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BMG: 'Big parts of Indonesia in danger of more floods' The Meteorological and Geophysical Agency predicts that in the coming days big parts of Indonesia will be hit by rains with an intensity between light and very heavy together with strong winds. There are warnings outstanding for the new years celebrations in Jabodetabek where it will most likely rain throughout the day. This information was released by Achmad Zakir, who is head of the information department of BMG.

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Total toll in landslides and floods climbs to 153 The number of fatalities of landslides and floods on Java Island, has climbed to 153, the National Disaster Management Agency said Sunday. President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has warned of possible catastrophes across the nation, which has thousands of lack-forest covered areas with dense population, due to prediction of the meteorology agency that rainfalls would be high in December, January and February.

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Many flood victims in Mojokerto not satisfied with relief efforts A part of the aid to people who are hit by floods in three sub-districts in the district of Bojonegoro, eastern Java, yesterday caused for some heated discussion, because there is a group of people which doesn't get any help. Based on information from reporters from Metro TV, people in the sub-district of Mojoanyar didn't get aid because they were not listed to receive it. They protested to the government employees at the spot. At the end they were registered and they were given a coupon to get some emergency help.

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Bojonegoro city now also flooded The floods in the district of Bojonegoro, eastern Java, on Sunday expanded. Earlier 14 sub-districts were flooded around the city, but earlier today the city itself was partially flooded as well. As reported by a reporter for Metro TV, a number of main streets, including Jalan Gajah Mada, were submerged in floodwaters.

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'Visit Indonesia Year 2008' launched by Minister of Tourism The Indonesian Culture and Tourism Ministry has launched "Visit Indonesia Year (VIY) 2008" in an effort to attract more foreign tourists to the country, the Antaranews agency reported on Thursday. Indonesian Culture and Tourism Minister Jero Wacik officially declared the start of VIY 2008 at a function in the Jakarta Convention Center (JCC) on Wednesday night, the report said.

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Bali cleans its beaches after high waters recede The high waters that washed ashore two days ago have left a lot of trash at some of the southern beaches which has to be cleaned up. In the last two days, many people have started gathering the trash - wood, plastic and others - on big piles on the beaches of Jimbaran, Kuta, Legian and Seminyak. In some places with the help of heavy equipment because the trash that washed ashore consists of wooden logs.

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Over 120 feared dead in Java landslides and floods Landslides and floods caused by heavy rain have left at least 120 people dead or missing on Java. Rescuers struggle to pull out bodies under the thick mud. Officials inform that thousands of people have become homeless when their houses were submerged by floods or destroyed in landslides in villages near the Bengawan Solo river in central Java.

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Bengawan Solo river causes widespread flooding The main road connecting Ngawi an Bojonegoro in the district Padangan in Ngawi is started to get flooded by waters from the Bengawan Solo river over a length of one kilometer. The water now reaches heights of half a meter. This causes flooding of some 14.000 homes in the district and forces thousands of people to be evacuated. The water level of the river rose even further on Friday morning, reaching 15.33 meter in Bojonegoro. The water-level is expected to rise even further.

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Thousands of residents in Ngawi spend night at roofs Thousands of residents of the districts of Genong and Kwadungan in Ngawi, eastern Java, are forced to spend the night on top of the roofs of their houses because of flooding. They can only wait for help there. The evacuation process is a slow one because there is a shortage of boats. Floods still inundate the area where waters reach heights of around three meters.

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Bird flu; situation in Indonesia, update 19 An Indonesian woman died Tuesday from bird flu, raising the country's death toll from the disease to 94, according to media reports Wednesday. The woman from Cengkarang, on the western outskirts of Jakarta, tested positive for the H5N1 strain after being hospitalized for six days, said Joko Suyono, an official at the Indonesian Health Ministry's avian flu center.

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20 missing when bridge collapses in Magetan The Damjati bridge in the village of Semen in the district of Magetan, eastern Java, has collapsed because it was not able to withstand the high water level in the river. At least 20 people are missing, they were dragged away by the powerful currents. Until earlier this evening, none of the missing persons had been found. The high currents of the swollen river make it very difficult to look for the missing.

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Over 70 dead in landslides in Karanganyar district, central Java The number of victims from the landslides in the district of Tawangmangu in central Java has reportedly risen to 71. Most victims were from the village of Mogol, as much as 37 people that lived there have died. Until earlier this evening, just five of the 37 victims were evacuated from the landslide area.

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Over 60 dead in landslides in Karanganyar district, central Java At least 61 people were killed and 36 others went missing after rain-triggered landslides hit Tawangmangu district at Karanganyar regency of Central Java province on Wednesday, disaster management agency said. An official of the agency at the field Anggit M.S. told that rescuers, comprising soldiers, police and personnel from the national rescue agency, were searching those missing under the buried houses.

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High waves worsen abrasion at Mataram beaches Bad weather and high waves in the waters west of the island of Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara, have worsened the abrasion of the beaches near the city of Mataram. The bad weather also causes fishermen to be forced to stay on land. For the fishermen these four days already is quite a long time, but they don't know yet when they can hit the seas again.

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Dozens of houses destroyed by high waves in Banten High waves that hit the beach of Carita, in the district of Pandeglang in the province of Banten, have destroyed dozens of houses which were built on the very edge of the beach. The high waves were not broken by the wave-breakers in place at the beach because the high water was already higher than the wave-breakers.

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Indonesia frees 312 inmates on Christmas day Indonesia has freed 312 inmates on Christmas for good behaviour, a government official said. About another 7,500 received reductions in their sentences ranging from 15 days to two months, Mohammad Syueib of the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights told Elshinta news radio.

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Dining with Lions in Bali What is almost certainly Bali's - and perhaps Asia's most unique dining venue has opened with the inauguration of the Tsavo Lion Restaurant at the Bali Safari & Marine Park, located just 20 minutes east of Denpasar on the new Jalan Bypass Professor Ida Bagus Mantra highway.

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Japan to accept 1,000 nurses from Indonesia Japan is to accept 1,000 nurses and health care workers from Indonesia starting early next year under the free trade pact. They need these workers to ease the shortage of such staff. This will be the first time that Japan is bringing foreign nurses and care workers on a full-time basis. Starting in April, Japan will accept 200 licensed nurses and 300 certified health care workers per year.

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Container rejected condoms intercepted in Jakarta Customs in the harbor of Tanjung Priok, Jakarta, have confiscated one container full of condoms or 26.000 kilograms. The condoms originate from Taiwan. They contain dangerous lubricants and were thus rejected. They were sent to Indonesia via Vietnam. These imported condoms were not individually packed, but were simply put in plastic bags and paper. These condoms were rejected by electronic testing in the factory. The documents with the container do not show who is the actual owner.

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Road between Mojokerto and Batu blocked by landslide The road between Mojokerto and Batu near Malang in eastern Java, is completely blocked by a landslide in the area of the Big Forest Area Mojokerto yesterday afternoon. The landslide occurred after sustained rain lashed the area for quite some time. At the end the road that connects the cities of Mojokerto and Batu - which is an important route for east-west traffic on the island of Java - has been blocked completely. The road is covered in about one meter of sand with stones and trees.

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1.5 meter of seawater in North Jakarta neighborhood Predictions of the Meteorological and Geophysics Office and the Oceanologic department of the Indonesian army that high waters were about to hit the area of North Jakarta proved to be correct. Earlier on Saturday the first indication of rising sea water could be seen in Muara Baru. Once again residents there had to move to higher grounds after the water level started to rise quickly. Normally the water starts to rise around 08:00 local time (GMT+7), but this time the water already started to rise three hours earlier. Within about one hour the flood occupied the entire area. Water levels are predicted to rise even further.

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Six suspected bird flu patients in Jakarta hospital Six patients from Serang in the province of Banten which are suspected to be infected with the bird flu virus are brought to the isolation room of the Persahabatan Hospital in eastern Jakarta last night. The group consists of two women and four men. All the patients currently receive intensive treatment to investigate if they really have contracted bird flu.

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Day and night at the alun-alun in Malang During the last year I regularly brought a visit to Malang. There I visited a Dutch friend who had stayed in Indonesia some years more than I did, and please read that 'some' as a big understatement. It doesn't really matter in fact, however someone who has lived here for so many years can be a huge source of information about many subjects. He sure is for me at least. Every once in a while I can learn from specific situations which still make me go 'huh?'. Outside that I like to spend some of my time there at a somewhat crowded place. Like in many cities and villages that is the central square or alun-alun. Often a nice place to submerge yourself entirely in the local situation and current events.

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Indonesia recommends not purchasing Airbus after ban Indonesia has recommended the airlines in the country should not buy Airbus plane as long as the European Union (EU)'s ban on the country's airlines from entering the group's territory is still in place, Transport Minister JusmanSyafii Djamal said here Wednesday.

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Grammatical error in Tourism 2008 campaign to be fixed A grammatical error in the 'Visit Indonesia 2008' campaign - to be found on airplanes, websites and advertisements - has to be fixed, said an official at the Ministry of Tourism on Wednesday. The slogan of the campaign reads 'Celebrating 100 years of nation's awakning'. 'Nation's', in correct English, should read 'national' or has to be preceded by a definite article.

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Indonesia to delay open sky talks with EU The Indonesian government has linked open sky policy negotiations with the EU to the bloc's ban on Indonesian airplanes, effectively grounding the negotiations for the present, local press said Wednesday. Transportation Minister Jusman Syafii Djamal has said a decision had been made to "stop all discussions temporarily before it (EU) lifts its ban," reported English-language daily The Jakarta Post.

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Suspected militant charged with battle training A suspected Indonesian militant faced his terror trial here Tuesday with the charge of training the military wing of shadowy terror group Jemaah Islamiyah. Suparjo, the defendant, admitted that he was an instructor who trained the group's followers how to use M-16 assault riffles at secret places, including in northern Javanese coasts and mountainous areas in Central Java.

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Scientists find giant rat in Papua Scientists have found two mammals believed new to science on the latest expedition to an almost lost world in Indonesia's Papua province Conservation International (CI)said in a statement on Monday. Scientists from CI and the Indonesia Institute of Science (LIPI)visited the Foja Mountains in June 2007, following a first trip to the area in late 2005 that saw them discover dozens of new plants and animals.

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Bali police taking bribe gets unwanted international attention As reported on, a Balinese policeman recently was the object of unwanted international attention when he was caught receiving a bribe from two Canadian tourists in Bali who surreptitiously recorded the encounter on video.

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7.1 earthquake rattles Maluku An earthquake measuring 7.1 on the Richter scale shook parts of eastern Indonesia Saturday, but there were no immediate reports of damage or casualties.

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Tallest Jesus statue in Asia unveiled in Indonesia A 30-meter high statue of Jesus has been unveiled in the North Sulawesi Province of Indonesia, making it the tallest in Asia. While Indonesia is the world's highest populated Muslim country, the North Sulawesi Province is largely occupied by the Minahasans, 95% of whom are Christian.

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Railroad near Porong gets more bumpy The railroad near Porong, Sidoarjo, which has been damaged by the mud flow, is still getting worse. However the track is already seen as critical, it is still used to transport people on the routes with destinations Malang, Pasuruan and Banyuwangi. This piece of track is normally used by 40 trains a day.

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Bird flu; situation in Indonesia, update 18 A 28-year-old mother has died of bird flu at a Jakarta hospital, bringing the total death toll from the disease to 92 in Indonesia, the local press said Tuesday. The woman, a mother of two in the Jakarta suburb of Tangerang, died during treatment at the Persahabatan Hospital early on Monday, as was reported by Kompas. Her relatives said she had suffered respiratory problems, high fever and severe pneumonia since last week.

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Hundreds of passengers wait five hours for train Hundreds of train passengers who were waiting for the 'ekonomi' train from Rangkas Bitung to Jakartakota stranded on the station of Parung Panjang in Bogor. They originated from the trains from Rangkas Bitung and Parung Panjang. Normally the train to Jakartakota leaves at 4:15 local time (GMT+7).

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Indonesian president likely to visit the Netherlands next year The Indonesian president Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono will likely bring a visit to the Netherlands next year. He will then sign a wide development agreement with Dutch prime-minister. This was announced by minister Bert Koenders (Development Cooperation) on Monday in the Indonesian capital. Koenders is on a visit in Indonesia and had conversations with vice-president Yusuf Kalla and others.

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Thousands of angkot-drivers strike in Bekasi Thousands of angkot (public transport) drivers in Bekasi, near Jakarta in West Java province are on strike. They choose to demonstrate in front of the Transportation Department offices of the regency of Bekasi instead. This protest is aimed at the so-called 'black-plate' angkot. Public transport in Indonesia uses yellow license plates, black ones are for privately owned cars. Using a black license plate is cheaper, illegal and causes losses to the official angkot operators.

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Emergency dam of mud flow in Sidoarjo breaches An emergency withholding dam at point 61 in the village of Gempolsari, Tanggulangin in Sidoarjo breached earlier today. Before, the dam was used as an alternative route for the villages of Gempolsari, Ketapang and Renokenogo. The dam breached after heavy rain lashed the area for a few days. The heavy rains also cause a debit of water to enter the Tanggulangin Sejahtera housing complex.

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Seawater rises to one meter in North Jakarta suburbs The flood of seawater in Muara Baru, Penjaringan, North Jakarta gets worse again. Water levels in the area of Jalan Muara Baru Raya are rising. Flood waters entered the houses around 07:00 local time (GMT+7). The floodwaters hit over 800 houses with heights between 50 and 100 centimeters. Some of the houses were damaged when the flood occurred.

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The luxury of a swimming pool in your hotel After the trip by train and a nice glass of teh hangat (see "Lodaya Malam to Bandung, trains run on time") it was time to continue our trip. We didn't reach our goal for the day, however it wasn't that far anymore. We had to end up at the Jayakarta hotel which was located in the northern part of Bandung. We realized that a free nights' stay in the hotel would not come totally free of course. I can admit - without any feeling of shame - that I don't want to spend my money on that kind of hotels. The 'free' part is a very important part in this story.

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Fight between residents ended in Palu city Again a fight between residents from two areas in the city of Palu, Central Sulawesi, has been broken up by armed police. Residents from Tavanjuka and Nunu were fighting again. They brought big cutting blades, sticks and other materials to fight with.

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New flooding in South Jakarta After heavy rain fell down, a number of areas in Jakarta were flooded again. The bad condition of the drainage system caused flooding of some main streets with water as high as half a meter. In Petogogan, Kebayoran Baru in South Jakarta more than one hundred houses in fifteen areas were flooded. The water reached up to 60 centimeters after which it dropped with some 40 centimeters later today. According to local residents, the Petogogan area already is accustomed to flooding from the Kali Krukut river. The people here don't evacuate themselves until there is at least one meter of water in the streets and houses.

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Earthquake strikes south of Bali A strong earthquake on Friday hit south of the resort island of Bali, where thousands of people were gathering for a U.N. climate change conference. It did not trigger a tsunami warning and there were no immediate reports of damage or injuries. The underwater tremor had a preliminary magnitude of 5.9 and was centered some 250 kilometer south of the island according to Indonesia's Meteorological and Geophysics Agency said.

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Papua to protect forests, seeks cash Papua want to preserve parts of its rain forest in exchange for help in cash money to help slow down global warming. These were the words of the governor at the U.N. climate talks. "We have decided to set aside a large part of our conversion forests to save the planet," said governor Barnabas Suebu during climate talks in Bali. Currently conversion forests are marked to be used as palm oil or pulp plantations.

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Lodaya Malam to Bandung, trains run on time It is half past two in the afternoon on a warm Tuesday afternoon at the start of the wet monsoon. No guarantee for rain however, it has been strange weather for over a week now in Yogyakarta and elsewhere in Java it seems to be more of the same. The wind blows from the wrong direction I was told. Maybe that is just good, because that would mean I could have a dry trip to Bandung. However using the train is less reliable on the weather than flying, it is still prone to various delays.

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Piece of plane found on Jakarta airport runway Workers found a piece of a wing from a passenger jet on the runway at Indonesia's main airport and investigators are trying to determine which plane it fell from, officials said Wednesday. The three-meter piece of wing was found Tuesday at Jakarta's Soekarno-Hatta international airport, said Yurlis Hasibuan, a senior air transportation official.

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Police confiscates 410.000 ecstacy pills Yesterday afternoon the Jakarta police and Jakarta harbor police have confiscated 410.000 ecstasy pills. The drugs are valued at some 41 billion Rupiah (3 million euro) and were confiscated from a Malaysian named Ong Seng Chye. The illegal goods were found in a rented house in Jalan Janur Elok Blok QG1, Kelapa Gading in North Jakarta. The arrest and confiscation followed after residents made reports to the police about this. There were reports that there were 500 ecstasy pills.

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EU continues its blacklist of Indonesian aviation Long-awaited reports from the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) that could have cleared the way for the lifting of the current blacklisting of Indonesian aviation have now been published. While noting improvements have been made in aviation safety, EASA decided to leave the current ban in place, saying much remains to be done before the skies of the Republic can be declared "safe" for European travelers.

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Bali hosting global warming talks Leaders from many governments started to arrive in Bali on Sunday for what is expected to be a lengthly and contentious negotiation on how to fight global warming. It is believed that global warming can cause a devastating rise in sea levels, which would send hundreds of millions of people into poverty and cause mass extinction of animals.

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Airport building Medan burned down A terminal building of Polonia airport in Medan, northern Sumatra, was engulfed by flames last night around 20:30 local time (GMT+7). The fire destroyed the entire departure terminal for domestic flights. Until this moment the fire is still burning and the airport is closed. All flights to and from the airport have been canceled until further notice.

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Hoisting of Morning Star flag to be stopped directly Hundreds of students who name themselves the Morning Star Youth Movement Anti-colonial Indonesia have raised the Morning Star flag yesterday. Hoisting the flag took place in a ceremony held in the deep forests near Jayapura. The ceremony was held to remember the day that the independence of Papua Barat was proclaimed. Outside a number of youth, the ceremony was attended by a number of members of the National Freedom Army of the Papua Independence Organisation TPN OPM.

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Power outages in Solo area after tower collapse A number of areas in and around Solo, central Java,were hit by power outages starting from 19:00 local time (GMT+7) yesterday evening.These outages were caused by the collapse of one power in the area of Klaten, central Java, that supports a number of high voltage power cables. Outages hit the areas of Palur, Solo city and parts of Wonogiri. Outages lasted around one hour.

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Three million searches performed at Yet another milestone for Less than ten months after the number of phrases reached 200.000 and two million searches were performed, it is now up to the three million mark to be lef behind. All these searches are performed via the website and include free searches which visitors can perform, but also paid searches that are performed by users with personal access to the online dictionary.

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Hundreds of houses flooded with seawater in North Jakarta Emergency repairs to a dam in Muara Karang, northern Jakarta, that earlier broke are still in progress. The dam is being closed with bags of sand. This dam was built to prevent high tides from entering the area, but now it has broken, hundreds of houses in the area are in around one meter of water.

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Sand miner dies after rock falls down in Yogyakarta province One person who worked as a sand miner in the Gendol river - one of the river beds on the slopes of the Mount Merapi volcano - has died because he was crushed to death under de weight of large stones that came down on him. The 45-year-old Saidi died on the location of the accident.

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Accessroad Soekarno-Hatta Airport flooded, flights delayed More than 30 scheduled domestic flights from Soekarno-Hatta international airport west of Jakarta were delayed today. This was caused by the fact that most passengers showed up late to board their plane because the main toll road to the airport was flooded by seawater due to high tides.

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6.8 magnitude earthquake strikes of Sumbawa island A strong earthquake with a magnitude of 6.8 struck off Sumbawa island in southern central Indonesia early Monday, injuring at least 17 people and prompting a tsunami warning that was later lifted, officials said. The Indonesian meteorological agency measured the quake at 6.8, though the US Geological Survey later revised its same initial calculation down to 6.4.

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Panic after 6.2 magnitude earthquake strikes western Sumatra A strong earthquake struck the western coast of Indonesia's Sumatra island Sunday morning, but there were no immediate reports of damage and structural damage, seismologists said.

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Indonesia seizes 3.4 million euro worth of ecstasy Indonesian authorities have seized ecstasy tablets with an estimated value of 3.4 million euro. Five people - among them were two Malaysians - were also arrested during raids in several locations of Jakarta. About half a million pills were confiscated from several apartments in Jakarta, told Indradi Thanos, the director of the narcotics department from the national police.

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Museum staff held over ancient statues theft Police in Indonesia have arrested a curator and three other workers of a museum for allegedly stealing five ancient Buddhist statues and replacing them with fake ones, said officials on Friday.

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Plane parts Batava Air plane in fields near airport Several parts of a Boeing 737-400 plane that belongs to Batavia Air were found in the area of Kampung Malang, Gempol Sari, Sepatan Timur, Tangerang in the province of Banten, western Java. The parts originated from a plane that had just left for Pontianak from the international airport of Soekarno-Hatta nearby where the parts were found.

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Indonesia offers award for frequent tourists The Indonesian government will present medals to foreign tourists who have visited the country at least 20 times, a senior official said Wednesday. "We hope that by presenting the medals, we will encourage more foreign tourists to come to Indonesia," Culture and Tourism Minister Jero Wacik was quoted by the national Antara news agency as saying.

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BMW reports 86% surge in Indonesia sales German car-maker BMW said its sales in Indonesia rose by 86 percent in 10 months to October this year from the same period last year supported by improving macro economy in the country. Local subsidiary PT BMW Indonesia reported sales of 802 units in the January-October period of 2007 against 431 units in the corresponding period last year.

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Sumatra prepares after psychic 'predicts 8.5 magnitude quake' Officials in the province of Bengkulu in western Sumatra said on Monday that they were taking precautionary measures after a psychic from Brazil warned that a powerful earthquake was to strike the area next month. Husni Hassanuddin, a spokesman for the province, said that the Indonesian embassy in Brazil had sent a letter from a 'professor' predicting that an earthquake would strike the island on December 23.

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Minister: 'Bali, make up your mind about the airport' Indonesia's Minister of Culture and Tourism, Jero Wacik, has issued a challenge to the people of Bali come to a clear decision in the face of growing congestion and infrastructure limitations at Bali's Ngurah Rai International Airport. The Minister warned that the current indecision surrounding Bali's sole airport must end and the people must decide if the current airport will be expanded or a new airport is to be built in the Buleleng, Jembrana or Karangasem areas of Bali.

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Inter-island ferry service fares to increase 20% The Indonesian Government will increase the cost of ferry crossings nation-wide effective December 1, 2007. In announcing the fare hikes which will affect 22 inter-island crossings in Indonesia operated by 198 ships, the Minister of Transportation Jusman Safei Djamal, said the increases were necessary to stem the losses now being suffered by the Nation's ferry operators.

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Indonesia's economy expands 6.5 percent The economy of Indonesia expanded at a faster pace than earlier expected with 6.5 percent growth in the third quarter compared to the same period last year. This is the strongest growth in the country since the Asian financial crisis, now ten years ago. Production in agriculture was the biggest contributor to this growth, followed by business investments, growing exports and higher consumer spending.

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Indonesian filmmakers want censor board banned Top film makers in Indonesia have launched a legal bid to have the country's censorship board disbanded. They say it stifles creativity. A group of five young directors lodged a petition with the Constitutional Court earlier this week, requesting the removal of provisions in the film law regulating the establishment of the censorship body. "The existence of the Indonesian Censorship Board is against our constitutional right to communicate and receive information," told Tino Saroengallo, an award-winning documentary film-maker.

Posted in General @ 16 November 2007 04:17 CET by Jeroen · permalink · 0 reactions

Lion Air to acquire airlines in six countries Indonesia's budget carrier Lion Air said Wednesday that it was preparing funds to acquire shares in airlines in six Asian countries as part of the company's ambition to boost its global presence. Lion Air will buy stakes in airlines in Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, the Philippines, Bangladesh and South Korea at the amount permitted under their respective laws.

Posted in General @ 15 November 2007 01:33 CET by Jeroen · permalink · 0 reactions

Indonesia's life expectancy rises Life expectancy in Indonesia has increased from 66.2 years in 2004 to 69.4 years in 2006, the country's President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono said here Wednesday. The president said that the rise due to the improvement of health and nutrition condition of the world's forth most populous country. "The life expectancy in our country rose from 66.2 years in 2004 to 69.4 in 2006," he said in a prepared speech at the anniversary of national health day at the sport stadium here.

Posted in General @ 14 November 2007 11:17 CET by Jeroen · permalink · 0 reactions

Bali's governor rejects establishment of prostitution centers Bali's Governor Dewa Made Beratha has firmly rejected a suggestion by his Vice-Governor, IGN Kesuma Kelakan, to set up special localized centers for prostitution in Bali.

Posted in General @ 13 November 2007 08:42 CET by Jeroen · permalink · 0 reactions

Lion Air to fly to Hong Kong from next month Budget airline Lion Air will open its new route to Hong Kong next month in the company's ambition to expand businesses to regional level. Lion will use its new Boeing 737-900ER to serve the Hong Kong route once a day from the East Java capital of Surabaya.

Posted in General @ 12 November 2007 07:54 CET by Jeroen · permalink · 0 reactions

Three days of flooding in South Jakarta A flood still covers hundreds of houses in the area of Kampung Sawah, Petogogan, Kebayoran Baru in Southern Jakarta. Heavy rains lashed the Jakarta area and rainwaters from Bogor caused the flooding which now already lasts for three days. In some places the water level reached half a meter. Residents are still in their houses until Sunday evening, but the water level is said to be still rising.

Posted in Flooding @ 12 November 2007 06:12 CET by Jeroen · permalink · 0 reactions

Govt considers fuel rationing for private vehicles The Indonesian Government is reportedly weighing the option of imposing a program of gasoline rationing for private vehicles if global oil prices continue their march to a level in excess of US$100 per barrel.

Posted in Economy @ 12 November 2007 01:06 CET by Jeroen · permalink · 1 reaction

Mount Anak Krakatau roars and dazzles with fireworks The Mount Anak Krakatau lets out a massive roar yesterday as it blasts a large cloud of smoke and molten red-hot rocks hundreds of meters into the sky at night. Just a few hours later, a river of lava and stones glides down the slopes of the volcano as the early light of a rising sun tries to break to the clouds which have settled over the small and young mountain earlier.

Posted in Volcanoes @ 12 November 2007 00:48 CET by Jeroen · permalink · 0 reactions

Indonesia considers building its first casino on Bintan Politicians in Indonesia are planning on building it's first casino on the island of Bintan, close to wealthy Singapore. It would be a potentially lucrative but highly sensitive venture in mostly Muslim Indonesia. Gambling is not allowed according to Islam and over 80 percent is Muslim in the country. Earlier plans to build casinos in other locations have already failed because of opposition from Islamic activists.

Posted in Economy @ 11 November 2007 02:16 CET by Jeroen · permalink · 0 reactions

Mount Anak Krakatau continues to be active Dark clouds hang over the Mount Anak Krakatau volcano in the Sunda Strait yesterday after a densely clouded sky blocked the sight of the ongoing eruption of molten rock, toxic gas and lava. Meanwhile, volcanic tremors continued. The weather in the area however was so bad that the hot clouds originating from the volcano were dampened quickly upon their release.

Posted in Volcanoes @ 10 November 2007 08:41 CET by Jeroen · permalink · 0 reactions

Bird flu; situation in Indonesia, update 17 A man from Sumatra, western Indonesia, has died from bird flu, bringing the total death toll to 91 in Indonesia alone, told a top official from the Health Ministry on Saturday. The 31-year-old died yesterday after arriving at a government hospital in Pekanbaru, told Nyoman Kandun, the director general of communicable disease control at the Health Ministry.

Posted in Bird Flu @ 10 November 2007 08:16 CET by Jeroen · permalink · 0 reactions

Mount Ijen volcano alert status raised to level II Hundreds of sulfur miners are still working in the crater of the Mount Ijen volcano in Bondowoso, eastern Java, because the activity of the volcano looks still normal. Despite this the alert status of the volcano has been raised to level II, 'on watch'. The volcanic activity of Mount Ijen is still continuing in the border area of the districts of Bondowoso and Banyuwangi.

Posted in Volcanoes @ 09 November 2007 08:27 CET by Jeroen · permalink · 0 reactions

Yudhoyono: 'Bali bombers must be executed' President Yudhoyono said that the death sentence for three Islamic militants, which are currently on death row for their part in the 2002 Bali bombings, must be carried out. With this he clearly indicates that there is no way of granting them clemency. Imam Samudra, Amrozi and Ali Gufron face execution by a firing squad after the Supreme Court rejected their final appeal. The three also refused to seek clemency from the president, saying that they want to die as martyrs.

Posted in Terrorism @ 09 November 2007 05:48 CET by Jeroen · permalink · 0 reactions

Anak Krakatau erupts with lava from new crater The Mount Anak Krakatau has been blasting out smoke and red-hot rocks hundreds of meters into the air for the past ten days, but the eruptions slowly grow larger. Local television footage now shows thick plumes of smoke billowing from the volcano's crater when ash and rocks roll down its slopes.

Posted in Volcanoes @ 09 November 2007 00:58 CET by Jeroen · permalink · 0 reactions

Mount Kelud alert status downgraded to level III The Center for Volcanology and Geology Disaster Mitigation has lowered the alert status of the Mount Kelud volcano earlier this morning because it's activity has been lower than in the past few days. This means that thousands of people can now return to their homes after three weeks of - sometimes forced - evacuations. "The volcano no longer has the energy needed for an explosive eruption that would threaten the lives of people living nearby," said chief volcanologist Surono.

Posted in Volcanoes @ 08 November 2007 05:27 CET by Jeroen · permalink · 0 reactions

Mystics: 'Mount Kelud to erupt in a week' Volcanologists apparently are unable to determine the exact time of an eruption of the Mount Kelud volcano. It might be because of that reason that villagers have turned to local mystics ans soothsayers for their opinion. However their predictions are varied as well, they all agree on one thing; the volcano will erupt in the next week. An elder in the village of Sugihwaras, Mbah - which is Javanese to politely address a revered and older person - Mulyasih, 62, prepared twelve cups of hot coffee on Wednesday afternoon. These cups of coffee, and a pack of cigarettes, were meant for the spirit guardians of the mountain. Once a week she travels ten kilometers to the crater of the Kelud volcano and offers them there.

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Between volcanoes There are those period in which the normal life gets a little bit more exciting. It is mainly the many volcanoes which show off at the most strange times and can cause the most strange events. In the middle of 2006 it was the Mount Merapi volcano which caused people to flee it's slopes with an outflow of lava and some lahar (hot or cold mud flows with volcanic rocks), right now I am virtually half way between the Mount Anak Krakatau in the Sunda Strait and the Mount Kelud volcano in eastern Java.

Posted in Volcanoes @ 08 November 2007 00:00 CET by Jeroen · permalink · 0 reactions

Lava island in Mount Kelud's crater growing The Mount Kelud volcano in eastern Java is still active. As is reported by reporters at the scene, the lava island inside the crater lake of the volcano is still growing. This is measured by the number of tremors originating from the crater. Clouds of white steam and smoke are still exhausted by the central part of the crater and reach altitudes of around 1,000 meters. The observation post for the Kelud volcano reported that there were 25 tremors inside the crater which caused the exhaust of white clouds of steam.

Posted in Volcanoes @ 07 November 2007 04:44 CET by Jeroen · permalink · 0 reactions

Intensity of eruptions Mount Semeru decreases Eruptions still take place at the Mount Semeru volcano in the district Lumajang in eastern Java, but it's intensity is going down. Seismic data from the observation post Gunung Sawur in Lumajang shows that there are some 40 eruptions every day. Earlier this was somewhere between 55 and 130 times a day.

Posted in Volcanoes @ 06 November 2007 16:25 CET by Jeroen · permalink · 0 reactions

New crater of Mount Krakatau gets bigger The volcanic activity of the Krakatau volcano in the Sunda Strait is still rising. The new crater on the volcano is getting bigger as well. At the observation post of the volcano, in the village of Pasauran in the district of Serang, they recorded 143 eruptions, 28 volcanic tremors and 31 other tremors. The new crater has now reached a diameter of 75 meters by 100 meters. Hot rocks and other volcanic material is thrown out from it every time there is an eruption. Hot clouds reach altitudes of up to 600 meters.

Posted in Volcanoes @ 06 November 2007 13:35 CET by Jeroen · permalink · 0 reactions

New island in Mount Kelud crater lake closely observed The new island in the crater lake of the Mount Kelud volcano has been identified as being remaining lava from it's latest eruption in 1990. There are now three different scenarios for a likely eruption of the 1,731 meter high volcano. According to the Center for Volcanology and Geophysics in Bandung, there are three scenarios with an even chance of happening. "We didn't chance the alert status of the volcano so it is still at the highest alert level," said Agus Budianto, head of the Volcano Watch Department.

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Mount Kelud spills boiling water from it's crater The Mount Kelud volcano is dangerously close to an eruption on Monday as magma was pushing upwards through the blocked crater, causing boiling water to spill down it's slopes, according a volcanologist. The water level in the crater lake has fallen because of cracks in it's surface. This also caused damage to essential equipment used to monitor the volcano.

Posted in Volcanoes @ 05 November 2007 10:57 CET by Jeroen · permalink · 0 reactions

Mount Krakatau ejects hot stones and debris Volcanic activity at the Mount Anak Krakatau is still rising. Until 06:00 (GMT+7) there were 52 eruptions in which hot stones and debris was ejected from the volcano. Until this moment, the status of the volcano just off the western tip of Java, in the Sunda Strait is still 'on watch'. Between 00:00 and 06:00 (GMT+7) there were 24 volcanic tremors recorded by the observation post. There was an ejection of hot volcanic stones and debris 52 times and seven times a small earthquake. The eruptions of the Mount Anak Krakatau volcano reaches heights of between 100 and 300 meters from the peak of the volcano.

Posted in Volcanoes @ 05 November 2007 06:48 CET by Jeroen · permalink · 0 reactions

Situation Mount Kelud volcano gets worse by the moment The condition of the Mount Kelud volcano in the district of Kediri in eastern Java gets more critical by the moment. Outside small tremors in the earth there are also tremors caused by escaping gases which escape from the center of the crater. Based on the information from the observation post near the volcano, until this moment, white clouds of steam escape from the area which was closed off during the eruption of 1990.

Posted in Volcanoes @ 05 November 2007 05:41 CET by Jeroen · permalink · 0 reactions

Bird flu; situation in Indonesia, update 16 Bird flu has claimed another life in Indonesia. Et, a 30-year old woman from Cipete in the city of Tangerang, died last Saturday. The husband of the victim, Zaidi, said on Sunday that his wife received treatment in the Persahabatan Hospital in Jakarta, where she died at 12:30 (GMT+7). She was later buried at the general cemetery in Cipete.

Posted in Bird Flu @ 05 November 2007 04:58 CET by Jeroen · permalink · 0 reactions

Garuda Indonesia turns a profit again Tempo Interaktif reports that Garuda Indonesia created a profit of Rp. 218 billion (16.8 million euro) in the period January-September 2007, an increase of 150% over the same period in the preceding year. Garuda suffered a loss of Rp. 436 billion (33.5 million euro) in 2006. "Current results are a good step, while over the past three years Garuda always suffered losses," explained Garuda Chief Executive Officer, Emirsyah Satar.

Posted in Garuda Indonesia @ 05 November 2007 00:30 CET by Jeroen · permalink · 0 reactions

Officials: 'Mount Kelud did not erupt yet' Indonesia's volcano center says that the Mount Kelud volcano in eastern Java has not erupted yet, as earlier reported on Saturday. "There was no eruption. If there had been an eruption, our equipment near the crater would have been damaged," told Surono, head of the Center for Volcanology and Geological Hazard Mitigation.

Posted in Volcanoes @ 04 November 2007 23:37 CET by Jeroen · permalink · 0 reactions

Mount Kelud starts emitting clouds of steam The Mount Kelud volcano in eastern Java has begun emitting clouds of steam earlier today. The clouds reached heights up to 500 meters, according Saut Simatupang, head of the Volcanology and Geological Hazard Mitigation Agency. "The eruption isn't over. What we saw this morning was a small eruption.''

Posted in Volcanoes @ 04 November 2007 11:35 CET by Jeroen · permalink · 0 reactions

Scientists: 'Eruption of Mount Kelud still imminent' One day after an eruption was falsely reported for the Mount Kelud volcano, the volcano is still showing signs of an imminent eruption, a scientist said on Sunday. "An eruption is now very, very much possible, although so far it has not yet happened," told Agus Budianto, a geologist who is monitoring the activities of the volcano. On Saturday, continuous tremors inside the volcano became so strong that they could not be read on seismological instruments anymore. Scientists at an observation post feared an eruption and evacuated themselves.

Posted in Volcanoes @ 04 November 2007 09:15 CET by Jeroen · permalink · 0 reactions

Crater lake Mount Kelud heats up quickly The temperature of the crater lake at Mount Kelud still continues to rise throughout Saturday and reached 52.9 C at a depth of fifteen meters, which is already 12.9 C higher than in the hours before the last eruption in 1990. At ten meters the lake now reached 47.8 C, the surface measures 46.7 C.

Posted in Volcanoes @ 04 November 2007 02:36 CET by Jeroen · permalink · 0 reactions

Residents flee as Mount Kelud begins erupting The Mount Kelud volcano in eastern Java has begun erupting earlier on Saturday, according to seismic readings. There was no visual confirmation however because of bad weather and fog around the peak of the volcano, according to a vulcanologist. Residents are fleeing the slopes of the mountain in sheer panic and the observation posts have been abandoned.

Posted in Volcanoes @ 03 November 2007 13:30 CET by Jeroen · permalink · 0 reactions

Mount Kelud volcano in eruption, data says According to data from an observation post, the Mount Kelud volcano is in eruption. A few hours ago, tremors started to pick up once again, but now they broke the maximum level, which means there is an active eruption. There is no sign yet of ash clouds or lava showing up, but that might be just a matter of time. The crater is filled with a big lake and the weather around the volcano is bad as well.

Posted in Volcanoes @ 03 November 2007 11:39 CET by Jeroen · permalink · 0 reactions

Mount Krakatau creates new crater The activity of a number of volcanoes is still rising. One of them is the Mount Krakatau volcao in the Sunda Strait. The frequency of volcanic tremors and small volcanic earthquakes was still on the rise.

Posted in Volcanoes @ 03 November 2007 09:27 CET by Jeroen · permalink · 0 reactions features 76 pictures from the Lapindo Brantas mudflow has put together a large series of pictures from the current situation around the mud flow in eastern Java. News about this big issue has died down for the biggest part, but tens of thousands are displaced and until today, the actual problem has not been solved.

Posted in Sidoarjo mudflow @ 02 November 2007 16:38 CET by Jeroen · permalink · 0 reactions
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