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Flash floods sweep away seven houses in Kudus
Flash floods have swept away seven houses and seriously damaged four others as the Gelis River overflowed in Kota Sub-district, Kudus District, Central Java, on Tuesday. The eleven houses were located on the banks of Gelis River, Adi Santoso, stated Demaan neighborhood head.

The flood victims have been evacuated to a safer place and they ... ( read on )
Anti-graft agency confiscates Wawan's luxury cars
The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) has confiscated more than ten luxury vehicles belonging to Tubagus Chaeri Wardana alias Wawan in connection with a money laundering crime he has allegedly committed.

"Until 2:30 a.m this morning, the KPK still conducted searches and confiscation in several places. A total of 17 vehicles, including luxury cars, have been ... ( read on )
Police shoot dead two motorcycle thieves
Police shot dead two and arrested one of the suspected members of the Red Devil, a group of motorcycle thieves in Jakarta. Police are still hunting for other suspected members of the group, West Jakarta chief detective Adj. Sr. Comr Hengky Haryadi said here on Monday.

Hengky said the two dead suspects are identified ... ( read on )
Govt denies having no guts to raise subsidized fuel prices
Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs Hatta Rajasa has denied a media report that the government does not have the guts to raise the prices of subsidized fuels. "I don`t like somebody saying the government does not have the courage to raise the fuel prices. As a matter of fact, we have raised them repeatedly," he ... ( read on )
BNN discovers a new drug in Raffi Ahmad investigation
The National Narcotics Agency (BNN) discovered a new drug after carrying out urine tests on Raffi Ahmad, an artist, and his friends, on Sunday.

"Results of the tests showed that there is a new drug in town, which has already made its way to Singapore. We are studying the new drug," said BNN Laboratory`s head ... ( read on )
'Perumnas ready to assist in developing flat houses'
State-owned housing company Perumnas said it was ready to help Jakarta Governor Joko Widodo (Jokowi) in the construction of flat houses for residents affected by floods in the Ciliwung river banks.

"We are ready to cooperate with the governor if land for flat house location has been made available," Perumnas President Director Himawan Arif Sugoto ... ( read on )
Rains cause landslides and floods in North Sulawesi
Landslides and floods triggered by high rainfall hit a number of areas in North Sulawesi province on Sunday but no casualties were reported.

"The landslides affected among others roads linking Ranowangko in Minahasa district to Amurang in South Minahasa district, Matani to Taratara in Tomohon Municipality, and Tomohon to Pineleng," head of the North Sulawesi ... ( read on )
BNN investigates 17 people on drug charges
The National Narcotics Agency (BNN) will continue to investigate 17 people arrested at the house of artist Raffi Ahmad in Lebak Bulus, South Jakarta, on Sunday morning on charges of abusing drugs, a spokesman said.

"Even though five of them have tested positive for drugs we will continue to investigate the others," BNN spokesman Snr. ... ( read on )
Australia issues grant for health and water needs Indonesia
The government of Australia has issued a 5 trillion Rupiah (U.S.$555 million) grant to Indonesia to assist regions in need of health facilities and clean water, officials said on Saturday.

Australian Agency for International Development (AusAID) program chief Perarca Karetji told the Jakarta Post that the grant, which was specified in a mutual agreement between the ... ( read on )
Minister: Kalimantan suitable for nuclear power plant
Kalimantan is suitable for the development of nuclear energy as it is relatively free from the threat of earthquakes in comparison to Java, Research and Technology Minister Gusti Muhammad Hatta said Friday.

He said there were two provinces in Kalimantan, East and Central Kalimantan, which were ready to develop nuclear energy although, at present, the ministry ... ( read on )
Thirty-four Indonesians escape execution overseas
A total of 34 Indonesian migrant workers were freed from death sentences in 2011, a foreign ministry official said.

"The 34 Indonesian migrant workers who escaped the death sentence consisted of 12 workers in Malaysia , 10 in Saudi Arabia, 10 in China and two in Iran," Director General of Information and Political Diplomacy of ... ( read on )
Another PLN tower in Aceh cut by unknown people
Unknown people have cut a PLN (state electricity company) tower interconnecting the Aceh and North Sumatra power grids at Jambo Aye, North Aceh district, Aceh province, a PLN official said.

"The high-voltage tower was cut with saws but had not yet toppled and power supply to Aceh`s 4,6 million residents was not disrupted," Sulaiman, PLN`s ... ( read on )
Bird flu deaths raise red flags in Indonesia
Two recent deaths from bird flu in Indonesia highlight the need for continued vigilance against a possible resurgence of the deadly virus, an official and health expert warned. According to WHO, the latest fatalities brought the death toll from avian influenza in the country to 152, out of 184 confirmed cases since 2006.

On 16 January, ... ( read on )
Bromo ash cloud halts Bali international flights
At least 13 international flights scheduled to arrive and depart from Ngurah Rai International Airport in Denpasar, Bali, have been canceled after volcanic ash from Mount Bromo infiltrated Denpasar's airspace Friday.

"Operators have ordered the cancellation of flights to and from Denpasar in accordance with the warning issued by Darwin's Volcanic Ash Advisory Centre [VACC]," stated ... ( read on )
Ferry boat fire in Indonesia's Sunda Strait kills at least six
A large fire on a passenger ferry boat in Indonesia's Sunda Strait killed at least six people on early Friday morning, police said. The death toll is expected to rise.

There were conflicting reports about the number of people on board the boat, with numbers ranging up to 200. A local police spokesman said at least ... ( read on )
Train collision in West Java kills at least five
At least five people were killed and 21 injured when two trains collided early Friday morning in Indonesia's West Java, local media reported.

The accident occurred at around 2:30 a.m. local time at the Langensari Station in Kota Banjar, West Java when two trains - Kuto Jaya and Mutiara Selatan - collided.

According to Tempo's latest report, ... ( read on )
25,000 Rupiah for one day of demonstrating
For those unfamiliar with the way Indonesia's democracy actually works, demonstrators that get paid for just a days of demonstrating in the heart of the Indonesian capital, might sound strange. It is a fact that it happens, examples were to be found in the streets of Jakarta this afternoon as well. Today there were a ... ( read on )
20 suspects named in ATM scams
The national police in Indonesia have named a number of 20 suspects in the scam with ATMs in Indonesia. These scams first took place in Jakarta and Bali, but soon spread abroad, suspecting a large international network now being active harvesting Indonesian Rupiah's in a fraudulent way.

"We have arrested 10 suspects but the rest remain ... ( read on )
Hundreds forced to dress according to sharia
Hundreds of residents considered to be wearing unacceptable clothing according to sharia regulations, were temporarily detained during an operation at the busy Mesra Darussalam traffic crossing in Banda Aceh, Aceh Nanggroe Darussalam, on Tuesday afternoon.

The residents, including around 100 women wearing pants and tight shirts and a number of men wearing shorts, were pulled aside, ... ( read on )
Indonesian government to launch massive stimulus plan
Indonesia unveiled its stimulus package worth 71.3 trillion rupiahs (about 4.75 billion euro) or 1.4 percent of its GDP to boost economy amid the threat of global financial crisis, the Jakarta Post reported Wednesday. Indonesian Financie Minister Sri Mulyani Indrawati said Tuesday at the House of Representatives' Commission that the package was aimed at increasing people's ... ( read on )
Suharto on his way to his final resting place
The body of former president Suharto, who died yesterday afternoon, has been brought to the airport of Adi Soemarmo near Solo. From there he will be brougt to Astana Giribangun. Several airplanes from the Indonesian air force as well as private planes left from the military airport of Halim Perdanakusuma in Jakarta since this morning. ... ( read on )
Indonesia to enforce airplane passengers regulation for safe flying
The Indonesian government will begin enforcing a nearly 20-year-old regulation requiring airplane passengers to show an ID during check-in at airline counters. "Airlines must implement the policy, stipulated in a 1989 Transportation Ministry decree, by March 31 or face sanctions," Air Transportation Director General M. Ikhsan Tatang said Saturday during a discussion at the ministry. "The ... ( read on )
WHO: Markets a bird flu risk
Ignorance, filthy conditions and lack of water risk making traditional Indonesian markets breeding grounds for bird flu in people and poultry, the World Health Organization said. The warning comes after the death of a 22-year-old Indonesian chicken seller, which local tests showed had been infected with the H5N1 bird flu virus. If confirmed, it would bring ... ( read on )
1st year remembrance of tsunami disaster in Aceh
A collaboration between the Indonesian Ministry of Health, Cut Nyak Dien Hospital in Meulaboh, dr. Sardjito Hospital and The University of Gadjah Mada (UGM) Jogjakarta with support from The University of Melbourne and The Royal Children’s Hospital. Earthquake and tsunami disaster in NAD, December 26th 2004, certainly will never be lost from our memory. This ... ( read on )
Quake rocks 2000km stretch of Indonesia
A magnitude 7.7 earthquake has jolted a 2,000-kilometre swathe of Indonesia for two minutes, sending panicked residents fleeing to higher ground, fearful of a tsunami. There were no immediate reports of a tsunami, injuries or serious damage. The quake struck early on Saturday morning deep beneath the Banda Sea about 195 kilometres south of Ambon ... ( read on )
Nobody found infected with bird flu in Indonesia
No human being in Indonesia has so far been found infected with the bird flu, a senior health official said here Tuesday. "What we did find were apparently infected chickens and ducks. But we have to wait for a week for the results of laboratory tests to confirm that the virus is the bird flu," ... ( read on )
Aviation, tourism industries hit by bird flu outbreak
As the bird flu continues to sweep through Asia, airlines and tourism agencies worry that the epidemic could revive the SARS nightmare that wreaked havoc on both the aviation and tourism industries in the region last year. The nation's two airlines - Korean Air and Asiana Airlines - reported rising cancellation rates for flights to ... ( read on )
Tom, Jerry & the Busway
Every day now onwards since the busy way project has launched in Jakarta the media has been following it like Tom and Jerry cartoons. The media has not left any single incident happened unheard, from ever the busway has launched like long queues, drivers protest, accident s, and small incidents which make them look ... ( read on )
Bali bomb maker behind earlier attacks
A fugitive wanted in connection with the Bali nightclub bombings built some of the bombs used in attacks on churches in Indonesia in 2000, police said Monday. The suspect, identified as Dulmatin, is the latest alleged link between the Bali bombers and earlier attacks in the archipelago. Last month, police said the alleged mastermind of the ... ( read on )
Plans to hike telecom tariff in March
Telecom tariffs in Indonesia may be hiked by an average of 15 per cent in March if the government goes ahead with the idea. Nationwide protests against fuel and utility price hikes earlier this month had forced the government to delay the unpopular move for two months.The government had planned to raise the tariff in ... ( read on )
Other events on this day
National Police chief Gen. Da'i Bachtiar denies that an Indonesian arrested in the Philippines, Fathur Rohman al-Ghozi, has links to Osama bin Laden's al-Qaeda network.
National flag-carrier Garuda Indonesia will temporarily suspend its services from the tourist island of Bali to Frankfurt and London for five months starting Feb. 5 until June this year due to a sharp decline in the number of passengers.
Thousands of people ransack the Luwuk Police station and several other buildings in the police compound in Luwuk, Banggai, Central Sulawesi, to protest police brutality against four officers from the local administration two days ago.
President of flag-carrier Garuda Indonesia Abdul Gani tells the House of Representatives that he had tendered his resignation a week ago amid reports that the government is planning to reshuffle the management of the ailing airline.
Indonesia criticizes Malaysia for its plan to halve the number of Indonesians working in the country, warning that the move could backfire and spark an influx of illegal workers.
Some 3,000 workers of state-owned telecommunications firm PT Telkom's office covering services in Central Java and Yogyakarta go on strike in protest against the planned transfer of the office to another state-owned telecommunications firm, PT Indosat.
President Abdurrahman Wahid and People's Consultative Assembly Speaker Amien Rais attend Chinese New Year celebrations, publicly celebrated for the first time in decades in Indonesia.
Prof. Suwandi Widjaja at the Atma Jaya University's School of Medicine in Jakarta, reveals that about 40,000 to 80,000 Indonesians die each year from hepatitis, while annually 7 million are infected with hepatitis B and 5 million with hepatitis C.
Bank Indonesia freezes the accounts of Hutomo "Tommy" Mandala Putra, the youngest son of former president Soeharto, at three out of 54 banks that had been checked.
The House passes three bills on political parties, general elections and the composition of the People's Consultative Assembly, the House and provincial and regency legislatures into law.
ABRI Chief Gen. Wiranto says people should not forget the sacrifices of the country, soldiers and civilians who lost their lives to defend East Timor's integration into Indonesia.
Lt. Gen. (ret.) Kemal Idris and Lt. Gen. (ret) Ali Sadikin give their first testimony regarding their suit against Supreme Advisory Council Chief A.A. Baramuli for an alleged slander.
The Security Council issues a resolution urging the Dutch and Indonesia to end military operations and the change of the Commission of Three Countries to the UN Commission for Indonesia.
The UN Security Council receives a resolution proposed by the U.S., China, Norway and Cuba that Yogyakarta be turned over to Indonesian control and that Indonesian figures be released, but the Dutch reject it.
President Soekarno gives his first political lecture to a group of women at his residence in Yogyakarta and discussed Pancasila as the principle of the Republic of Indonesia.
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