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Jakarta police prepares 200.000 men for 1 May demonstrations Police in Jakarta are preparing 200.000 men for public security in the capital tomorrow, 1 May, when tens of thousands of workers are expected to hold rallies to mark Labor Day. The personnel deployed would be from several departments of the police, including Densus-88, the anti-terror unit, according to senior police spokesman Ketut Untung Yoga Ana.

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Yudhoyono visits Palu President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono arrived in Palu this morning for a two-day working visit to the province. The head of state and the First Lady Ani Yudhoyono arrived there with a special presidential plane, RJ-85 which landed at the local airport at nine in the morning after departing from Gusti Ngurah Rai Airport, Denpasar Bali.

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Indonesia executes murderer of family An Indonesian man is executed by a firing squad after he was convicted in 1999 for kiling a family of six on the island of Borneo. Jail officials said that 40-year-old Ayub Bulubili was shot dead at Saturday at a shooting range in Central Kalimantan.

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Indonesia anti-graft fight gets boost from extradition treaty President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono said yesterday that the newly signed treaty with Singapore would most likely become a major help for his government to fight corruption. Under the new extradition treaty, fugitive businessmen who hide in foreign countries with huge amounts of money stolen from the country, can be brought home to face justice. He said this during a visit to Bali.

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Dead man travels across Java unnoticed on train A dead passenger has traveled on a train on an executive passenger train for at least half a day before being noticed. This was reported by an Indonesian newspaper yesterday. Family members found the body of Edy Haryanto, 55, sitting in a locked lavatory on Thursday afternoon, more than one day after he had boarded the train in the central Javanese town of Tegal together with some friends, Warta Kota newspaper said.

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West Irian Jaya to be known as West Papua The government in Indonesia has officially renamed West Irian Jaya province into West Papua province. This action angered self-determination groups who use the name West Papua to describe the entire Indonesian - western - part of the island of New Guinea. Several years ago the government decided to split the huge province of Papua into smaller provinces.

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Dam near mud flow source starts to crack Workers are working hard on Thursday to repair a big dam containing mud from the Lapindo well that has already flooded hundreds of homes. Cracks started to appear in the man-made embankment on Wednesday causing authorities to declare the area as a danger zone directly.

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Earthquake shakes parts of Yogyakarta province An earthquake with a strength of 5.2 on the Richter scale shook big parts of Yogyakarta province Thursday morning just a few minutes before ten o'clock. The location of the earthquake was centered 80 kilometer southeast of the town Bantul, which was hard-hit during the earthquake of 27 May 2006. There were no reports of any damage or injuries. The earthquake was, though located at sea, not strong enough to cause a tsunami.

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Indonesia's largest environmental group upset over Newmont ruling Chalid Muhammad from Indonesia’s largest non-governmental environmental group Wahana Lingkungan Hidup Indonesia (WALHI), translated “the Friends of the Earth,” has accused the five judges in the Newmont trial of being biased toward the U.S. miner. The group said it will lodge complaints of bias against judges.

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Indonesian money may be printed abroad The central bank in Indonesia is mulling printing the local currency overseas as state-run banknote firm Peruri can not meet the demand, as was told by an official today. Bank Indonesia, the central bank, currently needs 6.6 billion new banknotes in this year alone, but the bank calculated that Peruri is not able to print all of the notes within a given time period.

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Mudflow victims demonstrate at State Palace again A number of victims from the mud flow in East Java held another demonstration in front of the presidential palace on Monday in their effort to pressure the government to meet their demands for direct compensation for property they have lost in the disaster. The residents arrived at around nine in the morning and left five hours later after their made clear their demands for full payment to settle the issues.

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Bali Nine appeal to challenge death sentence Lawyers of the convicted Bali Nine drug trafficker Scott Rush say experts on international law will speak in the constitutional court of Indonesia next week to appeal against his death sentence. Rush is one of nine Australians aught smuggling eight kilograms of heroin out of Indonesia.

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Mud flow continues to grow wilder; dam collapses The mud flow from Lapindo's drilling operations in Porong, Sidoarjo in East Java, is not cooling down but is even growing wilder which caused the collapse of a main dam on Sunday. The head of the design and supervision team of the group in charge of controlling the mud flow, Arie Setyadi, said the 20-meter-high dam had collapsed after heavy rains.

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Two trains derail in Indonesia on one day Two trains derailed in two separate accidents in Java on Saturday. At least 50 people were injured according to reports in the local media. One of the accidents occurred in the area of Garut in West Java. A train derailment there injured around 50 people, some of them seriously, when a number of cars derailed.

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Tribal war breaks out in Nabire A tribal battle between the tribes of Me and Moni in the district of Nabire, which started yesterday morning, continued during Saturday despite the presence of a number of policemen from Nabire trying to stop the conflict. The two tribes shot arrows at each other while dozens of injured scattered the forest, as was reported by a news reporter via mobile phone.

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New-car ban in Indonesia? Rachmat Witoelar, Minister of Environment, has proposed a ban on the sale of new cars in a radical bid to slash pollution levels in the rapidly growing urban areas in the country. He said the plan could be launched if new nationwide anti-pollution measures did not improve the air quality. "If there is no progress in restoring air quality, we will stop (new car sales)," Witoelar said. "It is a bitter pill to take, but it is for the sake of public health."

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Strike at US-owned mine Freeport in Papua continues Thousands of workers from a mine in the easternmost province of Papua continued to strike for a third day yesterday, disrupting work at one of the biggest copper mines in the world. The workers moved their rally to a site outside the local headquarters of PT. Freeport Indonesia in Timika while protest leaders resumes talks with the company's officials in an attempt to reach a deal.

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Official: Airports do not meet international safety standards Only half of Indonesia's 19 major airports comply with international safety standards. This was said by a top government transport official yesterday The statement further fuels fears about the national aviation industry. Just one day after the United States advised it's residents not to use Indonesian airlines after a series of deadly accidents the official said that some airports were lacking proper runways and air traffic control systems.

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Trigana Air Fokker 27 skidds of runway after tire breaks A Fokker 27 plane from Trigana Air made an emergency landing at the end of the runway of the airport in Wamena, in the district of Jayawijaya in Papua. The accident occurred at eight o'clock in the morning after one of it's tires broke out.

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15 new ferries to be build before 2009 The government is planning to build 15 ferries until 2009, so old ones can be replaced. This was announced by a transportation official on Wednesday. "The program will hopefully improve people's confidence in sea transportation," N.M. Teweng said, he is the spokesman of the Transportation Ministry's transportation system division. He presented a meeting on West Nusa Tenggara (NTB) development planning taking place in Mataram April 16-19.

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Traveling between Yogyakarta and Malang It's not really difficult go get up on time, around seven in the morning, so for that matter it's a nice service that it's possible to get a minivan in front of the door within the hour when I'm making a trip to a destination at a bigger distance than just in the city or nearby. That kind of minivan is called a travel here, and plies a fixed route a few times a day, for example from Yogyakarta via Solo, Madiun and Malang to Surabaya. Of course you can also travel the other way around, if you like you can go as far as Jakarta, but from Yogyakarta that is such a big distance that I rather prefer taking the train or a plane. Trains often depart or arrive at the most strange times possible, but that's a matter of looking what you personally most like.

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Indonesian student among those killed in US shooting A student from Medan has been confirmed killed during last Monday's gun massacre at the Virginia Tech University in the United States. 33 students were killed in the attack, the deadliest in the history of the United States. Partahi Mamora Holoman Lumbanturuan's American dream came to a brutal end when the 32-year-old and 31 others were gunned down by a fellow student, 23-year-old Cho Seung-hui.

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Jakarta airport to be connected with rail link in 2008 A 30 kilometer rail link between Manggarai in Central Jakarta and the international airport of Soekarno-Hatta west of the capital is now in the early planning stage and can be operational in 2008 according to Transportation Minister Hatta Rajasa said. "We are now working out the details of the project for eventual inclusion in a master-plan. We hope the rail link can be ready for use in 2008," the minister said during an inspection of preparations for the operation of a double railway track between Tanah Abang in Central Jakarta and Serpong, just south of Jakarta.

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Railway near Sidoarjo flooded again Mud coming out from a Lapindo Brantas gas well covered the railway track again. This time the flooding occurred in the village of Ketapang Keres, Porong. The mud reached a height of some 20 centimeters and was able to flow onto the track after one of the dams that has been built in a hurry to stop the flow of mud, gave way and collapsed partially. The mud has covered some 600 meters of railway track.

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Bali police releases hotel safety ratings As part of Bali's continuing commitment to security, all major hotels in Bali are obliged to undergo a thorough security audit conducted by the Bali Police. Each security review is carried out by a team of officers from the Bali Police headquarters and addresses personnel issues, equipment, physical facilities, security software, training and public order issues.

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Marine crisis will destroy national marine resources In ten years the increasing marine crisis in Indonesia is believed to totally destroy the country's marine resources. The crisis began when it became harder to find fish of certain species on the local markes, which caused a drastic increase of the price of some fish. This was told by M. Riza Damanik, Coastal and Marine Campaign Manager and National Executive of the Indonesian Environmental Forum (Walhi).

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Lapindo mudflow victims rally outside State Palace Some 300 victims from the mud flow in eastern Java rallied outside the State Palace earlier today to demand proper compensation for their lost property. The protesters from Tanggulangin, Sidoarjo, demanded that the government gives them compensation for their home and land that are flooded by the flow of mud coming out from a gas well drill owned by Lapindo Brantas in Sidoarjo.

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Garuda Wisnu Park completed by October 2008 According to the Indonesian-language Bisnis Indonesia, President Bambang Susilo Yudhoyono has expressed the wish that the 250-hectare cultural park and monument Garuda Wisnu Kencana (GWK) complex on Bali's Ungasan peninsula can be finally complete by October 2008, in time for the World Cultural Festival planned in Bali.

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Two bombs explode in Poso district Two home-made bombs exploded within minutes of eachother in the district of Poso in Central Sulawesi. The police reported no casualties. The first bomb exploded in the area of Mapane at around 19:45 local time yesterday evening. The second one followed a few minutes later in the Kasiguncu area, about two kilometers away according a district police officer.

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Two new suspects questioned in Munir case The former head of Garuda Indonesia and another official of the same airline have been arrested in connection with the murder of a human rights activist who was poisoned during a flight from Jakarta to Amsterdam. Munir Thalib, known for his cricital views on the Indonesian military was murdered in 2004.

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Tanah Lot temple sees more visitors after admission price hike Apparently higher admission fees for both domestic and international visitors to Bali's iconic Pura Tanah Lot are having no ill-effect on the number of visitors eager to view the photograph the idyllic water-bound religious shrine just off Bali's western shoreline. According to the management of Puri Tanah Lot, visitors have increased 34.35% over the past three months despite an increase in admission fees.

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Visa on arrival to Indonesia for 11 more countries The Indonesian government is preparing the visa on arrival facility for 11 more countries in a bid to increase revenues from the tourism industry, as local press reported earlier today. A senior official with the Foreign Affairs Ministry had named the 11 countries likely to receive the visa on arrival as being Algeria, Czech Republic, Fiji, Latvia, Libya, Lithuania, Panama, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia and Tunisia.

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Mud flow victims block Pertamina transmission station Dozens of villagers from Keboguyang village, near Sidoarjo, blocked a gas transmission station owned by state gas company Pertamina, which is located in the village of Permisan. According to the demonstrators, it was agreed that Pertamina would improve the roads in the village. "For over 14 years they have their station here but until today there hasn't been any contribution to the village," said Margono, one of the demonstrators.

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Yudhoyono asks state-owned enterprises to compete President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono asked the state-owned enterprises (BUMN) to improve their competitiveness so that goods and services produced will be cheaper, faster and have better quality. “BUMN must be capable of competing with national, foreign and multinational companies,” he said during the opening speech of the State-Owned Enterprises Forum at the Jakarta Convention Center.

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Government: 'Unemployment targeted below 10 percent' The government will try to lower the official unemployment rate to a single digit. The number of fully unemployed in Indonesia had reached just 10,98 million. "One way of dealing with unemployment, is to develop domestic investment," said Secretary General of the Manpower and Transmigration Ministry Hari H. Saleh in Bandar Lampung yesterday. Upon the opening of a national working and consultative meeting of the Indonesian Businessmen's Association (APINDO), he said that there were still some issues to overcome however.

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Indonesia seen as worlds biggest ecstasy producer The national police in Indonesia said that the country is the worlds biggest producer of ecstasy, a synthetic, mind-altering drug with hallucinogenic properties. Antara news agency reported this yesterday based on findings from data collected by the national police's criminal investigation department.

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Garuda plane makes emergency landing because of wheel A Garuda jetliner with 142 people on board made an emergency landing at the airport of Makassar, South Sulawesi earlier today after a problem developed with one of it's wheels. Flight GA 602 was carrying 134 passengers and eight crew and had departed from Jakarta to fly to Manado in North Sulawesi. "The plane has finally landed smoothly. All passengers on board the plane were fine," said Yan Daulina, spokesman of Hasanuddin airport in Makassar.

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Minister Hamid silent over 50 dead inmates Justice and Humand Rights Minister Hamid Awaludin has refused to comment on the fact that large numbers of prisoners at the Tangerang prison who have died recently. Hamid tried to avoid reporters who wanted to ask about this matter in a rush outside the governor's office in Banten. “Please step back, there’s no time for interview,” said Hamid's adjutant.

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Loss from mudflow estimated at 2,6 billion euro The National Development Planning Board (Bappenas) has made an estimation concerning the losses caused by the mud flow from Lapindo in Sidoarjo, East Java. The total cost is now estimated at 27.4 trillion Rupiah (2,6 billion euro), 11,0 trillion Rupiah (909 million euro) in direct and 16,4 trillion Rupiah (1,7 billion euro) in indirect losses. This is the result before a preliminary assessment report will come out next Wednesday, when the figure may be put as high as 44,7 trillion Rupiah (3,7 billion euro).

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Main tollroad near Porong in southern direction closed The main road near Porong, which connects Surabaya and Gempol, is closed for traffic in the direction of Malang to the south and Jember-Banyuwangi to the east. The closure came in effect at 10.00 local time today. The two lanes which originate in Surabaya and run south are closed because of mud flowing on the road since the last nine days.

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Bali tourism authority to arrest foreigners working as guides The Tourism Authority on Bali will continue conducting operations to catch foreigners working as a tourist guide in Bali, as was told by an official. "Foreigners who violate immigration regulations by working as tourist guides in Bali will be brought to court," said Made Suhadana, chairman of the Bali chapter of the Indonesian Guides Association (HPI).

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Permanent mud flow team set up The government has set up a permanent team to help communities affected by the mud flow that has swamped entire villages in East Java. A spokesman of President Yudhoyono announced this on Tuesday. Toll roads, railway tracks and factories have been submerged and over 15,000 people are displaced since May last year when the mud started flowing from a 'mud volcano', following a drilling accident in Sidoarjo, near Indonesia's second largest city of Surabaya.

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Condoms for women to be subsidized The National Commission for Fighting AIDS will do it's best to ask the government to allocate funds to subsidize women's condoms. The reason for this action is that these kind of condoms are much more expensive than 'normal' condoms for men. “Now we are discussing the subsidy method. We hope in 2008 there will already be a subsidy for women's condoms,” said Nafsiah Mboi, chairperson for the commission.

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'Don't buy products from illegal logging' Yesterday Indonesia made an appeal to consumers in the world to stop buying products that are made from illegally logged wood. It also said that rich countries should pay the poor to preserve forests in the battle against global warming. Environmentalists say that illegal logging in Indonesia strips 2.1 million hectares, with a value of around 3.5 billion euro, of forest every year.

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SBY closes civil servant school after murder President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has ordered the temporary closure and restructuring of a school that trains civil servants after the murder of several of it's students. He froze new admissions for the year following a suspected murder of cadet Cliff Muntu at the school last Tuesday.

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Global Fund stops assistance; corruption suspected Global Fund, an organization that provides assistance to help deal with AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria, stopped it's assistance to Indonesia last March on suspicion of fraud. Firman Lubis, deputy chairman for the Country Coordinating Mechanism (CCM), told that the funds stopped flowing to Indonesia after an audit held by Price Waterhouse Cooper.

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Rare striped rabbit found in Sumatra highlands

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Adi Sucipto airport temporarily closed due to bad weather Adi Sucipto airport in Yogyakarta was temporarily closed yesterday afternoon because of strong winds and heavy rain. It reopened at 14:15 again after the weather had improved. The departure of a Garuda flight to Bali (GA 252) had been delayed by one hour. The plane was scheduled to depart from the airport at 13:15.

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January-February tourist arrivals up 13.5% compared to last year The Indonesian-language Bisnis Indonesia reports that foreign tourist arrivals via the Nation's 15 main international gateways increased 13.59% totaling 639,900 during the first two months of 2007. Arrivals during the same period in 2006 achieved 563,499. Meanwhile, as reported on, Bali's aggregate arrivals for January and February 2007 totaled 227,779 - a 47.73% increase over the same period in 2006(154,151).

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Baby killed, 23 injured in train derailment near Tegal A crowded passenger train derailed and skidded into rice fields, killing a baby and injuring 23 others, as was told by a railway official. One of the victims was stuck beneath the train and is said to be in critical condition. "We are still evacuating the crashed train," said Suprapto, spokesman for the state-run railway company.

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Garuda jet that crashed was flying far too fast The Indonesian passenger jet that crashed one month ago was flying with speeds up to 425 km/hour, almost double the normal landing speed. The crash killed 21 of the 140 people aboard. This was told by the chief investigator earlier today. A preliminary report had not yet determined however, if it was the pilot that caused the Boeing 737-400 to overshoot the runway, according to Marjono Siswosuwarno.

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Bird flu patient in Solo hospital dies The 29-year-old male patient that was admitted to a hospital in Solo, Central Java, late last month has died of bird flu. His death brings the total number of human deaths to 74 - the highest in the world, as was announced by a health official Saturday. The man, Suramto, died Thursday after receiving treatment for almost a week, said I Nyoman Kandun, director general of the department of infectious diseases at the Health Ministry. "Two local tests for him came back positive."

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What if I was a terrorist Just over one week ago it all happened. At walking distance one person was killed, some were arrested and after that the party was over as quick as it started. It wasn't a criminal shootout and n drugs were found as well. It was nothing more than busting some terrorism-suspects by an anti-terror squad from the Indonesian police (Densus 88); they were simply overwhelmed in their hide-out. The one that tried to flea, was directly given some bullets and didn't survive the event. Seven others were arrested. In fact that could be the entire story, but it was just not to happen that way. It proved to be the start of what currently looks like a terror cell uncovered. Within two weeks after the first shooting several more police actions were held. Police is scarce with giving information, but in recent days is became clear that most likely a part of the Southeast Asian terror network Jemaah Islamiyah has been found.

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15-year-old girl dies of bird flu Bird flu has killed a 15-year-old girl from Jakarta today, bringing the death toll in the country to 73, an official said Friday. "The girl died Thursday," said a spokesman from the bird flu information center in Jakarta. "She has been confirmed positive for the virus by two labs." The girl was admitted to an intensive care unit. She was the 93rd confirmed case.

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Playboy editor cleared of indecency in Indonesia The court in South Jakarta cleared the editor of Playboy in Indonesia of distributing indecent pictures to the public and earning money from them after a high-profile trial that exposed deep differences in the nation. Chief editor Erwin Arnada argued tat the magazine was good for developing a pluralistic society, while the prosecution and Islamic hardliners who have regularly attended the trial said it 'harmed the nation's morals'.

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Experts worried over seismic trends Experts in Indonesia are worried that after the huge earthquake off the coast of Aceh in December 2004 - which was the world's strongest in the last 40 years - the center of seismic activity is gradually moving to the southeast, in the direction of Jakarta, where millions of people live. "We think that the next quake may take place in the Jambi Province but do not want to publicize this for fear of causing panic," said a source from the Indonesian Meteorology and Geophysics Agency (BMG) told after the earthquakes in West Sumatra.

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Another bird flu suspect dies in Solo, one more case confirmed A suspected bird flu patient, Suranto (29), from Sukoharjo district, died in the Dr. Moewardi Hospital in Solo early Thursday morning. He had been treated there for several days. Hospital representative Titik Lestari said that Suranto, a bird flu suspect at the moment, died around three in the morning. "To make sure that Suranto is bird flu positive, his blood sample has been sent to the laboratory in Jakarta but he died before we obtained the result of laboratory test," Titik said.

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Woman from Jakarta dies of bird flu Bird flu has claimed another life in Indonesia, bringing the total number of deaths to 72. The most recent victim was a 23-year-old woman from Jakarta. Her death meant that the total number of confirmed cases now stands at 92, according to a statement from the Indonesian Health Ministry.

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Leftist Dita Sari 2009 presidential candidate Dita Sari, a leader of Indonesia's People's Democratic Party (PRD), has vowed to run as a candidate for the leftist Papernas alliance in Indonesia's next presidential polls despite threats by radical Islamists. "We will not be intimidated," said Dita in an interview with Adnkronos International (AKI). Papernas has been labelled "communist" - an ideology and party prohibited in Indonesia - and last week its supporters were attacked by members of the Front Pembela Islam (FPI). "I will do everything to take part in the presidential elections," Dita said.

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Police finds more material related to Jemaah Islamiyah Police in Yogyakarta say they have found maps and charts mapping the structure of Jemaah Islamiyah, the Southeast-Asian extremist branch of Al-Qaeda, responsible for terror attacks including those on Bali in 2002. A board governed the group, according to the photocopied charts, which contain handwritings of suspected group leader Abu Dujana, as was told by anti-terror police chief Brigadier General Surya Dharma.

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Indofood wants to produce more noodles The largest instant noodle maker in the world, Indonesian Indofood (PT Indofood Sukses Makmur Tbk), plans to expand it's capacity from 13.5 billion packs per year to 14.5 billion to meet growing demand, as was told by a senior executive of the company on Tuesday. Thomas Tjhie, a director of Indofood, said the company was to spend 1.6 trillion Rupiah (132.2 million euro) this year, with 80 percent to be used for expansion.

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Al-Qaeda-linked troup trained on Mount Sumbing A report recently published claims that Islamic militants from a group linked to Al-Qaeda have held armed training exercises on the slopes of the Mount Sumbing volcano on the island of Java. Tempo magazine says the militants from the Southeast Asian group Jemaah Islamiyah, held at least two training exercises on the high slopes.

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6.0 earthquake strikes just north of Banyuwangi An earthquake with a magnitude of 6.0 on the Richter Scale struck just north of the city of Banyuwangi in east Java at 13:28 local time. The quakes epicenter is located close to the ferr crossing to Bali. There were no immediate reports of damage or casualties two hours after the earthquake.

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Investigator: Argument between pilots may have caused crash Chief investigator into the Garuda Indonesia plane crash that killed 21 people, says a disagreement between the pilot and the co-pilot may have contributed to the crash. The chairman of the National Transport Safety Board in Indonesia, Tatang Kuniardi, is leading the investigation into the crash of flight 200.

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Officals closing in on Sanur beachfront polluters The Indonesian-language DenPost says that five major hotels along Sanur beach have been identified by municipal authorities as polluting nearby waters through the pumping of raw sewage. Municipal authorities are warning that they are in the final statges of accumulating data on which hotels are responsible for the pollution and will move rapidly and resolutely once all the facts are in hand. Local authorities in cooperation with local community groups are monitoring the affected beachfronts and the yet-to-be-publicly announced hotels.

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President: Be smart and creative in promoting tourism The Indonesian language website reports that Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has called on the Department of Culture and Tourism to optimize their work, be smarter and more creative in developing national tourism. The President's comments were made at the opening of a 3-day national coordinating meeting on culture and tourism held at the National Palace in Jakarta.

Posted in Tourism @ 01 April 2007 06:46 CET by Jeroen · permalink · 1 reaction

Dramatic increase in Bali's HIV-AIDS infections The Indonesian-language Bali Post reports that the cases of HIV-AIDS in Bali now totals at least 4,000, a 33% increase from the estimated 3,000 cases reported in 2004.

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Doctor becomes bird flu suspect after treating boy A doctor who was treating a 15-year-old boy who died from bird flu is now himself treated in an isolation room after developing symptoms of the disease, as was announced by hospital staff yesterday. The doctor had treated the boy from Indramayu in West Java in a hospital in Bandung. Th boy died of bird fly at 25 March.

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