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Jakarta badly needs mass transportation
Minister of National Development Planning Armida S. Alisjahbana urged Jakarta, as the nation`s Capital, to provide better mass transport system to support its citizens mobility effectively. "As a big city, as well as the nation`s capital, Jakarta badly need a mass transport system," Armida said during a working visit here on Sunday.

Armida, who is ... ( read on )
Indonesian woman arrested for smuggling methamphetamine
The Customs and Excise officials at Bali’s Ngurah Rai airport have arrested an Indonesian woman carrying 3.755 kilograms of methamphetamine. Theresa Avilla Tanti Siwi (39) arrived in Bali on board Qatar Airways Flight 638 on Monday, October 10 on a trip that started in Nairobi, Kenya.

Suspicious of the woman and her baggage, repeated x-ray examination ... ( read on )
Indonesian police open fire against protesting crowds
Indonesian police opened fire against protesters on Wednesday following the adoption of the controversial "shoot-on-sight" law, which allows police forces to use live ammunition to control riots and other anarchic situations, local media reported.

Officials had previously warned protesters that the new law could be used during Wednesday's rallies as large crowds were expected to gather ... ( read on )
15-year-old raped until she passes out
In, a 15-year-old, has most likely become the victim of abuse and rape last Monday. Until now she is out of consciousness in the emergency room of the Raha hospital in Southeast Sulawesi. Parts of her body, like her hands and her left foot, show injuries by sharp objects.

The father of the victim told that ... ( read on )
Indonesian maid tortured and chained in Malaysia
An Indonesia maid working in Malaysia has been tortured and abused by her two bosses. She was chained, regularly beaten with an iron stick and forced to sleep at the toilet. She was eventually rescued by the Malaysian police from the house where she worked in Taman Sentosa, Kelang, Selangor on Tuesday afternoon.

When the police ... ( read on )
Increased activity for Mount Kaba volcano in Bengkulu
In recent weeks, the Kaba volcano in the province of Bengkulu, West Sumatra, has showed an increase in activity. At a number of places there are signs of increased volcanic activity visible. A number of new cone-shaped piles of volcanic material has formed and the volcano is also exhausting small plumes of white smoke.

Since the ... ( read on )
Women start polygamy movement
After over 300 people became member of the movement in several countries, the polygamy-movement from Malaysia has now spread it's wings over Indonesia as well. Earlier this week, a meeting was held in Bandung which was the start of the movement in Indonesia. There were some 150 people from various parts in Indonesia present.

The founder ... ( read on )
Two injured in shooting near Freeport mine
Two people were injured in a new shooting incident at the PT Freeport mine yesterday morning. The injured are being treated at a local clinic. The shooting near the gold and copper mine took place around 09:30 local time (GMT+9) between mile 41 and 42 along the road between the town of Timika and the ... ( read on )
Indonesia court rejects Bali bombers' appeal
Execution by firing squad does not violate Indonesia's constitution, the country's top court ruled on Tuesday. Indonesia's Constitutional Court rejected the claim by three men on death row, who were convicted in the 2002 Bali nightclub bombings, that their executions by firing squad would violate the country's constitution. Their request for beheading was also dismissed ... ( read on )
Stong earthquake hits Sulawesi island
A strong earthquake with a magnitude of 6.5 hit Indonesia's Sulawesi island on Monday but there were no immediate reports of any deaths or damage, an official at the national quake agency said. The epicentre of the quake lay at a depth of 33 km (21 miles) and about 96 km (60 miles) southwest of Tolitoli ... ( read on )
Situation report Mount Kelut volcano; no. 3
The Team for Volcanology and Geological Hazard Observation in Blitar reported today that the temperature of water in the crater continues to increase, albeit slowly. The highest level of alert (level 4) is still in force. The number of displaced people decreased from 22,154 on 17 October to 13,440 on day later, as the residents returned ... ( read on )
The mud flow that doesn't end
While former Indonesian president Suharto was known as the 'Smiling General', current president Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono is known as the 'Crying General'. He shed tears when he talked with the victims of the mud flow near Sidoarjo when they recounted their struggle. Back then, Yudhoyono promised direct compensation. More than one year later, the only ... ( read on )
Indonesia migrant workers bring in big bucks
Migrant workers from Indonesia continue to make a huge contribution to the country's economy because the remittances they make. During the second quarter of 2007, these workers overseas send home some 1.1 billion euro. This is 5.4 percent more than the same period last year, according to data from Bank Indonesia. The central bank estimated ... ( read on )
New international airport in the plans for Bali
Jembrana Regency in the west of Bali has drawn up a plan to construct its own international airport, and is awaiting the go-ahead, and funds totaling some US$110 million, from the central government to proceed with the ambitious project, officials said. A feasibility study has just been completed on a Jembrana International City Airport, but ... ( read on )
Indonesia disaster shows risks of mud volcanoes
In a village in Indonesia's East Java province, a man is struggling to watch television with a volcano erupting in his living room. Risks from volcanoes that ooze mud rather than spew lava have long been underestimated worldwide, even with a cataclysmic mudflow in another part of Java that has swamped an area the size ... ( read on )
Indonesia says violence in Sulawesi is terrorism
The recent violence, including the killing of a priest, which occurred in Central Sulawesi province was not triggered by sectarian sentiment but terrorism, Indonesian Vice President Jusuf Kalla said here Friday. The vice president claimed that the communal conflict between Muslims and Christians had been terminated before the peace accord of Molino was achieved in ... ( read on )
Singapore's Valuair to start flights to Surabaya
Valuair Ltd., a Singapore-based low-fare carrier, said it will start offering daily flights to Surabaya from the island state to meet rising travel demand between the two countries. Valuair will fly Airbus SAS A320 aircraft for the new services starting Oct. 23 with fares from S$199 ($118) for a round trip ticket, the airline said ... ( read on )
Police nabs 4 in explosive materials smuggling case
Police said Friday they had arrested four people allegedly involved in smuggling hundreds of pounds of explosive materials from Malaysia into Indonesia. East Kalimantan Police Chief Maj. Gen. Sitompul said four other suspects escaped and remain at large. He said the four - three women and a man - were seized on a speedboat heading ... ( read on )
Quake rocks Sumbawa island
An earthquake measuring 5.3 on the Richter scale jolted Indonesia's Sumbawa island early Friday but there were no reports of casualties or damage, seismologists said. The offshore quake struck at 7:15 a.m. with the epicenter 140 kilometers south of the island, the Meteorology and Geophysics Agency (BMG) said. The tremor, which was centered 33 kilometers below the ... ( read on )
Indonesia shuts down Bali bombing film
The Indonesian government has shut down an Australian TV drama series about the 2002 Bali bombings. Producers told the mostly Australian cast in Bali on Thursday the government had revoked their permit due to political and immigration sensitivities, actors for the drama series told AAP. The move follows the second Bali bombings on October 1. "The ... ( read on )
Indonesia to monitor Muslim boarding schools
Indonesia, the world’s most populous Muslim nation, will monitor Islamic boarding schools as part of its effort to fight militant violence and suicide bombings, Vice President Jusuf Kalla said. Indonesia has been racked by a spate of bomb attacks in recent years, including one on the tourist island of Bali this month in which 23 ... ( read on )
Claims of bird flu cover-up in Indonesia
The Indonesian government has been accused of covering up a bird flu epidemic in its poultry industry for nearly two years. The Washington Post newspaper says Indonesian health experts believe bird flu first broke out in the country on commercial poultry farms. The virus spread to chickens raised in back yards across Indonesia and then began ... ( read on )
United Indonesia Cabinet sworn-in
President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono swore in his Cabinet ministers at the State Palace here on Thursday. In his inaugural speech, Susilo reminded the ministers, members of the United Indonesia Cabinet, that they had signed a political contract to be loyal, honest, hard-working, give priority to state and national interests over parties' interests and to be ... ( read on )
United Indonesia Cabinet line up
President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono announced on Wednesday at the State Palace his cabinet line up. The line up was announced at 11:50 p.m. after being postponed from the original schedule at 8 p.m. Following is the United Indonesia Cabinet line up: Adm. (ret) Widodo A.s. : Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal and Security Affairs Aburizal Bakrie : Coordinating ... ( read on )
More anti-Bush protests in Indonesia
More small demonstrations against the U.S. President George W. Bush's visit occurred in several cities in the world's most populous Muslim nation, but all the protests were peaceful. Around 70 Muslim students in the Indonesian capital city of Jakarta rallied to protest Bush's visit. A similar sized protest took place in the central Javanese city ... ( read on )
NU, Muhammadiyah leaders to tell Bush his policies aid terror
Leaders of Nahdlatul Ulama (NU) and Muhammadiyah Islamic organizations, Hasyim Muzadi and Ahmad Syafii Maarif, in the meeting on Wednesday in Bali will tell U.S. President George W. Bush that U.S. policies in the Middle East, seen as favouring Israel, are one of the root causes of terror attacks in Asia. "I will tell it ... ( read on )
Academician: Bush will change stance toward Islam
The rector of Syarif Hidayatullah State Islamic University in Jakarta, Azyumardi Azra, has expressed his optimism that U.S. President George W. Bush will change his attitude toward Islam. "We should have a positive presumption that the man (Bush) can change his attitude toward Islam," Azyumardi, on his way to Bali to meet Bush, told Antara ... ( read on )
Protesters burn U.S. flag, call Bush a terrorist ahead of visit
Muslim students burned a U.S. flag and called President George W. Bush a terrorist during demonstrations Tuesday, one day ahead of his brief visit to Indonesia, local media reported. About 50 students protested in the Central Java city of Semarang while a separate group gathered at Jember in East Java and burnt the Stars and ... ( read on )
Security forces hunting Poso attack mastermind
A joint police and military force are pursuing Mohamadong alias Ndang accused of masterminding a series of fresh attacks in Poso and the neighboring regency of Morowali, Central Sulawesi. Sources at Poso Police Station said on Monday that Ndang was a resident of Ampana subdistrict in Poso but he often moved to other places. Security ... ( read on )
Indonesia on heightened alert
Indonesia has heightened security nationwide amid fresh threats of terror attacks on key economic infrastructures following the Bali bombing tragedy, police have said. The increased security alert comes as intelligence reports point to further terrorist activity after the October 12 night of horror in Bali where more than 180 people were killed.There are also fears ... ( read on )
Osama gave Bashir money for Bali bombs
Osama Bin Laden sent money to Abu Bakar Bashir, the spiritual leader of the Jemaah Islamiah, to buy C4, the powerful explosive used in the Bali bombings, according to a former top lieutenant of the Al-Qaeda leader. He said that £48,000 ($133,440) was transferred to the JI terror network - thought to be behind the ... ( read on )
Club owners growth plans felled in one stroke
Minutes before his popular Paddy's club was struck by a bomb here last Saturday night, I Gde Wiratha, 55, was in one of his hotels some 5 km away, holding talks on his company's plan to launch Bali's first airline later this month. At around this time too, his brother and business partner, I ... ( read on )
Sutiyoso: Glodok street vendors to be moved
The city administration has announced it will relocate the some 400 roadside vendors, most of whom sell pirated VCDs and small electronic goods, operating around the busy Glodok shopping center in West Jakarta beginning next year. Governor Sutiyoso, who visited the popular electronics center on Friday, said the street vendors would be relocated to a ... ( read on )
Blackout hits vast area
Vast areas in western and southern parts of the capital, including several spots in Tangerang, experienced a blackout lasting a few minutes on Friday evening. A staffer at the state electricity company PT PLN complaints center confirmed the problem, saying it was caused by significant disturbances at power relay stations in the respective areas. The blackout ... ( read on )
Other events on this day
Some university students in Makassar, South Sulawesi, force their way into the newsroom of local RRI radio station to demand an independent state of Sulawesi.
Megawati Soekarnoputri, the leader of the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDI Perjuangan), is elected and sworn in as Indonesia's eighth vice president and the first woman to occupy the post at the People's Consultative Assembly (MPR).
Fifty frustrated military officers run amok while searching for suspected militant students hiding in the Jakarta Hospital, dragging away some 20 students from the hospital.
Hundreds of residents of Merauke regency, Irian Jaya, go on a rampage in response to the slow rescue operation to find survivors of the sunken KM Bimas Raya II ferry, which sank in the Arafura Sea three days earlier.
Noted-writer Pramoedya Ananta Toer relaunches his 1960 book Hoakiau di Indonesia (Ethnic Chinese in Indonesia) in Jakarta after a government banning of it in the same year.
Italian Prime Minister Romano Prodi ends his three-day visit to Indonesia and voices optimism on the prospect of bilateral economic ties.
Boxing legend Muhammad Ali hosts a banquet with Islamic Conference Organization (ICO) for government officials and businesspeople at the Grand Hyatt hotel and meets with President Soeharto during his six-day visit to Jakarta.
President Soeharto opens the congress of Syarikat Islam, one of the oldest Muslim organizations in Indonesia, in Jakarta, restating the state's responsibility to protect all religious communities and support their development.
Indonesia and Australia sign a cooperation agreement to boost human resources development in both countries' tourist industries, effective for five years.
Indonesia is elected a nonpermanent member of the United Nations (UN) Security Council for the 1995-1996 period at the General Session of the UN General Assembly in New York, USA.
The government extends the permit for the controversial state lottery SDSB.
President Soeharto pledges US$10 million in aid to the African National Congress, bringing to $10,750 million the total aid Indonesia plans to provide for black Africans fighting to abolish apartheid.
A team of 41 Indonesian doctors and nurses successfully separate four-month-old Siamese twins Pristian Yuliani and Pristian Yuliana, who were born joined at the head, after over 11 hours of surgery at the Cipto Mangunkusumo General Hospital in Jakarta.
The bodies of military officers, Lt. Col. Sugijono and Col. Katamso, who were killed by suspected communists and found two days before, are buried in Yogyakarta's Heroes Cemetery.
Eleven provinces participate in the second National Games (PON) held in Jakarta.
The Armed Forces recaptures the town of Kudus in Central Java from the hands of the Indonesian Communist Party (PKI)'s resistance led by Muso.
Holland and Indonesia both agree to send home political and war prisoners and to form a Dutch-Indonesian Joint Committee to accelerate investigations into information on prisoners' conditions.
Defense minister Amir Sjarifuddin lodges a protest against the Allied Forces following an incident in Jakarta in which about 30 guards of Gen. Soedirman were prohibited from entering the city by Allied troops for carrying weapons.
Sultan Hamengkubuwono VIII, the Yogyakarta ruler, dies of complications from diabetes at Panti Rapih Hospital in Yogyakarta.
The Fikiran Rakyat newspaper is banned by the Dutch colonial administration.
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