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Bali: mass vaccination against rabies in April
The Bali provincial administration will again carry out mass vaccination against rabies in April 2014, targeting around 350 thousand dogs. The mass vaccination will target all dogs in Bali and will be implemented until June 2014, Putu Sumantra, the head of the Bali Animal Husbandry and Health office, said on Sunday.

The vaccination activities which ... ( read on )
Hundreds of Papua separatists change allegiance
At least 212 members of the Papua separatist, OPM, have pledged to forgo the idea of establishing a free Papua state saying they want to be part of Indonesia.

The group leader Daniel Kogoya made the statement pledging allegiance to the Indonesian unitary state in front of the chief of the Cenderawasih Military Command ... ( read on )
Former Bali tourism official put in prison
Bali’s former chief of Tourism for the province of Bali (Kadisparda), I Gede Nurjaya, became an inmate at Bali’s Kerobokan prison on January 2, 2013, starting the final chapter on a long and sometimes tortuous journey through the legal system.

After undergoing a number of judicial reviews, Nurjaya was eventually sentenced to one year in prison ... ( read on )
Construction of new Bali prison halted over budget issues
Plans announced by the government to commence the construction of a prison to house narcotics offenders in Bangli are now stuck, with only an empty field and walls for the prison occupying the designated site in Banjar Buungan in Desa Tiga.

According to Denpost, the project scheduled to begin construction in 2010, is unexplainably in “stuck” ... ( read on )
Kuta beaches littered with trash
Strong winds over the past week have brought an annual harvest of flotsam that washed ashore on Bali’s popular Kuta Beach. The unsavory sight of plastic, trash, trees and plastic containers has covered the entire length of the beach, requiring a continual and diligent clean-up effort be mounted by local authorities and community members.

As reported ... ( read on )
Indonesia's air traffic increased by 15 percent in 2011
Indonesia's Transportation Ministry on Wednesday announced that the country's passenger air traffic increased by 15 percent in 2011, when compared to the previous year, local media reported.

Djoko Murjatmodjo, the Ministry's air transportation director, said the number of airline passengers reached 66 million in 2011 with a total of 58.84 million domestic travelers and 7.2 million ... ( read on )
House factions differ on gasoline restriction plan
Several political party factions in the House of Representatives (DPR) differ with regard to the government`s plan to restrict consumption of subsidized gasoline.

Commission VII member from the Prosperous Justice Party (PKS) Achmad Rilyadi said here on Wednesday all parties were supposed to adhere to Law Number 22 of 2011 on the 2012 National Budget ... ( read on )
Police arrest six teenagers on terrorism charges
Indonesian counterterrorism police on Tuesday arrested six teenagers in Central Java for their alleged involvement in terrorist activities, the Jakarta Post reported on Wednesday.

The National Police's counterterrorism unit Detachment 88 detained the six teenagers aged between 18 and 19 years old during operations in Sukoharjo and Klaten regencies in Central Java.

Central Java Police chief Edward ... ( read on )
Moderate earthquake hits off West Sumatra
A moderate earthquake struck off the western coast of Sumatra in Indonesia on late Wednesday evening, seismologists said, but there were no immediate reports of damage or casualties.

The 5.8-magnitude earthquake at 10.42 p.m. local time (1542 GMT) was centered about 230 kilometers (145 miles) west of Sibolga, a city on the west coast of North ... ( read on )
Indonesian police arrest 8 terror suspects in Central Java
Indonesian anti-terror police arrested 8 suspected terrorists believed to be behind the bombing plots of two police stations and three churches in the Central Java city of Solo, officials said Tuesday.

Officials said Antok, 28, the alleged ringleader of the group, was arrested in Purwosari, Sukoharjo. The other 7 individuals, all under the age of 20, ... ( read on )
India and Indonesia ink business deals worth $15.1 billion
With Indonesia's President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono visiting India, the two countries on Tuesday signed 18 cooperation agreements worth $15.1 billion in several areas, such as mining, infrastructure, and manufacturing, local media reported.

In addition, both countries are looking to increase their bilateral trade and reach $25 billion within the next five years, The Hindu reported.

Among the ... ( read on )
Sexy and Indonesian #12: Nathaly Fox
This time a picture of the sexy Nathaly Fox. However her name doesn't sound that Indonesian indeed. Just assume that she is from Indonesia. She has been in a number of magazines in Indonesia as well, but those magazines are mostly on the top shelf, as if they they contain nudity or anything.
read on )
How to protect your ATM account?
In the wake of a massive abuse of ATM cards belonging to Indonesian bank accounts, banks have warned people to be careful with their bank card and details in the first place. The steps taken below should prevent most of the so-called skimming from occurring.

1. Customers should change their PIN numbers on a periodic basis.

2. ... ( read on )
Visa-on-arrival can be extended as of January 26
Good news for travelers to Indonesia that did not pick up a visa on beforehand. The immigration office in Indonesia has announced yesterday that foreigners can extend their visa-on-arrival starting today. Visitors from a number of countries across the world are granted a visa-on-arrival which used to be valid for only 30 days, without the ... ( read on )
Indonesians flock to see partial solar eclipse
Indonesians in several provinces on Monday viewed a partial solar eclipse, but thick clouds blocked the sighting for many others. The annular eclipse, in which the moon is on the far side of its orbit and can't completely cover the Sun, while not as dramatic as a total eclipse, attracted wide attention throughout the archipelago ... ( read on )
First Dutch-made corvette inaugurated by Indonesian navy
The new Dutch-made warship that arrived in Indonesia last Wednesday has been taken into use earlier today when it left for the waters of Batam from the Belawan area. The first operation of the ship was overseen by admiral Sumardjono. The new warship which carries the name KRI Hasanuddin is a modern corvette with a length ... ( read on )
New gas leaks emerge near Sidoarjo mud flow
Quite a big number of gas leaks has emerged in the area of Siring Barat in Sidoarjo, eastern Java. The government body which handles the Sidoarjo mud flow (BPLS) has started working on these gas leaks to prevent accidents from happening. BPLS has forbidden residents to light a fire near the leaks or to use ... ( read on )
Indonesia continues hunting militants in Poso
Indonesia decided to continue pursuing fugitive Muslim militants in troubled Poso of Central Sulawesi, President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono said Thursday. "The president said the operation to enforce law and to pursue the wanted militants was continuously conducted," Coordinating Minister for Politics, Law and Security Widodo Adi Sucipto told a press conference after a security meeting ... ( read on )
No casualty in Jakarta lab blast; 22 Injured
A powerful explosion tore through a chemical laboratory in central Jakarta on Thursday, damaging the roof of a nearby school building and injuring at least 22 people, one of them critically, officials said. The accidental blast was triggered by chemicals stored in the laboratory, on the grounds of the country's Food and Drug Agency, Jakarta ... ( read on )
Valuair starts flights to Bali
Singapore-based budget carrier Valuair said Thursday it will launch a three-times weekly service to Indonesia's resort island of Bali with fares starting from S$88 (US$54) for a one way trip. The inaugural flight to Bali will start Friday, Valuair said in a statement. "There's a great affinity with Bali for many people," said Neil Thompson, the ... ( read on )
'Pesantren' communities unable to accept pluralism, tolerance
The recent research conducted by the International Center for Islam and Pluralism (ICIP), the Indonesian Islamic Boarding School Association (BKSPPI) and AusAID, in which I was involved, shows that many pesantren (Islamic boarding schools), both traditional (salaf) and modern, in West Java reject pluralism as they perceive this as an acceptance of the relativity of ... ( read on )
Banda Aceh battles raging fire
A lack of water is preventing firefighters in Indonesia's tsunami-devastated city of Banda Aceh from getting close to a raging blaze. Firefighters say the fire, spanning at least three kilometers (1.5 miles), was possibly caused by residents burning garbage. The Associated Press reports that while no one was living in the area, about 100 former ... ( read on )
Indonesia tries to dispel aid corruption charges
Indonesia on Tuesday moved to dispel charges that corrupt officials were siphoning off aid earmarked for tsunami-battered Aceh province, as Southeast Asian nations sought to lure back foreign tourists scared off by the disaster. Indonesia’s Health Ministry, meanwhile, significantly changed the way it tallies deaths due to last month’s waves, saying it would only count ... ( read on )
Other events on this day
Sophan Sophiaan, a prominent Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDI Perjuangan) legislator who is also a noted actor, quits from both the House of Representatives and the People's Consultative Assembly over a split in the party about Bulog case.
Kokoh Handoko, an alumnus of the Institute of Science and Technology Akprind in Yogyakarta, receives from the Indonesian Museum of Records in Semarang, C. Java, a certificate of record for his invention of an electric device as the museum's 658th record
Ardhia Pramesti Regita Cahyani alias Tata, the wife of fugitive Hutomo "Tommy" Mandala Putra, the youngest son of former president Soeharto, is questioned by the Jakarta Police as to why the underground bunker found below her Central Jakarta residence had
Students from the Jayapura Institute of Science and Technology in Irian Jaya damage the offices of the Papua Pos daily, because it published a news item about the institute's rector that they considered libelous.
The Chairman of the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Kadin), Aburizal Bakrie, urges President B.J. Habibie to restore order and security in the country, saying this is a prerequisite for businesses to resume normal operations.
Abdurrahman Wahid visits former president Soeharto at the latter's residence and conveys to Soeharto a message from Minister of Defense/Armed Forces Commander Gen. Wiranto, requesting Soeharto use his power to stop unrest created by his supporters.
The Islam Defenders Team is established in Ambon, Maluku.
The Central Jakarta District Court sentences Haryanto, 24, a homeless man, to two years in jail for trying to extort money from Palestinian Authority Ambassador Ribhi Awad.
In a meeting with Australian Minister of Foreign Affairs Alexander Downer in Jakarta, President Soeharto asks Australia to help resolve Indonesia's trade problems by issuing an export credit guarantee for the country.
Oemarsono is installed by Minister of Home Affairs Moch. Yogie SM as Lampung governor, replacing Lt. Gen. (ret) Poedjono Pranyoto who served two consecutive terms.
Mount Sakura, an island-volcano near Unauna island, erupts. At least 1,000 people living on the island are evacuated to Togian island.
A new weekly magazine, Tiras, which is published by a group of former employees of the defunct Editor weekly, hits the streets.
President Soeharto, when opening in Jakarta the second United Nations workshop on human rights in the Asia-Pacific region, says rich nations still violate human rights.
A Beech Baron B-48 light aircraft belonging to the Ministry of Transportation explodes in midair near the West Java town of Indramayu, killing all five people on board.
The Indonesian Council of Ulemas (MUI), in a hearing with the House, announces that Islamic law forbids vasectomies and tubal ligation without proper medical reasons, such as to prevent disease or the loss of a woman's life.
Fifty-eight people are killed when a dam breaks during heavy rain in Simongan, near the Central Java capital of Semarang, while 33 people are buried in a landslide in Tumenggung, about 80 kilometers south of the city.
Minister of Foreign Affairs Ali Alatas deactivates Indonesian Ambassador to Tanzania Husein Joesoef for abusing his diplomatic immunity by smuggling ivory out of Tanzania.
Ratna Sari Dewi, a former wife of president Sukarno, denies the existence of a "revolution fund" of US$16 billion stashed away in overseas banks, saying the govt used the money to finance the building of numerous statues and a sports stadium in Jakarta.
President Soeharto opens the Conference of Non-Aligned Movement Information Ministers in Jakarta. The conference supports UNICEF efforts to organize a new order in information and communications.
The government establishes the Indonesian Airways in an effort to open air communications for civil aviation.
President of the emergency government of the Republic of Indonesia, Sjafruddin Prawiranegara, instructs foreign minister Maramis to request that the UNSC send its Commission of Three Countries' military observers to the regions still controlled by RI.
The India League holds a demonstration in Trafalgar Square in London to protest Britain's political stance in India, Indonesia and Indochine.
The rebellious Red-White Movement led by ID Awuy kidnaps Buol Controller De Vries in North Sulawesi.
Adviser for Indigenous Affairs DA Rinkes supports Yogyakarta Resident Liefrinck's proposal that the govt recognize Muhammadiyah, a socio-religious Islamic organization created in Nov 1912 by KH Ahmad Dahlan, if its operational area covers only Yogyakarta.
Tjokroaminoto leads the first congress of Sarikat Islam (SI) in Surabaya, East Java, saying SI is not a political party and has no plan to oppose the Dutch government, but is an organization based on Islam.
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