia into eight provinces, form the National Committee of Central Indonesia (KNIP) and form a national army.
Sumatra is declared a province under the leadership of Governor Teuku Moh. Hasan.
Several independence figures and local fighters in Semarang regency, Central Java, establish the Regional Administration of Indonesia.
President Sukarno decides to reinstate Sri Susuhunan Pakubuwono XII and Sri Mangkunegoro VIII as sultan and head of the Surakarta Autonomous Area in Central Java.
Dr. GSSJ Ratulangi starts his job as governor of South Sulawesi.
British Lt. Governor John Fendall hands the authority of the East Indies over to the Dutch General Commission consisting of Adm. Buyskes, Van der Capellen and Ellout.
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