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Nasdem chief raises concern over increasing corruption
The general chairman of National Democrat Party (NasDem), Surya Paloh, expressed concern over corruption in the country that still continued despite reform and has even spread to almost all sectors.

"Corruption has not vanished but has even spread. It has happened not only in the centers of power but has entered into the social system. ... ( read on )
18,000 evacuees Mount Sinabung eruption still in shelter
Many evacuees from the Mount Sinabung eruptions in North Sumatras Karo district have returned home, with nearly 18 thousand of them still taking shelter as of Saturday, a spokesman said on Sunday.

The evacuees who had returned home hailed from villages outside a 5-km radius of the volcanos crater, coordinator of the Sinabung disaster mitigation ... ( read on )
Borobudur temple expected to be fully opened soon
Borobudur temple, the worlds largest Buddhist temple located in central Java, is expected to be fully opened next week as the cleaning up work of the temple from Mount Keluds ash has reached 80 percent.

"The cleaning up has reached 80 percent, so volunteers are expected to stop working on Tuesday (Feb 25) probably," Pangga ... ( read on )
Bali prepares to regulate local fruit sales
The Jakarta Post reports that the province of Bali plans to propose specific bylaws protecting the market for local farmers by controlling the sale and consumption of local fruit.

The measure is seen as needed to curtail the use of imported fruit products, much preferred by locals and oftentimes sold at Bali markets for less than ... ( read on )
Economic gap seen as cause of security problem in Papua
Economic and social gap is the root cause of persistent security problem in Papua, Velix Wanggai, a special staff of the president on regional autonomy, said.

The problem has to be sorted out through comprehensive approaches to create peace in the rebellious region, Velix said when accompanying President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono on a working ... ( read on )
Bali full of illegal money changers
News Agency Antara reports that 40% of the moneychangers operating in Bali do not hold the required permits issued by Bank Indonesia. The Secretary General of the Association of the Foreign Exchange Dealers (APVA), Ayu Astuti D, said, “according to our data, 30-40% of the 146 (foreign exchange) companies headquartered in Bali are illegal.”

Complaints are ... ( read on )
Twenty named suspect in attack on Ahmadiyah members
About 20 men were named suspect in a violent attack on members of the Ahmadiyah sect on Friday (Feb 17) in Cisaat village in West Java Province last week, police said.

"Though we have not yet detained them, the suspects are obliged to report to us periodically. Up till now, we are still collecting data ... ( read on )
At least 475 houses submerged by flooding in Bali
At least 475 houses on Wednesday were submerged due to the severe flooding that hit the Indonesian province of Bali, the Antara news agency reported. Three villages, Tinga-Tinga, Celukan Bawang, and Pengulon, were struck by heavy rains in Bali from Tuesday evening to Wednesday morning. The villages are located in Buleleng district.

In Pengulon, 108 houses ... ( read on )
Indonesia to observe Cambodia-Thailand border conflict
Amidst the recent border conflicts between Thailand and Cambodia, both countries have accepted Indonesia to observe both sides of the border, officials said Tuesday.

An Indonesian team of observers will be deployed to the region where they will observe and report accurately, as well as impartially on complaints of violations and submitting its findings to each ... ( read on )
South Korea's Lotte Group to invest $6 billion in Indonesia
Lotte Group, South Korea's retail giant, on Tuesday announced that it is planning to invest $6 billion in Indonesia during the upcoming 4 years.

In its effort to expand its business in one of Southeast Asia's fastest growing economies, Lotte Group said that they are looking to increase their retail business by opening 60 Lotte ... ( read on )
Yudhoyono blasts Jakarta governor Fauzi for failing Jakarta
President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono is publicly criticizing Jakarta Governor Fauzi Bowo for failing to make good on his campaign pledges, calling them "empty promises". In his opening remarks at an official meeting with ministers, non-ministerial officials and heads of state-owned enterprises, was also attended by Fauzi, Yudhoyono said he was fed up with the unrealized ... ( read on )
Bandung tea plantation hit by landslide
Hundreds were left homeless after a landslide hit a workers' housing area in Dewata tea plantation on Ciwidey, Bandung, West Java on Tuesday. News portal, quoting an employee at the plantation said that hundreds of people were in need of tents after the landslide hit the workers’ barracks at around 8 a.m. Tuesday.

Doni, the ... ( read on )
90% of Indonesian museums not fit to visit
Indonesia's Minister of Culture and Tourism, Jero Wacik, says that 90% of Indonesian museums are not fit for tourist to visit. "The condition of our museums is concerning. 90% are not well managed and are unfit to visit," says Wacik. Because of this, Wacik is calling for more attention to be paid to how the ... ( read on )
Schoolgirl allegedly raped and killed by own uncle
Ramian Juntak (53) was crying when she told about the suspicion she had that her youngest child was raped and murdered by her uncle. The mother of the child told that Hastuti Sinambela (16) was housed at the address of the uncle in Pekanbaru, where she was found dead hanged bu a rope at the ... ( read on )
Indonesia settles power crisis as fuel supply back to normal
Indonesia's state-run electricity company PLN has tackled disruption in fuel supplies to major generators that put the country in the threat of massive blackouts, the company said Thursday. Electricity supplies in the main island of Java suffered a deficit of 1,000 megawatts Wednesday and the government planned to issue a state of emergency when the ... ( read on )
Giant concrete balls in attempt to stem mud eruption
Authorities will try to slow down the gushing mud volcano today. The volcano has already inundated villages and factories. They will drop hundreds of giant concrete balls into the location of the mud volcano, an official reported. Every single day, around one million oil drums of hot, noxious mud - about 50 Olympic swimming pools ... ( read on )
Official: 'Freeport Indonesia office building in Jakarta vandalized'
PT Freeport Indonesia, a unit of Freeport-McMoran Copper & Gold Inc, said a South Jakarta building in which it rents an office space has been attacked by a group of vandals. 'We don't own the building, we are only a tenant. No damage was done to our offices,' spokesman Budiman Moerdijat said. He would not ... ( read on )
Deadly bird flu detected in 161 regencies in 26 provinces
The Bali Water Police seized hundreds of green turtles (Selemonia Midas) Wednesday, which were about to arrive on the island. The confiscation of the turtles shows that Bali is still one of the major destinations for trading in protected species. "We had earlier received information from the public about hundreds of green turtles being sent to ... ( read on )
Gunung Lokon erupts
MOUNT Lokon in Indonesia's North Sulawesi province erupted today, spewing rocks and ash that blanketed two villages on its slope. The 1689-metre high Mount Lokon, which last erupted in 1991 forcing the evacuation of at least 11,000 people from its slopes, began spewing rocks and ash around 2.30am GMT (1.30pm AEDT) said Abu Solihin of ... ( read on )
Earthquake rocks Selat Sunda
An earthquake measuring 5.2 onthe Richter scale jolted Sunda Strait, Indonesia, on Friday night,but no casualties were reported. According to a press release issued by the Meteorology and Geophysics Agency on Saturday morning, the earthquake occurred at 2033 p.m. local time (1333 GMT). The quake's epicenter was traced at Sunda Strait, about 200 kilometers ... ( read on )
Other events on this day
Amid rising fears of terrorist attacks in Malaysia and Singapore, 307 Indonesians have been refused entry to the two countries via Batam in Riau province since January, due to concerns that they could pose a security threat.
A joint rescue team locates the wreckage of an N-Bell 412 helicopter that crashed in Mt Burangrang on a test flight in Kalijati, Subang, West Java, with the bodies of all 3 people aboard after almost two weeks of searching.
The death toll rises to over 100 people when ethnic clashes between Madurese settlers and local Dayaks continue in Sampit, E. Kotawaringin regency, C. Kalimantan, while 168 houses have been damaged and 76 set on fire by mobs since the clash erupted.
Malaysian authorities deport 1,122 Indonesian illegal immigrants aged between three and 52, putting them on five ships in the southern Malacca state and sending them to the Indonesian town of Dumai on Sumatra.
Protestants in Jayapura, Irian Jaya, declare their rejection of the separatist movement, but vow to maintain truth and justice for the sake of peace in the restive province.
Mataram District Court in West Nusa Tenggara sentences three rioters -- Lalu Laduni, Muhajar and Ramli -- to between 40 days and two months in jail for their role in unrest last January. More than 10 churches were attacked or burned down during the riots.
Students and police officers clash outside the Attorney General's Office in South Jakarta in the first violent protest in the capital this year, injuring 13 people. They demand the government prosecute corruptors and human rights abusers.
A landslide sweeps through the village of Windu Sakti in Brebes, Central Java, as residents sleep, leaving nine people dead, another 27 missing and burying 19 houses, a village hall and a mosque.
Hais Quraisy, a reporter of the "Jakarta News FM", is beaten up for reporting on the slowness of the police's Mobile Brigade in handling student demonstration at the Attorney General's Office in South Jakarta, which leads to conflict.
Pres. BJ Habibie again expresses resentment at the financial burden placed on RI since East Timor was integrated in 1976, describing Jakarta's decision to integrate the former Portuguese colony as an act of "charity", aimed to relieve people's suffering.
Fresh riots erupt in Ambon, Maluku. More than 30 people are killed, 35 others seriously injured and 200 houses are burned down.
President Soeharto receives an award on behalf of his late wife, Tien Soeharto, honoring her outstanding contribution to the Family Welfare Movement by improving Indonesian families' standard of living.
Indonesian doubles Sigit Budiarto and Chandra Wijaya win the Asia Cup badminton championships after beating Malaysian in Jakarta, 15-7, 15-12.
Indonesia's badminton king and queen and Olympic gold medalists Alan Budikusuma and Susi Susuanti hold there wedding reception at the Grand Melia Hotel in Jakarta.
Indonesia rejects the United States government's request for the extradition of Harnoko Dewantono, alias Oki, the main suspect in a Los Angeles triple murder case, currently in Jakarta Police custody.
President Soeharto brushes aside the debate on succession emanating from his likely retirement in 1998, saying the nation already has a proven institution to facilitate the smooth transition of power.
President Soeharto patents the use of pumice as a building material, a concept which he developed in 1972 and which has since gained popularity in the construction of low-cost houses.
Indonesian President Soeharto and Chinese Minister of Foreign Affairs Qi Qichen in Tokyo, Japan, reach an agreement on the normalization of Indonesian and Chinese relations which were severed 21 years ago.
Gerson Poyk, 56, a freelance journalist, wins the 1985 Adinegoro Trophy for his article on the first 1,000-kilometer highway built in Java with forced labor by Governor General HW Daendels in the 19th century, published in Sarinah magazine, Sept. 16, 1985
President Soeharto attends the celebration of the independence of the oil-rich sultanate of Brunei Darussalam in Bandar Seri Begawan and meets with Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos to discuss economic problems between the two countries.
A Developed Countries meeting in Amsterdam led by Dutch development minister HJ Udink agrees to give financial aid of US$325 million to Indonesia to realize the Indonesian economic stabilization and development in 1968, later better known as the IGGI.
A meeting between Minahasa rebels, Dutch and Allied representatives on the Allied ship "El Libetador" in the port of Manado, N. Sulawesi, reaches a deadlock after Minahasa rebel leader Ch. Taulu rejects the return of Dutch colonialists to rule in Minahasa
President Sukarno forms a steering committee for the coordination of the military. The committee is tasked with forming a regulation on the structure of the defense ministry, the military, military forces, military authorities and the position of militias
Ahmad Dahlan, founder of the Muhammdiyah Islamic organization and a national movement hero, dies in Yogyakarta aged 66.
The congress of Central Sarekat Islam (CSI) in Madiun, East Java, ends with the decision to form Sarekat Islam Party (PSI).
Farmers in Nglungge village near Surakarta in Central Java launch a strike demanding the abolition of night patrols and forced labor.
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