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A soldier killed by extremists in Papua
An Indonesian soldier was killed by a group of separatists in Ketinggian Pintu Angin , Papua on Friday. First private Sugiarto and his group was ambushed by armed extremists led by Yambi, Army spokesman Brig. Gen. Andika Perkasa said in a written statement here on Friday.

Sugiarto and his group were attacked at 10.10 ... ( read on )
Police arrests terror suspects in West Nusa Tenggara
The police arrested two alleged terror suspects on Thursday at 9:00 p.m. local time, in the Karang Bongot Village of the West Lombok District, West Nusa Tenggara Province.

A large team of personnel was deployed for the operation, which comprised officers of the West Lombok Resort Police, West Nusa Tenggara Regional Police personnel, and also ... ( read on )
Floods sweep away eight houses in Nunukan
Floods have swept away eight houses from three villages in Lumbis Sub-district, Nunukan District, North Kalimantan Province, over the past two days. Incessant heavy rains that have plagued the area since Wednesday triggered floods, noted Daud, a local resident of Lumbis, here on Friday.

The downpour also led to the overflow of Sembakung River, the ... ( read on )
Indonesian military to have Apache combat helicopters
The Indonesian army will be strengthened with 8 units of AH-64 Apache AH-64 combat helicopter, Army Chief of Staff General Budiman said. The helicopters would be delivered by phases starting next year until 2017, Budiman said here on Thursday.

The Boeing-made helicopters will be piloted by army fliers, he said, adding the army will ... ( read on )
Floods victims in North Jakarta worry about tidal waves
Flood victims in Penjaringan, North Jakarta, have been worried by reports of possible tidal waves hitting their neighborhood this weekend."We are worried. They say the flood caused by the waves could be as high as one meter," Lilis Jumaliah, a resident of Penjaringan said here on Thursday.

She said she hoped it would not happen while ... ( read on )
Jakarta governor instructs relocation of settlers on river banks
Jakarta Governor Joko Widodo (Jokowi) has instructed all village and subdistrict heads to relocate settlers from river banks in Jakarta in an effort to accelerate normalization of rivers in the capital.

"We will carry out normalization programs on the Ciliwung, Pesanggrahan, Angke and Sunter rivers. I ask that residents living in the river bank areas ... ( read on )
Pondok Pesantren Laki-laki As-Sodomiyah
Last week it made some headlines, but I didn't have the time to get back to it right away. Well, that should be special new then, right? Unfortunately it doesn't seem to be that special. Hardly any attention was given to it in Indonesia, at least not of the stone-throwing and firebombing kind of attention ... ( read on )
Economist: Raising fuel price more realistic
Raising the present gasoline price will be a more realistic policy than the government's plan to limit subsidized fuel oil consumption to reduce its subsidy burden, an economist here said.

"It will be very difficult to control the fuel oil market if there is a wide price disparity between two categories of oil (subsidized and ... ( read on )
Soldiers sentenced to prison for torturing Papuan men
Three Indonesian soldiers on Monday were sentenced to prison for torturing two Papuan men after videos surfaced in YouTube, the Jakarta Globe reported.

The three soldiers from the Nabire 753 Infantry Battalion were ordered to serve terms between eight and ten months in prison amidst protests from human rights activists who said the sentences were insufficient.

Two ... ( read on )
Tanjung Priok in Jakarta seaport overloaded
The capacity of Port of Tanjung Priok, North Jakarta, is considered no longer adequate to accommodate the amount of goods entering. "As a result, there is accumulation of goods and this resulted in losses to hundreds of millions of Rupiah per day," said Vice Chairman of Indonesian Chamber of Commerce (Kadin) Transportation sector, Syafrizal.

Syafrizal said ... ( read on )
Westin to open 107-room hotel in Ubud
Starwood Hotels & Resorts have formally announced they have singed an agreements with an Indonesian firm, PT Bina Buana Sarana, to develop and operate a new 107-room hotel - The Westin Ubud Resort and Spa. Scheduled to open in the first quarter of 2012, the property will become Starwood's 6th hotel in Bali.

"We are delighted ... ( read on )
India to invest $12 billion in Indonesia
India is planning to invest around $12 billion in Indonesia as the country's President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono is set for his three-day visit to India, the Jakarta Globe reported on Sunday.

During Yudhoyono's second visit to India the two countries are expected to sign over 30 bilateral agreements. On Tuesday, they are scheduled to finalize 15 ... ( read on )
President Yudhoyono releases third music album
Taking a break from political tension facing his administration, President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono released his third song album at Taman Ismail Marzuki culture center on Sunday, reported. Titled "Ku Yakin Sampai ke Sana" ("I believe I can reach there"), the new album comprises nine songs of various genres.

A number of noted musicians were involved ... ( read on )
Six injuries in latest attack near Freeport mine
A group of unidentified gunmen opened fire at a convoy of vehicles carrying employees of US-based gold miner PT Freeport Indonesia and security officers on Sunday, the first shooting incident after a few months of peace.

At least six people, including a foreign employee and two Mobile Brigade police personnel, were injured from broken glasses during ... ( read on )
PIN-codes for 264,000 Indonesia bank accounts stolen
A spokesman for the national police in Indonesia, Edward Aritonang, has said that 13 suspects had stolen a grand total of some 264,000 PIN-codes for personal bank accounts belonging to Indonesian customers. However not all the stolen PIN-codes are active, most of them were, as it seems. Some people may already have closed their accounts ... ( read on )
Islamic clerics mull smoking ban in Indonesia
Indonesian clerics have gathered to debate whether Muslims in the nation of 235 million should be banned from smoking. A decision by the top Islamic body to issue a fatwa, or religious ruling, could help shape government policy in one of the world's largest tobacco markets. Gusrizal Gazahar, a member of Indonesia's Ulema Council, said more ... ( read on )
Bird flu; situation in Indonesia, update 21
A 30-year-old man from Tangerang near Jakarta died of avian influenza on Thursday, putting the total fatalities to 98 out of 120 contracted people in the country, Indonesian health ministry said here. The man had been treated in a bird flu designed hospital of Persahabatan in east Jakarta since Jan. 18, an official of anti-bird-flu ... ( read on )
UN: Bird flu endemic in Indonesia
Avian influenza is now endemic in Indonesia because of past delays in dealing with H5N1 bird flu, with the virus now well established and a major concern in SouthEast Asia, says an Australian veterinary scientist. But Laurence Gleeson, a regional manager with the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) and other UN officials, were positive ... ( read on )
Scientists: Indonesia mud volcano caused by drilling
A mud volcano that inundated dozens of villages was probably triggered by commercial gas drilling, research published in a respected scientific journal shows, contradicting an Indonesian Government Minister who insists it was a natural disaster. ``It is very likely'' that the mud flow in Sidoarjo, eastern Java, which has spewed a million barrels of mud ... ( read on )
Flood risk increases in Jakarta as more rain expected
Indonesia's capital, Jakarta, where 40 percent of the city is below sea level, may receive 15 percent more rainfall in the next month raising the risk of floods. With 13 rivers flowing into the city of 9 million people, excess rainfall increases the danger of flooding because Jakarta's only flood canal hasn't the capacity to ... ( read on )
Indonesia names two more Bali bombing suspects
Two Indonesians arrested this month, including a close aide to the country's most wanted militant, were named suspects on Monday for involvement in last year's restaurant bombings on Bali, a police spokesman said. Police last week declared four other men suspects in the same case on charges of helping hide accused militant mastermind Noordin M. ... ( read on )
Collapsed television tower kills three in Jakarta
Three people have been killed in the Indonesian capital, Jakarta, after strong winds knocked over a television relay tower under construction. Police say the steel tower smashed into eight houses in a residential district in West Jakarta on Monday. The tower, which was being built by a private television station, was to be built to ... ( read on )
German runs 'renegade' tsunami relief effort
A 31-year-old German is using two utility turboprop jets belonging to his business to ferry medical aid to the Indonesian town of Meulaboh, among the worst-hit in tsunami- bludgeoned Sumatra. The two planes Christian von Strombeck bought last year to transport seafood from the coasts of southern Java to his factory in Jakarta and his ... ( read on )
Powerful quake rocks Sulawesi Island
A powerful earthquake rocked parts of Indonesia's Sulawesi Island on Monday, damaging around 30 houses, officials said. No injuries were immediately reported. The epicenter of the 6.2-magnitude quake was initially determined to be over the central part of Sulawesi, Indonesia, about 20 kilometers (12 miles) southwest of the city of Palu, said Suharjono, a seismologist ... ( read on )
Other events on this day
The trial of former president director of the now-defunct PT Bank Aspac, Setiawan Harjono, who is charged with corruption for allegedly misusing money from Bank Indonesia Liquidity Support (BLBI) funds amounting to Rp 583.4 billion (US$56 million), begins
The National Foster Parents Movement Foundation: 8.5 m children of elementary and junior high school age in Indonesia have either already dropped out or are likely to drop out of school this year because of the prolonged crisis and riots.
Some 40 clerics of the Nahdlatul Ulama from East Java warn certain groups in the House of Representatives against toppling President Abdurrahman Wahid, saying such action would incite unrest among the people and ulemas in the province.
The government imposes a luxury sales tax of between 10 percent and 75 percent on 41 consumer goods, including small television sets and other home appliances, to boost tax revenue and prevent the country from being flooded with imported luxury items.
President Abdurrahman Wahid tells visiting Australian Minister of Foreign Affairs Alexander Downer in Jakarta that Indonesia is committed to restoring ties between the two countries, but more time is needed to heal the wounds of a row over East Timor.
Singaporean Second Minister for Defense Teo Chee Hean tells President Abdurrahman Wahid in Jakarta that riots on Bintan island are counterproductive to the government's efforts to restore int'l market confidence.
The European Commission imposes provisional antidumping duties on polyester staple fibers from five Indonesian companies and other suppliers in Australia and Taiwan.
Vice President Megawati Soekarnoputri arrives in the Southeast Maluku capital of Tual to renew the government's bid to bring peace to the riot-torn territory.
A group of students claiming to represent 50 organizations holds a rally at police headquarters in the South Sulawesi capital of Makassar to demand the release of fellow students arrested following a riot several days earlier.
Tycoon Sofjan Wanandi denies having links to the People's Democratic Party (PRD), but says he will answer a summons from the Jakarta Military Command for questioning in connection with a bomb blast at a low-cost apartment building in Central Jakarta.
Prominent film director and producer Wim Umboh dies of complications from diabetes and a minor stroke in Jakarta. He is 62.
Bandjela Paliudju, a retired brigadier general and current chairman of the Central Sulawesi branch of Golkar, is elected the province's governor, replacing Aziz Lamadjido, who has served two five-year terms.
Poet W.S. Rendra attends a poetry reading at the Saparua Sports Hall in Bandung, West Java, but declines to take the stage after learning that the police have forbidden him from reading four of the 12 poems he had been scheduled to read.
President Soeharto opens the ninth meeting of the proselytizing committee of the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) at the State Palace in Jakarta, calling on Islamic preachers to present the peaceful face of the religion to the world.
Muhammadiyah organization asks controversial scholar Mochtar Buchori to step down as rector of its Jakarta teachers training institute, IKIP Muhammadiyah, for his activities with the Indonesian Democratic Party as chief of its R&D agency.
Student activists at a discussion on student politics, organized by the Indonesian Legal Aid Foundation in Jakarta, say they want campus freedom restored.
World Wildlife Fund (WWF) chairman Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands begins a two-week tour of Indonesia in East Kalimantan.
President Soeharto says the rapid growth in recent years of business conglomerates in Indonesia is no problem and should be supported.
Arnaldo dos Reis Araujo, the first governor of East Timor (1976-1979), dies in Dili at the age of 75.
Prince Haryo Jiwokusumo is installed in Surakarta as the new ruler of the royal house of Mangkunegaran, succeeding his father, Mangkunegoro VII, who died of a heart attack in September 1987.
Indonesia's Polly Pasireron loses his Orient and Pacific Boxing Federation middleweight title to South Korea's Bok Yul Kim. The South Korean narrowly outpoints Polly during their 12-round championship bout in Jakarta.
An Air Force underground dump containing discarded ammunition in the village of Jatigembol, Ngawi regency, East Java, explodes, damaging 26 houses and several paddies. There are no casualties.
A CASA 212 Aviocar aircraft belonging to Pelita Air crashes near the mountain town of Tomohon in North Sumatra, killing six people.
Vice President Adam Malik leaves for Saudi Arabia to lead the Indonesian delegation at the Third Summit of the Islamic Conference Organization (ICO) in the city of Taif. The summit is held from Jan. 25 to Jan. 28.
Garuda Indonesia's Douglas C-47 aircraft crashes on Mount Burangrang, West Java, killing 21 people.
The Conference of Asia in New Delhi, India, issues recommendations that the Dutch release Indonesian figures and withdraw Dutch troops from Yogyakarta and other areas they have occupied since Dec. 19, 1948.
Dutch troops attack with heavy weapons and occupy the the East Java towns of Krian and Sidoarjo, while the Indonesian government lodges a strong protest against the action.
The People's Safety Force (TKR) changes its name to the Republic of Indonesia's Army (TNI), and some militias are incorporated into the force.
A Cabinet meeting takes place at President Sukarno's residence in Yogyakarta because the President is ill. The meeting is held to discuss the diplomatic moves to be made by the Indonesian government.
Allied Forces Chief of Staff Brig. Wingrow warns newspapers and radio stations in areas occupied by the Allies not to publish or broadcast anything which could instigate people to resist the Allied Forces.
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