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Agung Laksono hopes Prabowo will concede defeat
A senior minister has urged Prabowo Subianto to accept the decision of the General Elections Commission (KPU) to name the Joko Widodo-Jusuf Kalla pair as the winner of the presidential election held on July 9.

"It will be good if he will accept it while hoping for the better in the future," Coordinating Minister for ... ( read on )
Pilot strike looming for Garuda Indonesia
The Pilots Association for Garuda Indonesia (APG), representing 80% of the Indonesian Cockpit crew of the national air carrier, has announced its intention to go on strike commencing Thursday, July 28, 2011. , Jeffrey Ticoalu, representing the APG, said 

"we are announcing today that we will go on a strike on July 28, starting from ... ( read on )
Mandala Airlines to fly again? (Part 2)
While indications abound that Indonesia’s Mandala Airline may soon resume service, a definite announcement of return to commercial service remains elusive.

In anticipation of Mandala Airline's revival, the Director General of Civil Aviation, Herry Bakti S. Gumay, has reminded all concerned that the aviation law of 2009 remains in effect, requiring Mandala that it must ... ( read on )
Merpati targets 3.3 million passengers in 2011
PT Merpati Nusantara Airlines is optimistic that they will carry 3.3 million passengers in 2011, an increase of 10% over the total carried in 2010. The commercial manager of Merpati, Tonny A. Achmad, said the higher target is being driven by the commencement of service over a number of new domestic routes flown by the ... ( read on )
Indonesian student with H1N1 dies in Malaysia
An Indonesian student studying in Malaysia has become the first A/H1N1 flu related fatality in the country, a Malaysian health official said here on Thursday. The student, aged around 30, once was a confirmed patient of the flu, but he died from cardiac arrest, instead of the flu itself, Malaysian Health Minister Liow Tiong Lai ... ( read on )
Dream on Garuda!
Garuda Indonesia - Indonesia's national airline and state owned company - informed the public that they have had a vision. A vision of billions of Rupiah in a vault, profits from their operations worldwide. Gold coins and millions of banknotes stacked as high as the ceiling with transporting three times as much passengers as they ... ( read on )
No elderly and children on pilgrimage, will Indonesia follow?
Health ministers in the Arab world have decided not to allow elderly, children and ill from going on the Muslim pilgrimage later this year. It is a preventive measure to stop the spread of the H1N1 Mexican Flu virus that has killed some 900 people worldwide since March this year. The virus is easy to ... ( read on )
Two more killed at Freeport mine in Papua province
Gunmen have killed two people in an attack at the world's largest gold mine in Indonesia's Papua Province. This is the latest in a series of attacks that began on July 11. Local aid officials are concerned the military will use the attacks as pretext to arrest independence activists.

The gunmen attacked buses carrying employees of ... ( read on )
Price of hajj from Indonesia to raise 20 percent
The department of Religious Affairs in Indonesia has formally set the price of the hajj pilgrimage for this year. The price will be some 450 US dollar higher than last year, which translates into a hike of 5 million Rupiah, or 20 percent. The hike in prices is mostly caused by the higher cost of ... ( read on )
One killed as military aircraft crashes in Indonesia
An Indonesian air force jet crashed into a sugar cane field shortly after take-off earlier on Monday, killing one of two people on board, according to a military spokesman and witnesses at the scene of the crash. The second pilot in the OV-10 Bronco counterinsurgency aircraft ejected himself from the plane before it crashed and ... ( read on )
Quake creates fresh fear of tsunami in Sulawesi
A 6.6-magnitude earthquake off the coast of Indonesia's Sulawesi island has sparked another tsunami alert for the country. However, there have been no reports of tsunamis, with officials saying that the quake's depth of 71 kilometres rules out a repeat of last week's killer waves. The tsunami warning is the third for Indonesia in a ... ( read on )
Ex-minister: 'Indonesia on the brink of bankruptcy'
Indonesia could be on the brink of bankruptcy and destruction if the government does not lift its act, Ryaas Rasyid, former minister of regional autonomy, said on Saturday. "I'm a bit pessimistic as to whether Indonesia will still exist in the year 2025. The country is like a seriously ill patient, who suffers from a ... ( read on )
Some hotels have their stories
Over about seven years of travelling to Indonesia, I have spend many of my nights at houses with relatives in Jakarta, Bali and Yogyakarta, but as a traveller it's not possible to forget all about the hotels, even if you want to. But in fact, most hotel guests won't mention their stay there when talking ... ( read on )
Constitutional court overturns anti-terror law
Indonesia's constitutional court has overturned the country's tough anti-terror law. Friday's decision casts doubt on recent convictions, in particular those involving the deadly bomb attack on the island of Bali in 2002. In a five to four majority decision, the judges ruled that Indonesia's anti-terror law is unconstitutional. The decision could affect the convictions of ... ( read on )
Indonesia has new bird flu cases, says under control
Bird flu has re-emerged in Indonesia's East Java, killing nearly 2000 chickens, but the agriculture ministry said on Wednesday the deadly virus that ravaged Asian poultry flocks early this year was under control. "In June, we had new cases in Tulung Agung in East Java province killing 1760 chickens. However, there were no fresh cases ... ( read on )
Borneo crash survivor found
Police on the Indonesian island of Borneo say a survivor has been found from last week's crash of a cargo plane in a remote part of the jungle-covered territory. "A man was found by local people on Monday. Villagers confirm he was a survivor of the plane crash," the Associated Press quoted Herman Ismail, chief ... ( read on )
Gus Dur suspends MPR, DPR
President Abdurrahman Wahid suspended the People's Consultative Assembly (MPR) just after 1 a.m. on Monday, only hours before it was due to start an impeachment process. The President also froze Golkar, the former ruling party during the Soeharto years and now rank second largest after the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDI Perjuangan). ... ( read on )
Other events on this day
President Abdurrahman Wahid at the presidential palace issues a decree to dissolve the People's Consultative Assembly/House of Representatives, the Golkar Party and the holding of a general election within a year.
The People's Consultative Assembly leaders hurriedly gather to respond to the President's decision to dissolve the Assembly/House of Representatives and the Golkar Party.
Coordinating Minister for Political, Social and Security Affairs Agum Gumelar meets with Vice President Megawati at her residence saying that he is ready to resign, but the Vice President maintains it would be best for him to stay on.
Cabinet Secretary Marzuki Darusman says he will submit his resignation in protest to the President's decree to dissolve the People's Consultative Assembly/House of Representatives, the Golkar Party and the holding of a general election within a year.
Jakarta Police chief Gen. Sofjan Yacoeb arrives at Megawati's residence and issues an order to police in the capital to disregard the presidential decree and continue providing security for the People's Consultative Assembly Special Session.
The Supreme Court issues an opinion saying that the presidential decree on the dissolving of the People's Consultative Assembly/House of Representatives and the Golkar Party has no legal basis.
The Indonesian Military and the National Police refuse to enforce a presidential decree that would have dissolved the People's Consultative Assembly, the House of Representatives and the Golkar Party.
The People's Consultative Assembly passes a decree revoking Abdurrahman Wahid's mandate as president and appointing Megawati as the new president.
The People's Consultative Assembly Special Session elects and swears in Megawati Soekarnoputri as the fifth president of Indonesia, just a few minutes after the Assembly revoked the mandate it had given to Abdurrahman Wahid.
United States President George W. Bush congratulates Megawati Soekarnoputri after she is sworn in as the fifth Indonesian president, saying he is looking forward to working with the new Indonesian leader and to working together to maintain peace.
Indonesian shuttler Taufik Hidayat defends the men's single title at the US$150,000 Sanyo Indonesia Open in Jakarta after beating Malaysian Ong Ewe Hock 15-5, 15-13, pocketing $12,000 in prize money, while Ong bags $6,000.
A police officer is shot dead by a sniper during communal clashes in Ambon, Maluku. The killing of the police officer brings the death toll to over 110 since the govt imposed a state of civil emergency in the provinces of Maluku and North Maluku.
President Abdurrahman Wahid opens the first congress of the National Awakening Party (PKB) in Surabaya, East Java, stressing the need for religious tolerance and an antiviolence campaign.
People's Consultative Assembly (MPR) Speaker Amien Rais maintains that the General Session in August will not be used to unseat President Abdurrahman Wahid.
The House of Representatives passes the antigraft bill, which promises law enforcers greater authority as proof of the government's commitment to pursue those guilty of corruption.
Ministry of Manpower discloses that 36 Indonesians working in Singapore had died over the past two years, with most of them committing suicide. In 1998, 1,421 cases of Indonesian workers fleeing their jobs and asking for protection from abusive employers.
The government announces the creation of a team to investigate the massive riots of May 1998 in Jakarta and other cities that left 1,200 people dead, more than 160 women sexually abused and led to the downfall of president Soeharto.
Nahdlatul Ulama chairman Abdurrahman Wahid declares in Jakarta the establishment of the National Awakening Party (PKB), led by former member of the United Development Party (PPP) Matori Abdul Djalil.
The National Police formally ban a free-speech forum held by the overthrown faction of the Indonesian Democratic Party (PDI) on the grounds that it disrupts public order and has become an unconstitutional gathering.
President Soeharto receives the Helen Keller International Award in the form of the Spirit of Helen Keller statuette.
Minister of Foreign Affairs Ali Alatas denies a press report from Jerusalem suggesting that Indonesia and Israel have been discussing the possibility of opening diplomatic ties.
Abdurrahman Wahid, chairman of the Nahdlatul Ulama Muslim organization, wins the US$30,000 Ramon Magsaysay Award for community leadership.
Soemarsih Subiyati Arudji Kartawinata, a former independence fighter and former junior minister of defense, dies from complications from diabetes in Jakarta. She is 76.
The House of Representatives (DPR) endorses the new trademark law, which provides better legal protection for product owners and heavy punishment for unauthorized users.
The Jakarta City Council ratifies bills on the management of the Seribu Islands and on the organization of the city administration and the City Council.
Protestant clergyman and intellectual Victor I. Tanya confirms that SE Asian Christians should not fear that a resurgence of Islam would lead to the establishment of states in which they could become an oppressed minority or second-class citizens.
President Soeharto inaugurates a 10-million-cubic-meter dam funded by the Asian Development Bank in the village of Palasari, Jembrana, Bali, making the US$5.06 million dam the largest on the island.
Student leader Erlangga, 29, is sentenced to 6 years in jail by the C. Jakarta District Court for attempting to undermine the govt by airing his ideas on terrorism in a meeting held in the house of A.M. Fatwa, who is serving an 18-year imprisonment.
Three artists - painter Dede Eri Supria, photographer Ed Zulverdie and former resident representative to the UN Chaidir Anwar Sani - get Adam Malik awards for their contributions to the development of the country.
President Soeharto instructs various state institutions, including the central bank and the State Intelligence Coordinating Board, to facilitate the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry's efforts in promoting direct trade with China.
Ni Polok, a noted Balinese dancer and widow of late renowned Belgium painter Adrien Jean Le Mayeur de Merpres, dies of a kidney disorder at the age of 65.
Hasan Basri, 65, retains his post as chairman of the Indonesian Ulemas Council (MUI) at the council's four-day congress in Jakarta.
Education and culture minister Nugroho Notosusanto in Yogyakarta launches the Foster Parents Movement to help poor children get an education. About 1.2 million school-aged children of poor families are in dire need of assistance.
The government establishes the Indonesian National Youth Committee (KNPI) as a communication forum for the younger generation. Youth activist David Napitupulu is elected to lead the forum.
President Sukarno swears in members of the House of Representatives (DPR) at the State Palace based on the 1945 Constitution.
The Cabinet of Ali I, led by Ali Sastroamidjojo of the Indonesian National Party, fails due to various socio-economic-political problems, especially the resistance of the military leadership against the installation of Col. Bambang Utoyo as the Army chief
Several cities and towns such as Cimalaya, Cikampek, Salatiga, Bangil, Pasuruan and Medan fall to the Dutch.
The British parliament holds a debate on Indonesia.
Indian trader and pilot B. Patnaik flies former Indonesian prime minister Sutan Sjahrir from Java to India on his way to New York. In India, Sjahrir meets with Indian Prime Minister J. Nehru.
Australian warship Manoora leaves Brisbane and heads for Indonesia with Dutch soldiers and war machines, including tanks, on board.
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