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Ten confirmed dead in air force plane crash
Seven crew members of the air force Fokker 27 plane that crashed in a housing complex near Halim Perdanakusumah airbase in East Jakarta on Thursday and three complex residents had been confirmed dead.

Co-pilot First Lieutenant Paulus Adi who was reported alive and in critical conditions after the incident had finally died at an Intensive ... ( read on )
Umar Patek sentenced to 20 years in jail for terrorism
The West Jakarta District Court sentenced Hisyam bin Ali Zein alias Umar Patek to 20 years in jail on Thursday for his involvement in a number of terrorism crimes. The panel of judges led by Encep Yuliardi stated the 46-year old man had convincingly been found guilty of committing terrorism.

Encep said Umar had among ... ( read on )
Resident finds body of foreign tourist in Bali
A Kutuh village resident, Badung district, Bali, found the body of a foreign tourist on Thursday. The remains of Mark Ovenden were discovered by I Wayan Suada on a footpath.

"We received reports from residents who went to the site. The victim`s body had bruises on the chest, which were likely due to a blow ... ( read on )
Fokker-27 aircraft crashes near Halim airbase
A Fokker F-27 aircraft belonging to Squadron 2 of the Indonesian Air Force crashed into a housing complex near Halim Perdana Kusuma airbase in East Jakarta on Thursday. "Yes, an Indonesian Air Force aircraft has just crashed near Halim," the Head of Information of Indonesian Air Force, Colonel Agung Sasongkojati, confirmed the news.

The aircraft, ... ( read on )
Terrorist`s assets worth billions rupiah seized in Medan
The National Counter Terrorism Agency (BNPT) along with local police personnel raids several assets such as houses and vehicles belong to terrorist supect. BNPT`s Chief Inspector General (ret) Ansyad Mbai here on Thursday said the raid is conducted following the arrest of several terrorist suspects sometime ago.

The Thursday raid confiscates several assets such ... ( read on )
Indonesia road accidents kill almost 60,000 each year
Traffic accidents in Indonesia kill tens of thousands each year, and Indonesian Vice President Boediono has now launched Road Safety Decade 2011-2020 in an effort to bring that number down, local media reported on Tuesday.

According to new figures, almost 60,000 people in Indonesia are killed each year as a result of road accidents, placing the ... ( read on )
Gov't: 233 Indonesians facing possible death penalties in Malaysia
The Indonesian Foreign Ministry on Tuesday said that 233 of its nationals are facing possible death penalties in Malaysia, making them the largest group of Indonesians facing death penalties abroad.

Indonesian Foreign Minister Marty Natalegawa, who spoke at a hearing session with House of Representatives Commission I, said the number of Indonesians facing death penalties in ... ( read on )
U.S., Indonesia Navies agree to joint training and education
The Indonesian Navy on Tuesday said that it has agreed to expand its training and education cooperation with the U.S. Marine Corps.

According to the Antara news agency, Indonesian Navy Chief of Staff Admiral Soeparno and the new Marine Attache at the U.S. Embassy in Indonesia, Miguel A. Avila, gathered at the Indonesian Navy Headquarters in ... ( read on )
Five new hotels at
We have added some new hotels again at At the moment you can book over 700 hotels in Indonesia directly from our website. We currently offer hotels in 50 different regions and cities across the Indonesian archipelago, with over 300 unique hotels on the resort island of Bali. For your comfort we have even ... ( read on )
Possible power price hike already causes anger
Planned increases in electrical rates paid by Indonesian businesses and private consumers are expected to place an unusual burden on Indonesia's low-cost Melati-class hotels who will find it problematic to increase their very low rates in order to pay higher power bills.

Quoted by the national news agency Antara, Istijab, the chairman of the Yogyakarta ... ( read on )
Indonesia to develop 450 tourism villages in 2011
Indonesian government has said it planned to develop 450 tourism villages across the country in 2011 to lure more visitors to the country. "We hope our plan will be approved by the House of Representatives," an expert staff of the Tourism and Culture Minister, Surya Yoga, said Sunday as quoted by

He said the tourism ... ( read on )
Lapindo-like mud eruption occurs in Serang
A so-called mud volcano, which resembles the large 'Lapindo' mud volcano near Sidoarjo in East Java, has emerged in Serang, Banten province. The geyser-like structure exhausts sand mixed with mud as high as ten meters and also spreads a bad odor.

The mud volcano is formed in the village of Astana in the sub-district of Carenang. ... ( read on )
Garuda Indonesia goes 'code-share' with Singapore Airlines
Garuda Indonesia has announced that it will work together with Singapore Airlines on the operational field starting today. They will work together in offering flights and selling tickets. With this cooperation they hope to increase the number of foreign visitors Indonesia, in special to Bali. "The code-share with Singapore Airlines is the first step towards ... ( read on )
Kiev offering help to set up Jakarta subway system
The city of Kiev (Ukraine) has offered subway development assistance to the city government of Jakarta, which is planning to have a mass rapid transportation system, quoting the deputy mayor of Kiev, Sergiy Yaroslavovych Rudik. Kiev, which already has a subway system with 40 stations, is ready to send experts to Jakarta to help it ... ( read on )
South Sulawesi floods: 65 killed
Landslides and floods on Indonesia's eastern Sulawesi island have killed 65 people and the toll could rise, a police official said on Wednesday. A search-and-rescue operation was under way after two days of heavy rain in several areas in South Sulawesi province. Sinjai regency was the worst-hit area after major flooding early on Tuesday, rescuers ... ( read on )
More power plants likely to be shut down due to fuel shortage
A 750-megawatt power plant in Grati, Pasuruan, East Java Province of Indonesia, stopped operation on Monday as it ran out of fuel stock, the Antara news agency reported on Tuesday. As a result the Java-Bali interconnection will have a deficit of 658 MW in power supply and the stated-owned electricity company PLN will be forced to ... ( read on )
Jobs in footwear industry drop by almost 60%
Over 180,000 people in the footwear industry lost their jobs last year, and many of them may have returned to traditional agriculture, according to the latest government data. The 2003 National Labor Force Survey report (Sakernas) published by the Central Statistic Agency (BPS) recently, stated that the number of jobs in the footwear industry plunged by ... ( read on )
Shoppers lead the charge as rupiah bounces back
Architect Andi Perdana dug out his wallet without hesitation and snapped up new cell phones for himself and his wife in a shopping mall in Surabaya, East Java. In what seemed like an extravagant move, he bought a Nokia 6510 for 2.4 million rupiah (S$500) and a Siemens S45 for 1.6 million rupiah. But he ... ( read on )
Fuel protests turn violent
Protests against the fuel price hike again turned violent here as university students taking part in two separate demonstrations clashed with police. Students from the Indonesian Christian University (UKI) and Jayabaya University, both in East Jakarta, became involved in running battles with the police in front of their respective universities, resulting in at least five ... ( read on )
Other events on this day
The Indonesian Air Force launches a 60-day military operation in the troubled territory, dubbed Rencong Terbang (Flying Dagger), to quash the separatist Free Aceh Movement (GAM) and to maintain security at vital sites, including Arun and ExxonMobil.
The Uni-Social Democrat Institute (USDI), a prodemocracy non-governmental organization, calls on President Megawati Soekarnoputri to stick to the national reform agenda by returning the Indonesian Military (TNI) to its defense function.
The United States donates 3,000 tons of milk powder, worth US$3.7 million, to Indonesia as part of its food aid commitment to meet children's nutritional needs.
President Abdurrahman Wahid issues a decree installing Comr. Gen. Chaeruddin Ismail as the National Police deputy chief, a position he had eliminated last April.
President Abdurrahman Wahid receives a clean bill of health from a team of presidential doctors, a few hours after his arrival home from a two-week trip to eight countries.
Ramli Ridwan is swore in as the acting governor of Aceh by Minister of Home Affairs Surjadi Soedirdja, replacing Syamsuddin Mahmud.
Five people, including a police officer, are killed when armed villagers attack a police housing complex in Ambon, Maluku; while in Halmahera, N. Maluku, three people are killed as soldiers beat back Christian villagers trying to exact revenge on Muslims.
The Attorney General's Office detains Bank Indonesia (BI) Governor Sjahril Sabirin in connection with its investigation into a banking scandal, while the bank announces that senior deputy governor Anwar Nasution has taken over the leadership of the BI.
The government bans outsiders from entering the riot-torn provinces of Maluku and North Maluku to prevent their involvement in the sectarian violence there.
The government bans three major news magazines, namely "Tempo", "Editor" and "DeTik", for repeatedly ignoring government warnings.
The supervisor of a watch factory in Sidoarjo, East Java, Karyono Wongso alias Ayib, is jailed for 13 years for murdering woman labor activist Marsinah in 1993.
Indonesia wins the 17th biennial Southeast Asian Games in Singapore, capturing 88 gold medals, 81 silver and 83 bronze.
President Soeharto opens a national cultural festival in Jakarta dedicated to the Visit ASEAN Year 1992.
Two rebels are killed in a clash with troops in Alas village, Manufahi regency, East Timor, while one is soldier wounded.
Thirteen people are killed and five others go missing when a vessel sinks in heavy seas in waters off Palu, Central Sulawesi.
Gen. (ret) Soemitro, former chief of the defunct national security agency, says Indonesia needs openness to discuss presidential succession.
Riau Governor Maj. Gen. (ret) Munandar dies at Dr. Soetomo hospital in Surabaya, East Java, aged 61.
President Soeharto opens the National Jambore of the Indonesian Scouts (Pramuka) in Cibubur, East Jakarta.
The government bans WF Wertheim's book "Indonesia: The Truth Surrounding 1965 - Soeharto Stand Trial", published by Stichting Indonesia Media, Amsterdam.
The House of Representatives approves a bill on industry.
State Minister of Research and Technology BJ Habibie meets with Japanese Prime Minister Yasuhiro Nakasone in Tokyo to promote bilateral ties.
Former Indonesian president Sukarno passes away in Central Jakarta's Army Hospital after several months of illness. He is buried in Blitar, East Java, on the following day.
Some ministers, such as Mr. Mohammad Rum, Mr. Amir Sjarifuddin, Sultan Hamengkubuwono IX and Mr. Abdulmadjid, are summoned to Jakarta by Prime Minister Sjahrir to discuss the critical political situation.
Indonesia decides to send officials Dr. Sudarsono and M. Hatta to India on a plane belonging to Indian businessman Patnaik to establish a representative office in a house owned by a sultan in New Delhi to counter Dutch propaganda criticizing Indonesia.
A San Francisco radio station announces that the American people agree that Indonesia should have independence.
Left-wing national movement activist Tan Malaka opens and leads schools in Semarang, Salatiga and Bandung to broaden the influence of the Indonesian Communist Party (PKI).
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