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Muslim cleric Abu Bakar Bashir sentenced 15 years
Indonesian Muslim cleric Abu Bakar Bashir was sentenced on Thursday to 15 years in prison for his role in a terrorist cell, which was linked to the organization that carried out the 2002 Bali bombings, prosecutors said.

The trial took place at the South Jakarta District Court where judge Herri Swantoro announced the 15-year prison sentence ... ( read on )
ASEAN air force leaders agree to boost regional security
In order to increase security measures and stability in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) area, air force chiefs from the region on Wednesday agreed to strengthen its cooperation.

During the 8th Conference of ASEAN Air Force Chiefs of Staff, which was carried out in Huan Hin, Thailand, regional leaders agreed to improve their air ... ( read on )
Three dead, damage after Papua earthquakes
A series of powerful earthquakes rattled Indonesia on Wednesday, killing at least three people, triggering landslides and demolishing dozens of homes. A tsunami warning sent panicked residents fleeing buildings to high ground.

The 7.0 magnitude quake was centered 29 kilometers beneath the ocean floor and 195 kilometers off the northern coast of Papua province, the U.S. ... ( read on )
A trip by bus from Kampung Rambutan to Karangbawang
At the end of a Sunday afternoon we left from Lippo Cikarang in the direction of Kampung Rambutan, a bus terminal at the edge of Jakarta. From here we would take the bus later today. We would take the one headed for Cilacap at the southern coast of Central Java to bring a visit to ... ( read on )
Residents resist extension of North Bali airport runway
After an impasse lasting several months, citizens whose residences are blocking plans to extend the runway of the Letkol Wisnu Sumberkima Airport in Buleleng are reported to be deadlocked on any agreement for compensation that would allow the demolishment of their homes and the expansion of the current runway. According to BisnisBali, some citizens continue ... ( read on )
Mount Kelud volcano will take years to cool down
The observation team for the Mount Kelud volcano (sometimes written Kelut) near the city of Kediri in central Java has decided not to lower it's alert status in the next two years. The head of the observation post, Khoirul Huda, explained that at this time there are still signs of the seemingly imminent eruption from ... ( read on )
Indonesia extends visa facility to 11 countries
Indonesia has expanded the visa on arrival (VoA) facility to 11 more countries and is currently considering 11 more countries in an attempt to lure foreign tourists to the country. The 11 newly granted countries are Algeria, the Czech Republic, Fiji, Latvia, Libya, Lithuania, Panama, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia and Tunisia. The Directorate General of Immigration ... ( read on )
Indonesia arrests Jemaah Islamiyah chief
Indonesian police said yesterday they had captured the head of Southeast Asian extremist network Jemaah Islamiyah, blamed for some of the deadliest terror attacks in the region. They said Zarkasi had been heading the militant Muslim outfit since 2004 and that he had been seized in raids last weekend which also netted the alleged head ... ( read on )
WHO: Tetanus kills 18 quake survivors in Java
Tetanus has killed at least 18 earthquake survivors in Indonesia among more than 50 known cases of the infection spread through bacteria, the World Health Organization (WHO) said on Friday. Indonesian health workers and the United Nations agency have been conducting vaccination campaigns against tetanus and measles after the May 27 quake around Yogyakarta that ... ( read on )
Lack of funds hits Java quake relief
Aid organisations helping the survivors of last month's massive earthquake on the Indonesian island of Java have warned that emergency relief operations are being hampered by a shortage of funds from international donors. In a joint statement, six aid groups said the scale of the devastation left by the 6.2 magnitude quake on May 27 was ... ( read on )
WHO confirms 38th death of bird flu in Indonesia
The World Health Organization (WHO) confirmed that an Indonesian girl who died last month was contracted with avian influenza, bringing the country's total death toll to 39 out of 52 contracted ones, a health ministry official said here on Thursday. Director at the ministry Nyoman Kandun said that the confirmation was given after the sending ... ( read on )
Japan to offer Indonesia 3 patrol boats
Japan's Cabinet approved on Tuesday a plan to donate three patrol boats to Indonesia to "help fight terrorism and piracy" and exempted the move from Japan's ban on arms exports. The exemption is made on conditions that the vessels are to be used in limited purposes including fighting terrorism and piracy and that they are ... ( read on )
Two trapped in bunker on Merapi volcano found dead
Two men trapped in a bunker by volcanic debris from Indonesia's Mount Merapi volcano have died, disaster management officials and a Reuters witness said on Friday. "The first person was in a singed condition because of hot steam," Widisutikno told Elshinta news radio, while the second person's body was intact when recovered from the bunker ... ( read on )
Indonesia's silence on Timor Leste crisis
For two months Timor Leste has gone through its worst crisis since its independence. Much of the country's trade and economy depend on us. Much of the geo-political space in which it has to pursue its foreign policy, and to achieve stability and justice, depends on us. They use our language, even smoke the same ... ( read on )
Indonesia, first human case of bird flu
The first human case of bird flu was identified in Indonesia after a poultry worker tested positive this month, a World Health Organisation (WHO) official said on Thursday. The poultry worker was first tested in March after an outbreak hit South Sulawesi province killing around 25,000 fowl. Out of the 81 people tested, his test ... ( read on )
Train crashes into bus in Sragen, 15 die
A passenger train slammed into a minibus carrying wedding guests in Indonesia on Monday, killing at least 15 people, officials said. Eight others were injured in the accident at a crossing near the central Javanese town of Sragen, said local railway official Priyadi, who goes by a single name. No train passengers were killed in ... ( read on )
Quake rocks Sulawesi
An earthquake measuring 5.7 on the Richter scale rocked the Indonesian island of Sulawesi on Sunday causing some damage to property, but there were no reports of casualties, the office of Meteorology and Geophysics said. The quake, which hit at 7:00 a.m (2300 GMT), had its epicentre in the sea around 90 km (55 miles) ... ( read on )
Fuel price hike effective today
The government finally raised fuel prices by a hefty 30 percent late on Friday, just one day after it had decided to delay the plan due to concerns over its social and security implications. Newly appointed Coordinating Minister for the Economy Burhanuddin Abdullah said the new fuel prices would take affect as of Saturday. ... ( read on )
Other events on this day
The European Union and Indonesia complete their first ministerial political dialog in Luxembourg with an agreement to hold regular political dialogs through ministerial and senior official meetings as well as informal consultations.
The National Commission on Human Rights (Komnas HAM) announces its final conclusion to the House of Representatives that it had found no evidence of intentional mass killings or burials in the 1984 Tanjung Priok bloody shootings in North Jakarta.
The Indonesian Military (TNI) unveils the third major reshuffle within eight months of the new government, covering a total of 122 middle and senior officers with several notable figures in the Army, including five regional military commanders.
The C. Jakarta District Court rejects a lawsuit filed by Lt. Gen. (ret) Kemal Idris and former Jakarta governor Ali Sadikin against Supreme Advisory Council chairman AA Baramuli for slander, and a defamation lawsuit filed by Baramuli against Kemal and Ali
Foreign minister Ali Alatas says Indonesia will not issue a visa to Jose Ramos-Horta, who planned to visit and campaign in East Timor ahead of a self-determination ballot planned for August 1999.
The People's Choice Party (Pilar) is established in Jakarta and chaired by noted lawyer RO Tambunan.
Armed Forces Commander Gen. Feisal Tanjung says the government will never reconcile with Petition 50 dissidents and the ban on overseas travel against them would remain in force.
Indonesia's top female archer Nurfitriyana Lantang wins the gold medal in the women's 70 meters individual of the Southeast Asian Games in Singapore.
The attorney general bans a report by the Foundation of the Indonesian Legal Aid Institute on the trials of Acehnese separatists, saying it discredited the law and security enforcers.
The government raises the fares of land, sea and air transportation by an average of 34 percent, 11 percent and 15 percent respectively.
Four men, including two soldiers, die and eight others are injured when an explosion occurs at the Army's ammunition factory, PT Pindad, in Malang, East Java.
Chedli Klibi, secretary-general of the 21-member Arab League, arrives in Jakarta for a two-day visit and meets with President Soeharto to discuss Middle East problems.
The first meeting between the East Timor provisional government and Portugal is held in Bangkok, paving the way for Portuguese envoy Jose Alberto Morais da Silva to visit East Timor.
The second conference of the Masyumi Islamic party in Aceh ends with the issuance of a resolution urging the Dutch government to immediately withdraw its troops from Indonesia and return occupied Indonesian territory to the Indonesian government.
The Dutch finish the preparation of operational instructions for military action against Indonesia in which almost 90,000 troops have been prepared to be deployed in Java and Sumatra along with 10 squadrons and 11 warships.
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