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Thousands of flood evacuees in Kudus return home
Thousands of flood evacuees in Central Javas Kudus district returned home as the floodwaters began to recede. The floodwaters began to ebb in a number of affected areas including the Goleng hamlet in the Jati subdistrict, Head of the Kudus District Disaster Mitigation Board (BPBD) Jumadi stated here on Friday.

Some of the flood evacuees returned ... ( read on )
Anggoro Widjojo questioned at KPK upon arrival
The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) interrogated Anggoro Widjojo here on Thursday evening upon arrival from China where he had been arrested after being wanted by KPK since 2009 as a corruption suspect.

Anggoro arrived at the KPK Building handcuffed and escorted by a number of police officers to anticipate any eventuality. The brother of Anggodo ... ( read on )
Party chief detained over alleged involvement in bribery case
Indonesia`s anti-graft body KPK detained Prosperous Justice Party chief Luthfi Hasan Ishaaq on Thursday in connection with his alleged role in a bribery case. "He is held at the KPK detention center in the Military Police station in Guntur for the next 20 days," KPK spokesman Johan Budi said.

Luthfi emerged from the KPK ... ( read on )
KPK arrests three suspects in high profile bribery case
The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) has arrested three suspects involved in an alleged high profile bribery case implicating a political party chief.

"AF (Ahmad Fathanah) is held at the KPK detention house while JE (Juard Effendi) at Salemba and AAE (Arya Abdi Effendi) at the Cipinang denterion centers," KPK spokesman Johan Budi said here ... ( read on )
Indonesian army holds another anti-terrorism exercise
The National Defense Forces (TNI) is organizing another anti-terrorism exercise to improve the professionalism of its soldiers and increase synergy among its three forces` anti-terrorism squads.

Assistant for operations to the TNI chief Maj Gen Hambali Hanafiah on behalf of TNI chief Admiral Agus Suhartono opened the exercise which took place at the Merah Square ... ( read on )
Two parties interested in buying Mandala Airlines
At least two investors are preparing to take over PT Mandala Airlines which is currently experiencing a financial crisis. They are PT LCNC which is a lessor of aircraft and also PT Manunggal Sejati Group Sinarmas Group.

Director General of Civil Aviation Ministry of Transportation, Herry Bhakti said to date only two prospective investors have expressed ... ( read on )
'Only' 3,5 years jail for Ariel Peterpan
Popular Indonesian singer Nazriel Ilham, better known as Ariel Peterpan has been sentenced to 3.5 years behind bars and Rp 250 million in fines for charges pressed against his pornographic video. The verdict is lighter than the demand of the prosecutors, which was at least 5 years.

"The court has ruled 3.5 years of punishment for ... ( read on )
More commuter trains for travelers in Greater Jakarta
Seen the ever increasing number of passengers on the KRL commuter trains in Greater Jakarta, the state-owned company running the trains, PT KAI Commuter Jabodetabek, will increase the number of trains as soon as possible. As early as next year, more trains will be running on the routes operated by the KRL commuter trains.

According to ... ( read on )
Foreigners contract Legionaires' disease in Bali
At least 14 foreigners have contracted Legionnaires' disease in Indonesia's Bali island, which is the country's most visited beach resort, local media reported Sunday.

Health officials confirmed that on January 21, a total of 11 cases were reported - including 9 Australians, one Dutch, and one French - all of whom have already returned to their ... ( read on )
150 ways to discriminate women in Indonesia
The slow response from the government on a recommendation to revoke over 150 bylaws that are seen as discriminative against woman have made it possible that another 15 new bylaws that are also seen as such, may be enacted any time soon now. This worrisome news was released by the National Commission on Violence against ... ( read on )
Blue taxi's on Bali to disappear?
Bali's Transportation, Information and Communication Department is not prepared to make comment regarding widely publicized allegations in island's press that the well known Blue Bird taxi fleet is operating illegally under licenses owned by the now defunct PT Bali Praja Transport.

Quoted by the national news agency Antara, the head of the department, I Made Santha, ... ( read on )
Six killed in Central Java landslide
A government rescue official says at least six people have been killed in a landslide in central Java. Hours of torrential rain on the main island of Java sent mud and rocks tumbling onto four houses, said National Search and Rescue agency official Basuki on Saturday. Six bodies and a surviving boy with a broken leg ... ( read on )
Floods hit Semarang city
Floods have flooded dozens of homes in the city of Semarang. Heavy rain that hit the area since yesterday afternoon until yesterday evening was the cause of these floods which were mixed with mud as well. The flood originated from the Kaligarang river, which was already at a high level because of the heavy rainfall. ... ( read on )
Floods hit Lamongan city
Hundreds of houses in the city of Lamongan in eastern Java, were flooded earlier today. The floods were caused by two dams of a river nearby the village of Gedang broke. The dams broke because of heavy rainfall that occurred yesterday evening. This time the flood was worse than previous times the city has been ... ( read on )
Indonesia to declare bird flu a national disaster
Indonesia will declare bird flu a national disaster, giving the government access to special funds to combat the disease that has killed 63 people nationwide, the planning minister said Wednesday. "It has become an epidemic," Paskah Suzetta told reporters in the capital, where authorities were preparing for the compulsory slaughter of thousands of backyard chickens ... ( read on )
Flooding affects planes, trains in Semarang
It was a bright Sunday in Semarang but the floodwaters from three days of heavy rain were still inundating most parts of the city, with Ahmad Yani Airport and Tawang railroad station still not fully back to normal. Garuda Indonesia's general manager in Semarang, Arjo K. Bardijan, said on Sunday that the airline was still ... ( read on )
Dutch naval yard gets Indonesian contract
The Indonesian government has contracted the Dutch naval shipbuilders Schelde Marinebouw to build and deliver two new corvettes, the shipbuilder announced Tuesday in Vlissingen in the south-west Netherlands. In 2004 an earlier contract for two corvettes was signed that made provision for an option of two further vessels. "This option has now been exercised," Schelde Marinebouw ... ( read on )
Aceh buries dead, peace hopes fade
Nearly 5,000 tsunami victims have been buried in Indonesia's Aceh province over the past week, but uncertainty surrounds the region's future after talks between the government and rebels broke down. Five weeks after a quake triggered massive waves around a dozen nations bordering the Indian Ocean, authorities in Indonesia say they found 5,000 more people ... ( read on )
Jakarta - Bandung train obstructed by flood
Customers on the busy Jakarta to Bandung train route have suffered from delays and canceled services due to flooding and landslides. Officials at Jakarta's Gambir Train station said that train passengers had to stop at Sukatani, West Java, transfer to a bus for part of the journey, and then transfer back to the train to ... ( read on )
East Java flood claims 13 lives
The death toll in East Java due to massive flooding has claimed 13 lives, nine of which were swept away by strong currents in Sampang, Madura, reports said.Four other fatalities were reported in the East Java towns of Situbondo, Surabaya, Bojonegoro and Mojokerto.Antara quoted the chief of the Natural Disaster and Refugees Handling Coordinating Unit ... ( read on )
Fire razes already-flooded Jelambar housing complex
Grieving residents from Sukajaya subdistrict of Jelambar in West Jakarta, whose homes had been inundated by massive floods since Sunday, bore more pain on Thursday as fire razed their houses in the early hours, at around 2:30 a.m.The blaze gutted dozens of houses in RT 02 and 03 of RW 01 in Sukajaya subdistrict in ... ( read on )
Corruption has contributed to flooding
This year we have still to see the worst of the floods. Former state minister for the environment and professor in business ethics Sonny Keraf, who served in the Cabinet of former president Abdurrahman "Gus Dur" Wahid, shares his views on environmental policy with The Jakarta Post contributor Dwi Iswandono.

Question: What is ... ( read on )

Other events on this day
President Megawati Soekarnoputri accuses the media of being bias in reports on the recent flooding, saying that most media did not exercise objectiveness in covering the work of city authorities.
Achmad Michdan, a lawyer of the Indonesian Mujahidin Council (MMI) leader Abu Bakar Ba'asyir, says there was no evidence of a link between his client and the al-Qaeda network.
The South Jakarta District Courts sentences Dedi Sutaedi Yusuf and Ferry Hukom, former bodyguards of Hutomo "Tommy" Mandala Putra, for forging documents to be used by Tommy while he was a fugitive.
Yogyakarta provincial police chief Brig. Gen. Dadang Sutrisno announces an indefinite ban on mass gatherings in the city following attacks on churches by unruly crowds on their way home yesterday from a mass prayer for their brethren in Maluku.
Thousands of becak (pedicab) drivers occupy the City Council building in a desperate move to pressure the administration into revoking a bylaw banning them from operating in the capital.
Indonesia dismisses calls for an international tribunal for Indonesian generals in connection to last year's violence in East Timor.
Free Aceh Movement (GAM) separatist rebel group commander Tengku Abdullah Syafi'ie says he will accept a cease-fire if the Indonesian Military (TNI) calls off its campaign to crush the resistance movement.
President Abdurrahman Wahid issues a written statement on a plan to resolve unrest in Aceh by launching a six-month program to concretely address humanitarian and human rights problems in the province.
Indonesia and Malaysia agree to standardize the salaries of Indonesian maids working in Malaysia and protect their interests.
The ruling Golkar party withdraws Bambang Warih Koesoemo, one of its most outspoken legislators, for repeatedly deviating from the party's official lines.
Kacong Laranu, 63, a retired Army sergeant, is executed at an undisclosed location in Central Sulawesi nine years after he was convicted by a court for killing four people.
President Soeharto opens the Association of Islamic Boarding Schools (RMI) in Jakarta, saying that Islamic boarding schools have the potential to become instruments of social change.
The Indonesian Sports Council strips five top athletes of their gold medals and records for the use of steroids in last September's National Games. They are swimmer Catherine Surya, cyclist Alvi Dwiningrum, Ronny Yahya, Dadang Haris and M. Basrie.
City Bylaw No. 11 on public order bans becak (pedicabs) from city streets.
The Supreme Court orders the release of long-term inmates Sengkon and Karta, who were wrongfully imprisoned for crimes they did not commit.
The Federation of Aceh Muslim Students (GAPIDA) holds its congress in Kotaraja (now Banda Aceh), confirming its loyalty to Indonesia.
Lt. Gen. Van Oyen, the leader of Dutch troops in Indonesia, is replaced by Lt. Gen. Simon Herman Spoor.
The Netherlands Indies civil administration (NICA) attacks the Jakarta-Cimahi-Bandung train, killing five passengers and wounding 51 others.
Muslim scholars Hasyim Asy'ari and A. Wahab Hasbullah establish the Nahdlatul Ulama Islamic organization in Surabaya, East Java.
The Advisory Council of the Netherlands-Indies holds an extraordinary meeting in Yogyakarta to discuss the banning of meetings in Surakarta and Yogyakarta.
Dutch General Commissioner Van den Bosch, who is known for his sanctioning of forced labor, ends his assignment in the East Indies.
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