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SBY: Indonesia to wait until after October to raise fuel prices Indonesia will wait until at least after October to raise fuel prices, President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono said on Wednesday, despite a prolonged fall in the rupiah due to soaring world oil prices which has hurt investor confidence. The global price rise has prompted the government to snap up dollars to pay for oil imports and put pressure on the budget due to expensive fuel subsidies.

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Indonesia full year fuel subsidy seen at Rp. 138.6 trln Legislators and government officials agreed to raise fuel subsidy spending under Indonesia's 2005 state budget for a second time to 138.6 trln rupiah from 76.5 trln after raising the oil price assumption to 54 usd a barrel from 45 usd previously, legislator Amin Said Husni said. The exchange rate assumption has also been raised to 9,800 rupiah to the dollar from 9,500 previously, said Husni, who chairs a working committee at the House of Representative's Budget Commission.

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Bank Indonesia raises interest rates with 0.75% Indonesia's central bank on Tuesday raised its benchmark target rate by three quarters of a percentage point to 9.5 percent and said it would increase banks' reserve requirements as it attempted to support the country's battered markets. Following are analysts' views on the policy moves.

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CreditSights: 'Bank Indonesia rate may rise to 12 percent' Bank Indonesia needs to increase interest rates now and be ready to raise them as high as 12 percent, a level unseen since February 2003, or risk further erosion in the nation's finances, according to CreditSights Inc.

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UN health agency reports massive polio vaccination campaign With Indonesia's largest recorded polio epidemic now threatening a broad swath of countries across Asia, more than 750,000 vaccinators will fan out across the vast archipelago tomorrow on a two-day campaign to immunize more than 24 million children under the age of five, the United Nations health agency reported today. Indonesia had been polio-free since 1995, but since March, 225 children have been paralyzed, due to a poliovirus imported into the country earlier this year.

Posted in Polio @ 30 August 2005 07:08 CET by Jeroen · permalink · 2 reactions

Indonesia president warns of terror attacks Indonesia's president warned on Monday of possible terrorist attacks in the coming two months, and said he would also take steps to show the country was still a tolerant Muslim nation. Speaking at a seminar in Jakarta, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono said bombmakers from the militant network Jemaah Islamiah posed a threat to the world's most populous Muslim nation.

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Rupiah loses more ground as market confidence ebbs The rupiah lost nearly 5 pct today, falling past 10,800 per dollar at one point as the market continued to lose confidence in the capability of both Bank Indonesia and the government to defend the local unit, analysts said. They said today's fresh oil price spike was what triggered renewed selling pressure on the rupiah.

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One day aboard KRI Dewaruci It was about a week ago, at a Saturday morning, that I was thinking about whether I should to all the way to Amsterdam to have a look at some boats, because that's in fact wat Sail 2005 had to offer, a long line of boats, moored to the city's cays. Most of them open for public, so ordinary people were also able to take a look aboard. One of those ships was the Indonesian tall-ship KRI Dewaruci, a ship that is used by TNI-AL (The naval forces of the Indonesian Army) for training purposes. I hadn't seen the ship before, but going there just for that is a little too much. A quick look at their website and I wrapped up my stuff to go out anyway.

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New oil refinery inaugurated in Indonesia President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyonoofficially inaugurated a new oil refinery in Balongan, Indramayu, West Java province on Sunday. The Langit Biru refinery will boost the country's oil production in order to reduce the country's dependence on importedfuel, official news agency Antara reported. Susilo said that the refinery could also help save the state budget from rocketing oil prices on the international market.

Posted in Economy @ 28 August 2005 15:26 CET by Jeroen · permalink · 0 reactions

Govt to raise fuel prices in 2006 Indonesia will raise fuel prices early next year to reduce the impact of soaring global oil costs on its budget, the economics minister was quoted as saying Sunday. Indonesia's economic recovery is being threatened by the impact of global crude oil prices at more than $60 a barrel, dwindling domestic oil output, and strong local demand for energy.

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Polio vaccination campaign hampered by rumours, ignorance Holding her two-year-old son, Sari listens intently in a ramshackle health clinic as the medical staff assures her and other villagers about the safety of the vaccine being used to fight Indonesia's first polio outbreak in a decade. But the impoverished mother of two remains unconvinced. She hints she will not participate in Tuesday's countrywide immunization campaign because of unfounded rumours that a neighbour's child contracted polio after being given the oral vaccine earlier this year.

Posted in Polio @ 28 August 2005 11:01 CET by Jeroen · permalink · 2 reactions

Muslim body supports polio vaccinations Indonesia's top Muslim body gave its seal of approval on Friday to next week's plan by the government to immunise more than 24 million children with polio vaccines next week. The support could dispel any doubts about the vaccines which may deter people from going to immunisation posts in Indonesia, the world's most populous Muslim nation, following an outbreak of the crippling disease.

Posted in Polio @ 26 August 2005 18:31 CET by Jeroen · permalink · 2 reactions

Pertamina oil imports cost up to $1.8B monthly Indonesia's state-owned petroleum firm Pertamina (PTM.YY) pays up to $1.8 billion a month to fund oil imports, Minister of State Enterprises Sugiharto said Friday. "Every month, Pertamina needs between $1.5 billion and $1.8 billion to finance oil imports," Sugiharto told reporters.

Posted in Economy @ 26 August 2005 18:30 CET by Jeroen · permalink · 0 reactions

Rupiah set for biggest drop in 4 years on oil surge Indonesia's rupiah fell, poised for the biggest weekly decline in more than four years, as record crude oil prices threatened the nation's budget-cutting plans and eroded confidence in the government.

Posted in Economy @ 26 August 2005 18:29 CET by Jeroen · permalink · 0 reactions

Indonesia raises rates as rupiah plunges again Indonesia raised its key interest rate today by 25 basis points to 7.50 per cent effective immediately, following an ongoing fall in the rupiah this week amid worries over climbing oil prices. The beleaguered currency fell to fresh lows today past the 10,200 level to the US dollar, despite efforts by the central Bank Indonesia to intervene, dealers said.

Posted in Economy @ 25 August 2005 08:18 CET by Jeroen · permalink · 1 reaction

Indonesia to raise transportation tariffs Indonesian Minister of Transportation Hatta Rajasa said on Tuesday that land and sea transport tariffs would be raised by an average of between 10 and 20 percent. "The tariff increase will be much lower than 40 percent proposed by the Association of Land Transportation Operators," Hatta was quoted by the Antara news agency as saying.

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U.N. warns of possible Indonesia polio epidemic Indonesia's polio outbreak could develop into an epidemic with the onset of the wet season, a U.N. official said on Tuesday, one week before the start of a campaign to vaccinate 24 million children nationwide. Polio returned in May to Indonesia, which had been free of the water-borne disease since 1995.

Posted in Polio @ 24 August 2005 08:58 CET by Jeroen · permalink · 2 reactions

German national found murdered in Jakarta A 60-year-old German national was found dead in his home in the Indonesian capital with stab wounds to his back, neck and arm, local media reports said Tuesday. Police suspected the cable company consultant, identified as Helmut Klein, was a victim of a robbery as several of his belongings - including a laptop, camera and watch - were missing.

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Indonesia starts Aceh withdrawal More than 1,000 Indonesian troops have left Aceh province - the first withdrawal of forces after a peace deal made with separatist rebels last week. About 1,200 troops left northern Aceh onboard naval vessels. Under the terms of the peace deal, the government has pledged to withdraw all forces sent specifically to quell the rebellion by the end of the year.

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Australian model detained with 2,000 Ecstasy tablets in Medan A 21-year old Australian has been arrested in Medan, the capital of Indonesia's North Sumatra province, for allegedly distributing the party drug Ecstasy, police said Monday, after authorities allegedly found more than 2,000 tablets in his possession. The man, described as an English teacher, was seized at a house he rented in Medan on Saturday, police said in a statement. If convicted, he could be sentenced to death.

Posted in Drugs @ 23 August 2005 07:15 CET by Jeroen · permalink · 8 reactions

Indonesia July car sales rise 28.34% year-on-year Car sales in Indonesia rose 28.3 percent in July compared with the same period in 2004, data from the largest automotive distributor showed on Saturday. PT Astra International Tbk, controlled by Singapore’s Jardine Cycle & Carriage Ltd, said a total of 49,388 cars were sold by all distributors in the country last month, bringing the year to date national sales to 345,167 units.

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Rupiah breaches 10,000 level amid doubts over bank intervention A Jakarta money changer. The Indonesian rupiah has weakened to again breach the 10,000-to-the-dollar level as traders sold off the currency amid fears the central bank would not keep up last week's aggressive defence of the currency.

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Indonesia questions Australian drugs suspect An Australian woman has been arrested on the Indonesian island of Bali on suspicion of possessing drugs. Michelle Leslie, 24, was detained on Saturday at a party near Kuta for allegedly being in possession of two amphetamine tablets. The tablets in question are now being tested.

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Power supply in Jakarta completely restored Electricity in the city has been restored completely at a few minutes past ten in the evening local time. PLN already took care of restoring power since the first blackouts occurred. "As much as 61 relay stations are active now," said Embut Subiyanto, communications manager for PLN in the Greather Jakarta area, as Tempo quoted.

Posted in Power supply @ 20 August 2005 07:11 CET by Jeroen · permalink · 0 reactions

Industries feel pinch from massive blackouts The massive blackouts that swept parts of Java and Bali islands have caused industries to suffer billions of rupiah in financial losses due to disruptions in their operations. The Indonesian Textile Association estimated that more than 100 spinning, weaving and garment industries in Greater Jakarta suffered losses of about 55 billion rupiah.

Posted in General @ 19 August 2005 14:10 CET by Jeroen · permalink · 0 reactions

Power blackout results in chaos Indonesia's president ordered the police and the national intelligence agency to investigate a power failure that left nearly 100 million people - almost half the country - in the dark yesterday. Indonesia's state-run power utility said it did not know the cause of the failure, which cut electricity to homes, businesses and trains for more than five hours and caused major traffic jams in the capital, Jakarta.

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Study: 'Indonesia military commits genocide in Papua' Indonesia's military is allegedly committing genocide in its eastern province of Papua, which may threaten the survival of the region's tribal population, the University of Sydney's Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies said in a report.

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City of Bogor pitchblack as well Police in the West-Javanese city of Bogor have sent out 12 extra patrol cars around the city. They have to keep the city safe this night, since power is still out in the city since this afternoon. A detachment of military police has been stationed in the area of the presidential palace in the city.

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Power still out in many areas Power supplies to large areas of Java and Bali islands in Indonesia were disrupted on Thursday, state electricity company PT Perusahaan Listrik Negara (PLN) said but there was no immediate suggestion of sabotage.

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Power stations stopped working The coal-fired Paiton power plant in East Java stopped generating electricity and two units at the Suralaya power plant were affected, said Energy Minister Purnomo Yusgiantoro. Power generation dropped by 5,000 megawatts to about 8,000 megawatts because of the fault, Widiono said.

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Australian consulat murdered in Depok home An unidentified man attacked and killed Australian Frans Louis Merre, 70, in his house in Tugu subdistrict, Depok, on Tuesday morning, police said. The victim reportedly suffered severe wounds to his neck, hands and legs as he tried to fight off the attacker. Depok Police chief Adj. Sr. Comr. Firman Shantyabudi said on Tuesday the police were still trying to establish a motive for the murder, but suspected the attacker knew Merre.

Posted in General @ 18 August 2005 08:40 CET by Jeroen · permalink · 0 reactions

Ciputat traders may lose land to overpass The Tangerang regency administration plans to employ controversial Government Regulation (PP) No. 36/2005 to force traders to sell their land for the Ciputat flyover project. "We have no choice. As a last resort, the administration must turn to PP No. 36/2005 on land clearance for public projects so construction on the flyover can start soon," Regent Ismet Iskandar said on Tuesday.

Posted in General @ 18 August 2005 08:39 CET by Jeroen · permalink · 0 reactions

Power failures causes chaos in Jakarta The big power failure that is currently hitting big parts of Jawa and Bali including the capital Jakarta is causing a chaos in that city. Thousands of cars are stuck in extremely heavy traffic, where normally complete traffic jams are quite normal. In big parts of the city there is no power, which causes airconditioners not to work, but most offices are open for business as usual.

Posted in Power supply @ 18 August 2005 08:27 CET by Jeroen · permalink · 33 reactions

Huge power failures in Java, Bali Power supplies to large areas of Java and Bali islands, including the capital Jakarta, were disrupted on Thursday, state electricity company PT Perusahaan Listrik Negara (PLN) said. "There is quite a big fault in the Java-Bali electricity generating system," Mulyo Adji, PLN's general manager for supply, told reporters in Jakarta after the blackout.

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Malaysia, Indonesia agree to launch cloud seeding Malaysia and Indonesia have agreed to launch cloud seeding to put out fires in Sumatra and Kalimantan on Borneo island, a Malaysian senior official said Wednesday. Cloud seeding will be carried out over the Indonesian provincesof Riau, North Sumatra and West Kalimantan, and, if necessary, extended to other areas, Natural Resources and Environment Minister Adenan Satem said.

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Indonesia commemorates 60th anniversary of independence Indonesia commemorated the 60th anniversary of independence on Wednesday with celebrations across the world's fourth most populous nation. In the capital Jakarta, President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono kicked off the day with a ceremony in front of the presidential palace attended by thousands of invitees, including former president Abdurrahman Wahid and former vice presidents, foreign diplomats, high-ranking military and government officials

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Indonesia cuts Bashir sentence An Indonesian court has cut a 30-month sentence handed to militant Muslim cleric Abu Bakar Bashir for his role in the Bali bombings by more than four months, a prison official said today. "He received a remission of four months and 15 days," Dedi Sutardi, the head of Cipinang penitentiary, said at a press conference to announce remissions for 2000 prisoners to mark Indonesia's Independence Day today.

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Dutch to apologise to Indonesia for 'police actions' Two Dutch church groups have applauded the "historic decision" by Dutch Foreign Minister Ben Bot to attend celebrations of the 60th anniversary of Indonesia's Independence on Wednesday. The Kerkinactie and ICCO groups also called on Bot to use the opportunity to apologise to the Indonesian people for the two bloody military campaigns the Dutch military carried out in a bid to regain control of the former colony following World War II.

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Diesel prices set to rise once more in Indonesia JAKARTA Pertamina, a state-owned oil company, said Monday that it planned to raise the price of diesel sold in Indonesia to mining, oil, cement and export companies next month for the fourth time in half a year after crude oil costs surged. The company will set the prices based on the average crude oil price in August, Achmad Faisal, head of the fuel division, told reporters.

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British intervention Indonesia Sixty years ago on Aug. 17 Indonesia's Founding Fathers President Sukarno and Vice-President Mohamad Hatta issued the Proclamation of Independence or Proklomasi as it is known. An historic event. The national leaders, under great pressure from militant nationalist youth, had seized the hour.

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Indonesia, Aceh rebels sign truce The Indonesian government and Aceh rebels have signed a peace treaty to end nearly 30 years of fighting in the oil- and gas-rich province that killed 15,000 people. The signing ceremony in Helsinki on Monday followed seven months of talks mediated by former Finnish President Martti Ahtisaari, who spurred the two sides to agreement to help international aid reach the Aceh region, which was devastated by last year's tsunami.

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S'pore, Indonesia hope to attract more Chinese tourists by joint promotion Singapore and Indonesia have joined hands in launching the first ever tourist promotion scheme in China in a bid to attract more Chinese tourists. According to the scheme, Chinese tourists will be able to appreciate the beautiful scenery in Singapore and Indonesia, such as the Sentosa island in Singapore and Bali island in Indonesia.

Posted in Tourism @ 15 August 2005 07:04 CET by Jeroen · permalink · 0 reactions

Indonesia to replace Pertamina directors Indonesia plans to replace directors of the state oil company after PT Pertamina's president director Widya Purnama rejected a government-brokered agreement to end a dispute with Exxon Mobil Corp over an oil field. State Enterprises Minister Sugiharto will decide on the new board to take office after the next shareholders' meeting, vice-president Jusuf Kalla told reporters in Jakarta, without saying when the meeting is or giving a reason for removing the board.

Posted in Economy @ 13 August 2005 10:15 CET by Jeroen · permalink · 0 reactions

Indonesia arrests new suspect over murder of rights activist Indonesian police have reportedly arrested a new suspect in the poisoning death of a leading human rights activist. Munir died on a Garuda flight from Jakarta to Amsterdam last September. An autopsy found a lethal dose of arsenic in his body. The Koran Tempo daily newspaper says Ery Bunyamin, a business class passenger on the same flight has been arrested.

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Indonesia to cut number of state enterprises in five years State Minister of State Enterprises Sugiarto expects to "shrink" the country's portfolio of state-owned businesses by about half in the next four to five years. The portfolio includes 158 companies with total assets of $150 billion, he said. They generate $50 billion in revenue and have profit of between $3.5 billion and $4 billion. These companies will be reduced to between 70 and 85, he said.

Posted in Economy @ 12 August 2005 20:22 CET by Jeroen · permalink · 0 reactions

Garuda Indonesia plans to seek government bailout PT Garuda Indonesia plans to seek a government bailout to keep flying after record fuel costs and mounting debt caused the state-owned national airline to post its first loss in three years. The airline is preparing the request, State Enterprise Minister Sugiharto, who oversees Indonesia's state-owned companies, said in an Aug. 5 interview in Jakarta. "We are about to decide whether we need to help.''

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Indonesia fires burn, Malaysia chokes A choking haze from fires, most of them in Indonesia, is blanketing large parts of peninsular Malaysia, creating health problems, threatening tourism and disrupting one of the world's busiest shipping lanes. Following are some facts about the haze, which affects parts of Southeast Asia every year.

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Newmont lays out defense in pollution case Newmont Mining Corp. (NEM) says the pollution allegations against the company in Indonesia have weakened over the last year to the point where the two sides are now arguing about technical and permitting issues in court. "The argument that we killed people went away... then the argument about heinous diseases went away," Blake Rhodes, a Newmont attorney working on the case, said Tuesday. "It's now down to technical issues."

Posted in General @ 11 August 2005 07:11 CET by Jeroen · permalink · 0 reactions

Indonesia's Ulama Council criticised for its edicts Indonesia's largest Muslim organisation has criticised the nation's highest Islamic authority, over its edicts or "fatwas" against liberal Islam. The Ulama Council last week issued eleven fatwas, including a ban on inter-faith marriages and joint prayers with people of other religions.

Posted in Politics @ 10 August 2005 07:16 CET by Jeroen · permalink · 2 reactions

Garuda pilot faces poison trial A pilot for national airline Garuda Indonesia went on trial Tuesday over the alleged murder of a prominent human rights activist who was poisoned last year on a flight to Amsterdam. The high-profile case is seen as a crucial test of the government's willingness to crack down on rogue elements within Indonesia's powerful security forces, who for years have operated with impunity.

Posted in Garuda Indonesia @ 09 August 2005 14:03 CET by Jeroen · permalink · 0 reactions

Parts of Malaysia shrouded in smoke from forest fires Smoke from forest fires in Indonesia has shrouded parts of neighbouring Malaysia, reducing visibility to less than a kilometre. Officials say the haze could persist for at least another week if it does not rain. The Department of Environment has identified eight areas, including the Malaysian capital, Kuala Lumpur, as having "unhealthy" air quality, and has advised the public to reduce outdoor activities.

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Polio cases hit 205 in Indonesia, two in capital Health workers have found 205 children infected with polio in Indonesia since the disease resurfaced this year, and two of the cases are in the densely populated capital Jakarta, officials said on Monday. Polio, a water-borne disease that can cause irreversible paralysis in hours, reemerged in May in the world's fourth most populous country, which had been polio-free since 1995.

Posted in Polio @ 08 August 2005 16:24 CET by Jeroen · permalink · 2 reactions

Preachers told to support controversial MUI edicts Despite the ongoing controversy surrounding the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI)'s edicts against secularism, pluralism and liberalism, the Indonesian Council for Islamic Propagation (DDII) will fully support the MUI in its "war on deviant thoughts", a top preacher said on Sunday.

Posted in Politics @ 08 August 2005 12:07 CET by Jeroen · permalink · 2 reactions

Indonesia's polio outbreak infects over 200 children The number of children affected by the crippling polio virus in an outbreak in Indonesia has risen to 205. The highest number of cases is in West Java province with 54, only one case can be confirmed in the capital, Jakarta. Health officials say a second round of a nationwide anti-polio vaccination campaign had fewer takers because of parents' fears of possible harmful side effects.

Posted in Polio @ 07 August 2005 08:31 CET by Jeroen · permalink · 2 reactions

Indonesia upholds cleric verdict Indonesia's Supreme Court has rejected a final appeal from the radical cleric linked to the Bali bombings, upholding his original 30-month sentence. Abu Bakar Ba'asyir was found guilty in March of conspiracy over the 2002 attacks, in which 202 people died. But he was cleared of more serious anti-terrorism charges relating to an attack on Jakarta's Marriott hotel.

Posted in Terrorism @ 06 August 2005 18:46 CET by Jeroen · permalink · 0 reactions

Aceh prisoners who didn't escape during tsunami rewarded The government of Indonesia has decided to reward the prisoners in Aceh who chose not to escape from their jails when they were destroyed during last December's tsunami, by having their sentences halved. To mark the country's independence day on August 17, Indonesia's justice and human rights minister, Hamid Awaluddin, has said 300 prisoners in the Aceh province will be rewarded in this way, according to a Radio Australia report.

Posted in Human rights @ 05 August 2005 07:02 CET by Jeroen · permalink · 0 reactions

Seven govt officials to face corruption probes President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has endorsed a request from the police and prosecutors to question seven more top regional administration officials in relation to separate corruption cases.

Posted in Corruption @ 04 August 2005 14:09 CET by Jeroen · permalink · 1 reaction

Corby's last hearing brings in two Aussies After hearing testimony on Wednesday from two Brisbane-based employees of Australia's Qantas Airways Ltd., the Denpasar District Court closed the second trial for an Australian woman convicted of smuggling drugs into Bali.

Posted in Drugs @ 04 August 2005 14:05 CET by Jeroen · permalink · 7 reactions

Dutch make historical gesture: foreign minister to independence day Of all the anniversaries marking the end of World War II, one of the most difficult for the Netherlands is the ragged conclusion of the war in Indonesia, the former Dutch colony that declared itself a sovereign nation 60 years ago this month. For the first time, the Dutch government is sending a Cabinet-level official, Foreign Minister Bernard Bot, to Jakarta to join the Aug. 17 Independence Day celebrations - a deliberate yet grudging move meant to paper over a longstanding historical dispute.

Posted in Politics @ 04 August 2005 14:00 CET by Jeroen · permalink · 19 reactions

ConocoPhillips wins exploration rights in Indonesia ConocoPhillips, the largest U.S. oil refiner, won the right to explore and develop a field in Indonesia, Southeast Asia's biggest oil producer. ConocoPhillips secured the contract to develop the Amborit VI block off the coast of Papua, Novian M. Thaib, director of exploration and production at the Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry, told reporters in Jakarta today. The government named winners of nine exploration blocks today, which included a unit of PT Energi Mega Persada.

Posted in General @ 04 August 2005 12:20 CET by Jeroen · permalink · 0 reactions

EU, Asian officials in Indonesia's Aceh European and Southeast Asian officials are visiting Indonesia's Aceh province to prepare for the deployment of monitors to observe a peace deal between separatist rebels and government troops. The 28-member team is making logistical preparations for the monitoring mission.

Posted in Aceh conflict @ 04 August 2005 09:33 CET by Jeroen · permalink · 0 reactions

Bogor police chief replaced over graft The National Police announced on Tuesday that they had fired the Bogor police chief Adj. Sr. Comr. Agung Kurnia Sutisna due to alleged graft in the city's traffic police division. National Police spokesman Insp. Gen. Aryanto Boedihardjo said that the dismissal was related to several Bogor police officers who were taking bribes in the licensing and documentation office.

Posted in General @ 03 August 2005 07:24 CET by Jeroen · permalink · 0 reactions

8 police nabbed for harassment Eight officers from the East Jakarta Police were arrested for sexually harassing sex workers. City police spokesman Sr. Comr. Tjiptono said the incident occurred on July 25 when some 20 police officers were involved in a raid in the Boker red-light district in East Jakarta.

Posted in General @ 03 August 2005 07:23 CET by Jeroen · permalink · 1 reaction

Police arrest Dutchman for alleged child molestation Police in the Bali regency of Buleleng are questioning a Dutch national who has been arrested for an alleged sexual abuse of minors. The police have taken statements from three boys who said that the 44-year-old Dutchman, identified only by his initials as MC, had sodomized them. But detective chief Adj. Comr. M. Mughoni said he was looking for two more children who might have also fallen victim to the abuse.

Posted in General @ 02 August 2005 12:57 CET by Jeroen · permalink · 4 reactions

Starbucks will open two new outlets in Jakarta Indonesia's PT Sari Coffee, a unit of listed PT Mitra Adi Perkasa, will open two Starbucks outlets later this month in Jakarta, an official with Sari Coffee said Tuesday. Sari Coffee will open an outlet at a new upmarket shopping mall in the southern Jakarta satellite town of Pondok Indah, and open its first drive-through store along the busy Jakarta-Cikarang toll road, said Kiki Soewarso, the company's public relations manager.

Posted in General @ 02 August 2005 10:55 CET by Jeroen · permalink · 0 reactions

Indonesia and China ink billions in energy pacts Indonesian companies signed billions of dollars in energy investment deals with Chinese counterparts on the sidelines of a state visit by President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono to Beijing last week, the Economics Ministry said Monday. "Out of the seven investment plans (that were signed last week), three will be realized soon with (financial) support from Chinese banks, and don't require guarantees from the government of Indonesia," the ministry said in a statement.

Posted in Economy @ 01 August 2005 16:07 CET by Jeroen · permalink · 0 reactions
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EUR-IDR: 16,590 · 16,620  The Rupiah rate declined since yesterday
@ 17 May 2018 18:12 CET
JPY-IDR: 126.83 · 126.95  The Rupiah rate improved since yesterday
@ 17 May 2018 21:58 CET
MYR-IDR: 3,545 · 3,549  The Rupiah rate declined since yesterday
@ 15 May 2018 08:42 CET
SGD-IDR: 10,479 · 10,501  The Rupiah rate declined since yesterday
@ 07 May 2018 07:48 CET
THB-IDR: 439.14 · 439.41  The Rupiah rate declined since yesterday
@ 16 May 2018 09:18 CET
USD-IDR: 14,097 · 14,157  The Rupiah rate declined since yesterday
@ 17 May 2018 00:46 CET
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