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Two Malaysians named suspects in connection with Neneng
The Corruption Eradication Commision (KPK) has named two Malaysian citizens for allegedly protecting corruption suspect Neneng Sri Wahyuni. KPK chief Abraham Samad said here on Thursday the two Malaysian men would be charged with articles on justice obstruction.

Earlier, KPK commissioner Busyro Muqoddas said that one of the Malaysian citizens had allegedly met Neneng`s husband, ... ( read on )
Quake strikes northwest of Simeulue district
A 5.3 magnitude earthquake struck off the northwest coast of Simeulue district in Aceh province on Thursday evening, according to the Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Board (BMKG).

The epicenter of the quake which occurred at 05.58 p.m. was located 617 km northwest of Simeulue at a depth of 10 km, head of the Lampung provincial ... ( read on )
Social affairs minister on working visit to Ambon
Social Affairs Minister Salim Segaf Al Jufri arrived in Ambon on Thursday morning, on a two-day working visit, in a bid to boost the social welfare sector in Maluku province.

The minister is scheduled to make an announcement about financial and social assistance for a number of districts in the province, at Maluku governor`s guest ... ( read on )
Papua students ask police to inventory gun owners
The Indonesian Papuan University Students Movement (GMPI) has requested that local police again compile an inventory of gun ownership by civilians in Indonesia`s eastern most province of Papua.

The security authorities must address security problems by establishing an inventory of firearms ownership in Papua, GMPI Chairman Habelino S Sawaki said here Thursday. He made the ... ( read on )
Suspicious package found outside U.S. Embassy in Jakarta
A suspicious package was found outside the U.S. Embassy in the Indonesian capital of Jakarta on Tuesday, causing some panic among employees and office workers in the area.

Security officials from the U.S. Embassy in Jakarta discovered the suspicious package while monitoring the area through CCTV cameras, Metro TV reported. The package was a white plastic ... ( read on )
More than 30 million trees planted nationwide
Over 30 million trees have been planted nationwide so far under the one-billion-tree planting program which is to run until 2013, a senior forestry official said. "We are convinced we will meet the set target in 2013," Director General for Forest and Land Rehabilitation Indri Astuti said Saturday.

She said that the target was achievable as ... ( read on )
More tourists to Indonesia in first quarter of 2009
An official of the Department of Culture and Tourism has told the press that Indonesia is not capable of "vertical promotion" using international broadcast media due to a lack of needed funding. Nia Nurcaya, Director for Conferences, Incentives and Promotion of the Marketing Division of the Department of Culture and Tourism, said, "in terms of ... ( read on )
Moving? Yes, but not to the Netherlands
After I wrote an article recently, some people thought that I was about to return to the Netherlands. Indeed I was in the Netherlands and indeed I was about to move. Whether I put these two facts in one article on purpose or not, it were two things that played an important role ... ( read on )
Four million searches performed at
The online dictionary keeps setting records. Less than seven months after the number of searches at the website reached three million, it is now up to the four million mark to be left behind. These searches are performed by users from all over the globe via the website and include free searches which visitors ... ( read on )
Bird flu; situation in Indonesia, update 3
A man who slaughtered chickens and then ate them has died of bird flu according to a health official on Thursday. This case would bring the human death toll in Indonesia to 80. Suharda Ningrum, a representative from the bird flu center from the Health Ministry, said that the man died last Tuesday. The man ... ( read on )
Mount Merapi volcano back on highest alert level
An Indonesian agency has raised the alert status of Mount Merapi volcano to its highest level again after it spewed more hot clouds, an official said on Wednesday, a day after it downgraded the status. "The status was upgraded at 2 p.m. because of the increasing hot clouds," Triyani, an official at the state-run volcano ... ( read on )
Indonesia releases militant islamic cleric
A militant cleric alleged to be a top leader in an al-Qaida-linked terror group was released from prison Wednesday to cries of "God is great" from supporters. Abu Bakar Bashir, 68, had served 26 months for conspiracy in the 2002 Bali bombings, which killed 202 people and thrust Indonesia, the world's most populous Muslim nation, ... ( read on )
Court verdict raises civil rights fears in Indonesia
Indonesia's commitment to free speech and civil rights was questioned yesterday after a Balinese student was sentenced to six months in jail for showing disrespect to the president. The trial of I Wayan "Gendo" Suardana, accused of burning a photograph of Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono last year at a rally protesting against fuel price increases, had become ... ( read on )
Megawati kicks off Jakarta monorail construction project
Indonesian President Megawati Sukarnoputri inaugurated Monday construction of a $600 million monorail transportation system in Jakarta that involves a consortium of Indonesian and foreign investors including Hitachi Asia Ltd. The monorail, which will be built as part of a 40-year build-operate-transfer scheme, is expected to ease the capital's chronic traffic and pollution problems. Under an ... ( read on )
Timor troops to study in Indonesia
East Timor's foreign minister said his country planned to send soldiers to study in Indonesia's military academies - the same ones that schooled the army which brutally occupied his nation. Jose Ramos-Horta's comments come as East Timor holds rights trials for abuses committed by Indonesian troops and its proxy militias before and after voters overwhelmingly ... ( read on )
Indonesia has the tools to beat radical Islam
The flames of Islamic fundamentalism are not confined to the Middle East and Central Asia. Indonesia is increasingly in the news because of its large Muslim population, the rise of fundamentalist rhetoric and purported connections to international terrorism. The emergence of violent Muslim vigilante groups employing jihad rhetoric and mobilising followers for jihad is one ... ( read on )
Cellular subscribers keep growing
The number of cellular subscribers in Indonesia keeps growing and is expected to shoot up by 43 percent to 16.4 million by the end of 2003 from 11.4 million one year earlier, an industrial association forecast here. "Out of the total cellular market, operator Telekomsel holds a share of about 52 percent, Excelcomindo 16 percent ... ( read on )
Indonesia legislator killed by gunmen
Two gunmen killed a lawmaker at his home in Indonesia's war-torn Aceh, making him the second legislator slain in the past three days, a military spokesman said Friday. Nasri Zamzam, a councilman with the Muslim-based United Development Party, was fatally shot Thursday night by gunmen in Aneuk Galong village, about 10 miles east of the ... ( read on )
Other events on this day
Nine people are injured when thousands of workers stage a protest in Bandung, W. Java, demanding the revocation of a ministerial decree that annuls a decree obliging companies to pay severance pay to workers who resign or are dismissed.
Three East Timorese children are killed and another is badly injured when they stumble upon a live hand grenade while playing in Becora village in East Dili.
Indonesia joins other Asian countries in banning farm and poultry imports from Belgium after a dioxin scare.
President BJ Habibie accepts Attorney General Andi M. Ghalib's resignation amid a probe into allegations that the latter had taken bribes from businesspeople.
Rioting continues for a second day in Bangkalan on Madura island after residents react in anger to noise from a party at the regent's house.
Kemas Yulian Maulana and Yogi Setiawan of Indonesia win the fifth international poster contest sponsored by the United Nations Population Fund in New York.
A Garuda Indonesia DC-10 jet crashes while taking off from Fukuoka Airport in Japan on its way to Denpasar, killing three of 260 mostly Japanese passengers.
The second Asia-Pacific Conference on Women in Jakarta concludes by formally adopting the Jakarta Declaration and Plan of Action for the Advancement of Women.
Research conducted by the National Survey and Charting Coordination Agency and the University of Indonesia reveals that Indonesia has 17,508 islands, but only 6,499 of them have names.
Feuding leaders of the Congregation of Batak Protestant Churches (HKBP) agree to work toward reconciliation, following mediation efforts by State Minister of Administrative Reforms TB Silalahi.
Indonesian sprinter Mardi Lestari takes the gold after winning the men's 100 meters at the Southeast Asian Games in Singapore, finishing in 10.46 seconds.
Burhanuddin Harahap, a former prime minister and defense minister, dies of heart failure at the age of 70.
The Inter-Governmental Group on Indonesia agrees to lend US$2.24 billion to Indonesia for the 1983/1984 fiscal year.
Golkar wins the fourth general election, gaining 246 seats in the House of Representatives, while the United Development Party gets 94 seats and the Indonesian Democratic Party 24 seats.
Sultan Hamid Algadri, Tjokorde Gde Raka Sukawati, Hamelink and Anak Agung Gde Agung hold talks with Dutch general commissioner and lieutenant governor general of the Dutch East Indies Dr. HJ van Mook to give advice to the Dutch government.
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